Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2912


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Golden Feather’s palm stretched out, and the tyrannical divine force broke out, turning into a golden giant palm and grabbing Lin Yu. This posture clearly wants to hold Lin Yu in his hands and squeeze it out. Yu put it in his eyes!


In the face of Golden Feather’s palm, Lin Yu’s face also became extremely awe-inspiring, but in his eyes there was no fearless fear, directly facing him with a sword.


A sharp sword light lit up and instantly collided with the golden giant palm, a loud noise of “peng”, the sword light shattered directly, but the golden giant palm was also cut. It became two!

“You dare to fight back in front of Saint?”

This scene made Golden Feather’s eyes suddenly burst into cold light. His eyes were like two golden lights, and his indifferent voice resounded: “You are courting death!”

Boo! call out!

The voice fell, and his golden light-like eyes suddenly burst into a golden divine light, and then turned into two long swords screaming out, Sword Intent soaring into the sky, aura forced to the extreme, like two bright moons. Lin Yu!

“Come well!”

Seeing that, Lin Yu’s eyes also burst out with cold glow. His fighting intent was surging up, his blood was almost boiling, and he was loudly shouted, directly using the Primordial Spirit imprint.

Under the promotion of the Primordial Spirit imprint, his aura quickly soared, as if he exceeded the limit of the invincible Daojun and approached the quasi-level powerhouse!

“Qian Qiu Xue!”

When the aura climbed to the extreme, he slammed a sword, countless snowflakes splattered, and never faded, carrying an ancient aura, all of them were bombarded towards two golden swords.


A loud noise came out. Next moment, Lin Yu’s figure directly withdrew a dozen feet away, but Golden Feather was also forced to retreat half a step!

“I was forced to retreat by a trifling Daojun?”

Golden Feather’s face was completely sinking for a time, and his eyes were extremely gloomy.

Although he was only forced to retreat half a step, you must know that he is a dignified quasi-holy powerhouse, and he is an old powerhouse that has been staying in this realm for hundreds of years. Pass it out, he will inevitably become the laughing stock in the eyes of countless people!


However, waiting for Golden Feather’s reaction, Lin Yu turned out to take the initiative. He directly used One Qi Becomes Three Purities, which emerged one by one, and immediately killed them separately from this Venerable. The Golden Feather and Minghua powerhouses.

“courting death!”

This time, not only Golden Feather, but also Minghua Zhunsheng’s face is ugly.

a trifling only the Daojun, in the face of their two quasi-holy powerhouses, there was neither a kneeling begging for mercy nor a desperate neck-killing. Instead, they took the initiative to attack both of them at the same time. What a arrogance !

As usual, which Daojun saw that they were not trembling with fear, cautiously, even the Powerhouse of the invincible Daojun Perfection, did not dare to have the slightest disrespect in front of them, but the person in front of him clearly did not put them at all In the eyes!

“Since you want to die, I will fulfill you!”

Minghua opened his mouth coldly, and there was no gentleness on his face.

He Minghua, who was not a good-tempered person in the first place, was a fame that had been killed all the way before breaking through to Saint Boundary. How could he tolerate Lin Yu’s provocation?

Although he tried to recruit Lin Yu not long ago, Lin Yu is now a dead man in his eyes!


next moment, he waved a long whip in his hand, and the four lashes radiated on the long whip, as if there were Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire in the flow of deduction, the destruction was intertwined with the aura of life, which contained horror. Majesty, directly hit Lin Yu!

“Go to death!”

Golden Feather, the quasi-staff is very simple. He loudly shouted, a pair of golden wings appeared on his back, jumped like Kunpeng, and instantly appeared in front of Lin Yu, and then, a pair of wings like golden sword ,moved towards Lin Yu!

“What about the quasi-saint?”

Looking at the two quasi-sacred powerhouses killing together, Lin Yu’s eyes were fearless, and the indifferent voice resounded in the world: “Today, I am going to fight the quasi-holy war!”

The words fell, his Venerable and Dao body burst into amazing aura, and the sharp Sword Intent went straight to the sky. In an instant, it was already fighting with Minghua and Golden Feather Two Great Powerhouses!

bang! bang! bang!

The horrible rumbling sound resounded, the amazing divine force surge, and made the void tremble madly. Unsurprisingly, Lin Yu soon fell into a disadvantage.

However, although he was in the downwind, he showed no signs of defeat. The sword light soared into the sky, blocking most of the attacks of Minghua and Golden Feather.

“How is it possible!”

“This bloody ghost, can you really compete with Saint powerhouse?”

“One against two, I haven’t revealed a defeat yet, am I not dazzled?”

This scene made everyone around them reveal astonished expression, and they could hardly believe their eyes.

In their view, Lin Yu’s ambition is at the same time attacking the two quasi-Standard powerhouses, but it is basically the act of courting death. It will not take long for him to be destroyed by the two quasi-Standard powerhouses. Kill, become a negative example of arrogant and conceited.

Who would have thought that the strength of this bloody ghost was so strong that, in the face of the two quasi-sacred powerhouses, they were able to fight this part!

“To deal with a Daojun, it is still so strenuous, Minghua, Golden Feather, your strength, it seems not very good.”

At this moment, an erratic, extremely cold voice suddenly sounded, and then an old man wearing a black robe appeared on the battlefield.

“Auro of the Black God Robber Group!”

“This guy is also here!”

When I saw the appearance of black robe old man, everyone’s face changed. It was like seeing a poisonous snake, and moved towards towards the rear.

Amulus, this is also a quasi-holy powerhouse, from the notorious black god robber group in the entire Yuantian mining area.

This robber group has always been known for its cold-blooded cruelty, and there is no principle at all. Even for women and children, young and old, they can ruthlessly use brutal methods to start, and they have caused a lot of common forces to suppress.

However, the strength of this force is indeed extremely strong, and it can be called one of the most powerful forces in the Yuantian mining area. With the support of the other major robber groups, this encirclement and suppression is ultimately in vain. Devoted countless powerhouse lives.

And Amuro, one of the most famous robbers in the Black God robber group, has committed countless murders, and now known as the extremely murderous Little Night King, compared with him, he can even count It’s a good person.

His arrival makes everyone feel huge pressure!

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