Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2909


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A desolate mining area, the earth shows a dark red color, which is a trace of being burned by fire all the year round. This piece of land is obviously aura that has been abandoned for many years and has no life at all.


On this day, an amazing aura suddenly broke out, and immediately, a burly big man appeared in the sky. He had three zhang highs, a messy red hair on his shoulders, as if the flames were burning.

He wore a simple red robe, his muscles swelled up, filled with explosive power, his eyes were extremely sharp, giving a feeling of being wild and extremely powerful.

“The Holy Artifact is mine!”

He fluttered wildly, and if his voice thundered, the surrounding mountain range hong long long sounded, and then his figure rose into the sky, turning into a scarlet lightning, passing by in the void.

“Yan Chi Luo!”

On the way, many powerhouses saw his presence, and they all suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air, exposing the astonished expression.

Yan Chiluo, this is also a well-known figure in the entire Yuantian mining area, and is the same as the little night king, and is also a pinnacle under Saint!

In another mountain range, along with a “ka-cha” loud noise, the mountain range splits, and a youth man wearing a silver battle armor rises into the sky. He holds one long spear, Emitting an extremely arrogant aura.

“Liu Qingxuan!”

Not far away, countless exclamations sounded. Liu Qingxuan, also an influential figure of Yuantian Mining Area, is said to have played dozens of rounds with a quasi-sacred powerhouse before he got away safely.

Compared with Yan Chiluo, Xiao Ye Wang and the others, his fame is even better. In the Yuantian mining area, under Saint, he can be ranked at least in the top three!

“Ao Bing, you must not die!”

Somewhere in the void, three powerhouses made a desperate, unwilling shout, and then a tall man with a dragon horn appeared in front of them, punched out, and all three people were shattered into pieces.

The tall man is named Ao Bing. He owns Dragon Clan Bloodlines. He has amazing brute force. He once forced a retreat to the quasi-sheng powerhouse. Of course, it was just a quasi-sheng who had just broken through, and it was because the other party was too much. main idea.

But even so, it is enough to witness Ao Bing’s power!

“Is it bloody?”

After killing three powerhouses with one punch, Ao Bing’s eyes flashed through the faint rays of light, and said to himself: “A nobody, not worthy of having Holy Artifact, let me keep it for you!”

The words fell, and his figure rushed to the sky, and the speed was almost to the extreme, making an amazing explosion!


Three days later, among a towering mountain, five silhouettes emerged.

In these five silhouettes, Yan Chiluo, Liu Qingxuan, and Ao Bing are among them. Apart from this, there is also a middle-aged man with a dull face, and a chunky old man with a kind and smiling face. The aura they emit is not inferior to the Yanchi Luo three.

These five people are all the powerhouses of Peak’s Peak. In addition to Saint, they are the most powerful existence. Now, Five Great Powerhouses are gathered together, which is enough to shake the entire terrorist array of Yuantian.

“That blood you can kill Xiao Ye Wang, only because there is a Holy Artifact that’s all, plus Xiao Ye Wang is too weak against the enemy, I and five people join forces, it is certainly easy to kill him!”

Ao Bing said indifferently, “After waiting to kill him, I will wait for competence to compete for Holy Artifact, how do you feel?”



Yan Chiluo and the others were nodded one after another, and soon an agreement was reached.

Out of fear of Holy Artifact, they chose to join forces temporarily. However, everyone knows that this alliance is extremely fragile. Once Lin Yu is resolved, it is time for them to fight each other.

Of course, this is afterwards. The immediate priority now is to solve Lin Yu and seize his Holy Artifact!


In an instant, Five Great Powerhouses started to move together. Behind them, there were a lot of powerhouses coming from the wind. There were hundreds of people. Grandiose went to Lin Yu’s position.

half a day later, there was a back carrying a long sword in front of them, wearing a blood robe of youth, he was either fast nor slow in the void, and it was Lin Yu!

“Are you finally here?”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s eyebrows rose unconsciously at the arrival of Yan Chiluo and the others.

Yan Chiluo and the others regard him as a prey, and he is also waiting for the arrival of the other party. Who is the prey and who is the hunter depends on the next battle!

“Are you bloody?”

next moment, Yan Chiluo’s eyes fell on Lin Yu, he said lowly: “Hand over Holy Artifact, I can wait and spare you!”

“Are you cracking a joke?”

Lin Yu expression is indifferent, reaching for the holy element sword that he is carrying, and said indifferently: “Holy Artifact is here, if you want it, come and get it yourself.”

“courting death!”

Ao Bing coldly shouted: “The guy who can not tell good from bad, gave you the opportunity, since you don’t know how to cherish, go die for me!”

When the voice fell, he directly stepped out, and the mighty aura burst out of him. Then, he punched out violently, along with Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering Dragon’s roar, and Dragon Shadow fist glow , It was Lin Yu!


Seeing this, Yan Chiluo and the others no longer hesitated, the cold voice resounded through the world, and they all shot.


Yan Chiluo took a shot and transformed it into a huge palm print. A variety of natural phenomena were interpreted around it, including Kunpeng, gluttony, 梼杌, etc. ominous beast, enough to easily bombard the invincible Daojun Perfection powerhouse.

Liu Qingxuan waved a long spear, silver’s long spear flew in void, and in the silence, the void was broken, and the scary spear glow swept across the sky, directly bombing Lin Yu.

Mune’s middle-aged and chunky old man also shot together. The horrible divine force suddenly flooded the whole world and completely submerged Lin Yu!

“merely this!”

In the face of the joint attack of Five Great Powerhouses, Lin Yu’s face was not fearful at all. He laughed heartily and said, “Do you only have this ability?”

In the laughter, Lin Yu’s figure rose back, and the five-handed Divine Sword screamed out at the same time, containing the aura of fierceness, which instantly penetrated the palm print.


A loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering came, and the huge palm prints instantly collapsed, and Kunming Peng, gluttonous and other ominous beast figures also disappeared.

At the same time, Lin Yu cut out with a sharp sword, the sharp sword light illuminates the whole world, a touch of cold light crossed the void, and the whole sky dome was cut into two parts, the cut surface looks like a mirror, Smooth to the extreme.


The crisp voice sounded, the Dragon Shadow fist glow was torn by the sharp sword light, and then, the sword light swung, directly to the front of Ao Bing!

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