Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2911


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Minghua Saint, it didn’t take too long to break through the quasi-saint realm, only for decades. However, he broke through at the Perfection level of the invincible Daojun, and the battle strength is naturally not weak.

Not long after the breakthrough, he once had a battle with an old quasi-sheng powerhouse, and in that battle, he only suffered a small loss!

At the same time, this is also an extremely powerful and decisive character. When he was still invincible Daojun, he had caused a lot of storms in the Yuantian mining area until he was promoted to the quasi-holy level, and then gradually stabilized Down.

Now, he enters the Yuantian mining area again, and his intentions can be imagined, apparently coming to Lin Yu’s Holy Artifact!

And not long after this news came out, there was another news spread. Some people saw that the Golden Feather Saint of the Qing Qing collar came down from Dao Field and entered the Yuantian mining area!

Golden Feather Saint, he broke through to the quasi-holy realm earlier than Minghua Saint. He was a Saint powerhouse hundreds of years ago. Now his strength is deep and unmeasurable.

His purpose is obviously similar to that of Minghua Saint, and he is eyeing Lin Yu’s Shengyuan sword!

“The two Great Saints came out of the mountain. Now, the blood is in trouble!”

“Although his strength is arrogant, even Liu Qingxuan and the others have been beheaded by him, but in the end it is just invincible Daojun. No matter how heaven defying out of the ordinary, it is absolutely impossible to compare with Saint powerhouse!”

“You can be sure that if there is no Saint powerhouse to rescue him, he will definitely be dead!”

The appearance of the two Great Saint powerhouses made the entire Yuantian mining area sensational, and countless arguments were heard.

Before this, other powerhouses of Saint Human Level have not entered the Yuantian mining area for many years, but now, because of a Holy Artifact, this potential Law is finally broken!

On the surface alone, Minghua and Golden Feather have already launched the two quasi-Saint powerhouses. In the dark, are there any other Saint powerhouses that have also been dispatched?

Many people have a feeling that this incident may just be a beginning, an opportunity. Next, the Yuantian mining area, which has been quiet for many years, may fall into chaos again!

As for the blood quiet, as a direct fuse for all of this, to everyone, he is already set.

In the face of at least two Saint powerhouses, he is absolutely impossible to resist, good luck, and can save his life after handing over the Holy Artifact, but if he is unlucky, even if he is dead, then it is simply In vain!

“The Saint powerhouse is here?”

The rumors spread throughout the Yuantian mining area. Lin Yu naturally heard the news. His face suddenly became dignified, but not at all too much fear.

The Saint powerhouse will be shot, this is what he had expected, even in his plan.

With his current strength, powerhouses such as Liu Qingxuan and other invincible Daojun level, in fact not at all have too much tempering significance. Only the quasi-holy powerhouse can really make him feel the pressure.

In fact, everything he did earlier was originally intended to elicit other powerhouses from Saint Human Level!

“Next, I should prepare well.”

Of course, although he deliberately introduces Saint powerhouse, Lin Yu is not an arrogant and conceited generation. He knows that Saint powerhouse, even if it is only a quasi-Small Small Accomplishment level powerhouse, its strength is extremely strong, and it absolutely cannot be tolerated watch for.

In the face of such powerhouses, he must be fully prepared. If he turns the boat because of this, it will undoubtedly be worth the loss.

Next, Lin Yu’s speed of skimming was obviously accelerated, and to the outside world, he clearly felt the pressure from Saint and wanted to escape from here.

Regarding this, many people sneered secretly. Although the Yuantian mining area is large, how much distance can an invincible Daojun skip with full force? In front of Saint powerhouse, all this has no meaning!

“Little friends please hold your steps!”

Sure enough, on this day, a full voice sounded from behind Lin Yu, and at the same time, the void was torn apart, the space-time channel emerged, and the shape of a middle-aged man was from it. Came out.

He wore a bright yellow robe, his face was gentle, his eyes were extremely shiny, and he held a long whip in his hand, which made him exude a great dignity in the invisible, making people unable to bear awe.

“Minghua Zhunsheng is here!”

When I saw the appearance of this middle-aged man, there were many cultivators watching around, and a terrified look was all over his face, and then all bowed down to the extreme, respectfully.

“It’s finally here!”

Feeling the strong aura emitted by the opponent, Lin Yu’s face was also solemn to the extreme. He took off the holy yuan sword that was carried behind him, and the whole body of the divine force was surging, and he was ready to shoot at any time.

“Little friends don’t have to be so nervous.”

Looking at Lin Yu’s solemn appearance, a bright smile appeared on Minghua Zhunsheng’s face, saying, “You can beat Five Great Powerhouses such as Liu Qingxuan by the strength of oneself. Appreciate!”

“Originally, when I made this trip, an old friend asked me to kill you, but after seeing you, I decided to change my mind. As long as you are willing to give me that Holy Artifact, I can spare you. And accept you as Direct Disciple.”

“In the future, after you break through the Saint level, your master and disciple is the story of two saints, what do you think?”


Minghua Zhunsheng’s words made everyone present at the scene stunned.

In the impression of everyone, Minghua Zhunsheng has always been a very powerful person, but now, when he saw Lin Yu’s first reaction, it was not a hands-on, but to be accepted as a discipline. Is it reversible?

“Minghua, you have a good idea.”

At this moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded, and an old man wearing a golden robe descended.

Despite the white hair shawl, his face is still extremely smooth, without any wrinkles, and his eyes are as sharp as an eagle falcon, giving a very dangerous feeling.

“Golden Feather Saint!”

Seeing the advent of this golden robe old man, everyone’s minds were shocked again. Two other Saint Human Level powerhouses came at the same time!

“Kung Fu in three words, just want to receive a Holy Artifact, and by the way a recipe, don’t you think it’s too delusional?”

next moment, the indifferent rays of light flashed in the eyes of the Golden Feather, and said coldly: “I’m not as greedy as you, even if this kid’s talent is out of the ordinary, I don’t care. , What I want is just Holy Artifact!”

While speaking, he looked at Lin Yu, and the terrifying coercion broke out. At the same time, he suddenly stretched out his palm and directly grabbed the Holy Sword in Lin Yu’s hand!

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