Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2910


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Ao Bing complexion slightly changed, realized that it was not good, when even punched out, however, his fist couldn’t stop the sword light at all, and with a “cheep” sound, a blood stain was cut from his chest !


At the same time, Lin Yu has already slashed his sword again, and a number of fierce sword light bursts out, drowning at Ao Bing.

“Want to kill me, you are dreaming!”

At this moment, Ao Bing’s hair was all exploded, feeling a threat of death. He roared, and a pair of dragon horns burst into amazing rays of light, with Dragon’s roar resounded faintly.

A illusory shadow of True Dragon emerged from behind him, roaring and rushing out, and immediately collided with several sword light, and then a wailing sound came, and the real dragon phantom was actually directly Cut in two!


Ao Bing shouted, but only watched the rest of the word light fall, he broke apart, and then turned into countless blood mist, dissipated in between Heaven and Earth!

Ao Bing, it just fell!

“Do you think I just rely on the Prestige of Saint Artifact?”

A sword cut Ao Bing, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice resounded in the world: “Today, all of you have to die!”

Lin Yu’s voice fell, Lin Yu’s figure was already another step forward, but appeared in front of Yan Chiluo, without saying any more nonsense, he swiped his sword off, sharp sword light, let that Yan Chiluo’s complexion suddenly changed.

“Hong Yuanyu Extreme Palm!”

Just witnessed the fall of Ao Bing, he naturally dared not take the slightest glance at Lin Yu any more. When even a roar and a palm shot, the mighty divine force diffused out and turned into a universe. Among them are numerous beasts.

Kunpeng, True Dragon, Phoenix, gluttonous… All kinds of different beasts emerge, and the aura they emit are extremely powerful. However, these countless beasts still can’t stop the coming of sword light!

chi! chi! chi!

One after another crisp sound came, each sound was accompanied by the dissipation of a strange animal, just less than two breaths time, all the strange animals, all dissipated in between Heaven and Earth.

“Not good!”

This scene made Yan Chiluo complexion greatly changed. He did not hesitate at all. When he even turned around and fled, at the same time, a scarlet Battle Armor appeared on his body, emitting dazzling rays of light.

However, Lin Yu’s speed is also extremely fast. After using the large void, he was quickly intercepted in front of him. Under his horrified eyes, a sword was moved towards him.

ka-cha! ka-cha!

The scarlet Battle Armor on him, even though numerous cracks appeared, but it was only two breaths time, it was completely cracked, and at the same time, the sharp sword light fell on him, and suddenly he was the whole The man was cut in two.


With a stern, unwilling roar, Yan Chiluo quickly entered Ao Bing’s footsteps!


“How come this guy is so strong!”

For a time, the remaining three of Liu Qingxuan’s faces all changed. Only a few breathing times, Ao Bing and Yan Chiluo were successively beheaded by Lin Yu. The strength shown by the other party was obviously far beyond Their expectations!

“Boy, Hugh is rampant!”

After the great earthquake in his heart, an amazing cold light broke out in Liu Qingxuan’s eyes. His strength was to commit the strongest person in Five Great Powerhouses, which was higher than Yan Chiluo and the others. One level.

He also has full confidence in his own strength. Even if Lin Yu killed Ao Bing, he was still fearless and took the initiative to kill Lin Yu!


He was loudly shouted, silver long spear swayed, countless starlights spilled out, as if there were stars pulled from the depths of Nine Heavens, surrounded by dozens of stars illusory shadow, and bombarded Lin Yu.

Compared with Ao Bing and the others, his strength is indeed better. This spear’s power is almost beyond the limit of the invincible Daojun, enough to make the Quasi Saint powerhouse feel a trace of threat!

“Qian Qiu Xue!”

In the face of Liu Qingxuan, Lin Yu’s face also became solemn, he stepped out, the long sword waving in his hand, the amazing chill spread, and turned into snowflakes falling between heaven and Earth.

Countless snowflakes, operating and discerning, everlasting, exuding an ancient, eternal aura, and carrying a monstrous murderous intention, which collided with the countless stars illusory shadow !

bang! bang! bang!

One after another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering came, and the whole world was rumbling, just a few breaths, Lin Yu and Liu Qingxuan had already engaged in dozens of rounds, The heaven and earth around the straight hit almost cracked apart.

“Alaya knows the sword!”

Suddenly, Lin Yu loudly shouted, an invisible sword qi broke out, and immediately cut off Liu Qingxuan’s long strand of hair. At the same time, he also made his figure unable to bear stagnate, exposing the weak spot.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, an extremely fierce sword light rose into the sky, and under Liu Qingxuan’s incredible eyes, it directly penetrated his throat!


He opened his mouth and wanted to say something hard, but before he even opened his mouth, his eyes were already dimmed. The whole person’s life, aura, was completely cut off, and he fell helplessly.

“Liu Qingxuan, was defeated!”

“Damn, hit the iron plate!”

In this scene, the remaining middle age and the stumpy old man complexion greatly changed, and even Liu Qingxuan has fallen. They no longer have the courage to fight, even if they fled together.

It’s just that they only thought of running away now, but it was too late. Soon, Lin Yu caught up with them and then beheaded the two one after another!

“Liu Qingxuan and other Five Great Powerhouses have all fallen!”

“By the strength of oneself, kill Five Great Powerhouses alone, although with the blessing of Holy Artifact, the strength of this person is too terrifying!”

Looking at Liu Qingxuan and the others all fell, all the people watching around were all held breath cold air, and they all set off violent waves in their hearts.

Know that there are five powerhouses in the Peak ranks under Saint, each of which is well-known, and there is a strong presence in the entire Yuantian mining area of ​​Megatron.

But now, Five Great Powerhouses teamed up, but fell into the hands of the same person. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they couldn’t believe it!

In just a few hours, this incident spread throughout the Yuantian mining area, which shocked countless powerhouses, but soon, a more amazing news spread.

It is said that on this day, Minghua Saint, led by Northern Plains, quietly went out of customs and has entered the scope of the Yuantian mining area!

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