Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2913


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Not only the people around, even Minghua and Golden Feather, the two great sages, after seeing Amuro, his face became dignified.

Even if they are also quasi-sacred powerhouses, they are equally ashamed of the infamous robbers such as Amuro, and they dare not be underestimated!

“jié jié ……”

next moment, the dark, grotesque and sneer laughter sounded: “Since you two are not good, then this Holy Artifact will be accepted by the old man!”


At the same time the voice fell, he turned into a black mist, and instantly disappeared in place. When reappears, he already appeared in front of Lin Yu this Venerable, and he shot Lin with a palm Yu.

“Not good!”

Although it was just a simple palm, Lin Yu immediately felt a huge threat. He loudly shouts, when even a sword was cut and several sword light poured out, blocking that palm.


However, at that moment, the dark Luo spit out suddenly, a beam of black light burst out suddenly, and the speed reached its extreme point, and it instantly hit Lin Yu’s chest.

“pu! “

Being too late to make any block, Lin Yu was spit a mouthful of blood, and at the same time, he felt a horrible baleful qi explode in his within the body, almost making his Divine Physique explode. !

“hmph, my mysterious needle, collected 8 million souls, tortured them in various ways, and inspired their baleful qi in deep in one’s heart. It took a lot of effort to refine it. .”

Looking at Lin Yu in front of him, a cruel sneer appeared on Amuro’s face: “This evil spirit is inserted into the body, boy, your life is almost the same!”


next moment, his sneer suddenly froze. I saw that the baleful qi of Lin Yu within the body was suppressed soon after the outbreak, except for spit a mouthful of blood, he seemed to be at all Not affected by anything!

“How is it possible!”

His face suddenly became gloomy. Just now, he was still saying that Lin Yu’s life was almost the same, but next moment, Lin Yu had survived the robbery completely and unharmed, which was clearly hit him in public s face!

“Good shameless means!”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s complexion is also not good-looking.

On the surface, he seems to have easily withstood the killing move of Dark Luo, but he knows clearly that if he had tempered himself with baleful qi at Sword Mound, he was very strong against baleful qi. His resistance, just now, even if he does not die, he will also be hit hard!

Moreover, he can feel the souls left in the evil spirit needle. He can feel how inhuman torture these souls have ever experienced. These methods are really cruel and cold-blooded!

“Boy, I underestimate you!”

Darkly coldly snorted, immediately said: “Able to block the evil spirit needle, you are stronger than I thought, but after all, it’s just a dead man that’s all!”

While speaking, one dark red stick appeared in his hand. The stick was stained with blood. The bloody aura lasted for a long time. The resentment qi soared into the sky. I didn’t know how much blood was contaminated.


He then joined the battle with the dark red stick. The violent aura broke out, and the hiding the sky and covering the earth flooded to Lin Yu.

Originally, just facing Minghua and Golden Feather, the two quasi-holy powerhouses, Lin Yu was already under tremendous pressure, and with the shot of Amuro, he suddenly fell into a crisis!

bang! bang! bang!

The horrible collision sound continues to erupt. Although Lin Yu has tried his best, compared with the three quasi-sheng powerhouses, his strength is still weaker after all, and the situation has become more and more crisis.


Finally, with an amazing loud noise, his body was bombarded by the dark Luo, and then burst completely!

“pu! “

He spit a mouthful of blood violently, and his body was destroyed, so as not to make him pay a huge price, but his backlash was inevitable, and his battle strength fell a lot.

This Venerable and Dao Shen teamed up, and they are not opponents of the Dark and other three. Now, only this Venerable is left, and naturally it is more difficult to compete with each other!


Lin Yu’s thought flashed in his heart. The battle had reached this point. The effect of grinding had already been played. If the battle continued, it would not be grinding, but courting death. Next, he should also leave.

“Want to go?”

I have to say that as the leader of the robbers, the dark Luo’s insight was indeed amazing. Almost immediately after Lin Yu gave birth to this idea, he immediately felt it.

The bloodthirsty rays of light flashed in his eyes, said with a sneer: “The three quasi-sanctaries besieged you as an invincible Daojun. You even wanted to escape. Don’t you think it’s too ridiculous?”


When the words fell, he again attacked Lin Yu, and the dark red stick broke out a horrible aura wave, a blood river came, and moved towards Lin Yu drowned.


Meanwhile, both Minghua and Golden Feather also felt something. They besieged Lin Yu from different directions, and loomed Lin Yu’s possible escape routes.

“Can you escape, can you try to understood it?”

Looking at this scene, Lin Yu’s face did not change at all. With a wave of his palm, he quickly threw out more than 360 formation flags and quickly landed in different positions below.


When the more than three hundred and sixty formation flags fell together, the ground below suddenly trembled violently, the amazing Dragon’s roar resounded, and then, the nine True Dragon illusory shadows emerged from it.


Dragon’s roar is trembling, nine true dragon phantoms, all exuding a monstrous aura, instantly blocking the Three Great Powerhouses such as Dark Luo!

Let’s know that Lin Yu dared to expose his Holy Artifact and actively invited Saint powerhouse to sharpen himself. Naturally, it was not a temporary arrogant and conceited. If he didn’t have a certain degree of assurance, would he do such a thing?

During the time he used baleful qi to cultivate himself, in addition to cultivation base breakthrough, his accomplishments on Array Dao have also achieved great breakthroughs. Now, he has reached Array Dao Master level!

Although it has just broken through, but it has reached the level of Array Dao Master, which means it has stepped into a brand-new Domain, which has a world-wide gap with Array Master.

In the past few days, he has quietly prepared a Great Array. This Great Array may not be able to kill the other Humanhouse of the Human Level, but it is more than enough to hold down the three quasi-Saints for a period of time. !

“Damn it!”


At the same time, the faces of the three quasi-Saint powerhouses such as Amuro became extremely ugly. At this moment, they finally realized that they were completely teased by Lin Yu!

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