Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2914


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In addition to owning a Holy Artifact, the other party is actually an Array Dao Master!

With the abilities of an Array Dao Master, from the very beginning, you can easily get away, but it is remote, but Lin Yu has dragged them with them to the present, which is obviously deliberately playing with them!

“Damn it!”

Thinking of this, their complexion became more and more gloomy. Even if they knew that the identity of the other party’s Array Dao Master was exposed, they were destined to become hot enough to scald one’s hands in the entire Yuantian mining area. Suppress the anger and killing intent in the heart.

However, no matter how resentful they are, they are now entangled by the nine dragon phantoms, simply cannot escape!

“It’s time to go!”

Ignoring Dark Luo and the others’ ugly complexion, Lin Yu turned and walked away.

Although the other party was temporarily trapped by Array, they are, after all, three quasi-holy powerhouses of great strength. To avoid the late change, leaving at this moment is obviously the most sensible choice.

“Xueyou, I will help you!”

At this moment, a great shout suddenly sounded from a distance, and then, there was a sky-splitting sound resounded, a white clothed middle-aged man carrying a long bow, and his body broke like a lightning. , Quickly approached.

“Minghua, Golden Feather, dare to put my hands on the people of my style, you are so brave!”

At the same time, the white clothed middle-aged man took off the long bow behind him, and the arrow feathers of one black emerged. The violent aura suddenly broke out, and it was another quasi-holy level. Powerhouse!

“Yi Wu Zhun Sheng!”

“Feng Liling’s guest official, the top 20 divine archer in the Yuantian mining area, he came!”

“Feng Liling pays great attention to this bloody ghost when he comes to rescue Yiwu. However, they probably didn’t think that this bloody ghost was still an Array Dao Master. He didn’t need any rescue at all, so he got out. !”

“However, even if he has other Saint powerhouses in the dark, I am afraid that there will be no blood, this time, he is completely safe!”

Seeing the arrival of the white clothed middle-aged man, everyone around was shocked, and the look towards Lin Yu’s eyes became awe-inspiring.

By the strength of oneself, contend with the three quasi-sacred without dying, and as Array Dao Master, from today on, Yuantian Mining Area will appear a great character that cannot be provoke!


However, in this brief moment, Lin Yu’s whole body of hair suddenly stood upright, and there was a feeling of panic, as if some kind of crisis was about to come.

“It’s him!”

In an instant, his eyes were locked on the white clothed middle-aged man. Although the other party masked it well, but on the other party, he was still keenly aware of a strong killing intent, and this murderous The intention is clearly directed at him!

“Minghua, Golden Feather, eat me a arrow!”

next moment, that Yiwu loudly shouted, he pulled the bow string violently, and the black arrow feather burst out, instantly punctured the void, with the horrible rays of light, screaming out like a big day, and That goal is Lin Yu!

“Qian Qiu Xue!”

Lin Yu immediately responded, and he quickly greeted the opponent with a sword. However, the power of this arrow of the opponent was extremely arrogant, and immediately broke the sword light and hit him.

“pu! “

His whole person flew away in an instant, his shoulder was almost pierced, and there was a blood hole. If he didn’t react fast enough, I might not have pierced his shoulder, but his heart!

“This guy also came to Holy Artifact!”

Lin Yu’s heart immediately came with clear comprehension. His previous instincts were not at all wrong. This afternoon did not come with good intentions. Its real purpose was to kill him and win the treasure!

“What’s going on?”

“Yi Wu Zhuan Sheng, who has put a hand on that bloody ghost? Are they not in the same camp?”

This scene shocked everyone in the face.

Yi Wu thought Lin Yu came to rescue Lin Yu, but in the end he attacked Lin Yu instead. Such a change is obviously beyond everyone’s expectations!

“It’s not dead yet?”

At the same time, that Yan Wu’s face sank slightly. Just now, it was originally the best time for him to hunt Lin Yu, but didn’t expect, Lin Yu turned out to be vigilant, let him this arrow not at all

“Minghua, Golden Feather, and the Darkness are also here! And, their three people, are they all trapped?”

next moment, he looked at the dark and other three people. Previously, he hurriedly shot to kill Lin Yu and rob Holy Artifact, not at all. He noticed the situation on the battlefield. Until then, he finally noticed the other party.

This look suddenly made his face appear surprised, and then, combined with the voice of everyone around him, he soon understood what had happened before, and his face suddenly changed!

“This guy is still Array Dao Master!”

He changed his face for a while, then suddenly showed a fierce color, and an amazing killing intent broke out all over his body: “Since it has been offended, then simply do it in the end and save it will cause no end of trouble!”

Array Dao Master is rare in the entire Yuantian mining area. Everyone has an extremely lofty position. Even the powerhouse of the lord level should be treated with courtesy. Such a person, once offended, will Will cause countless troubles.

In order to avoid such troubles, at this moment, he has only one way, that is, to do nothing and endlessly, completely kill Lin Yu!

“Boy, if you want to blame, you can only blame you for having Holy Artifact!”

A cold glow flashed in his eyes, and he immediately started without the slightest hesitation. He used bows to shoot arrows, and he had six arrow feathers, carrying a terrifying glory, and rushed to Lin Yu!

“Not good!”

Lin Yu’s complexion instantly became dignified. After realizing that he is an Array Dao Master, the opponent can still act so decisively very ruthless, this is obviously an extremely dangerous character!

In addition, the Array he just used is also based on the power of the ground here. In the same way, Lin Yu can only use it once.

That is to say, next, he can no longer use Array to solve each other, but can only fight him head-on!

“Then fight!”

With a snarl, Lin Yu even when he was greeted by a sword, the sharp sword light broke out, but only blocked three of the feathers, and the remaining three arrows were blasted together. Lin Yu’s body.


He was groaned, his figure backed dozens of steps in a row, and his face became pale.

Compared with the three players such as Amuro, the strength of Yiwu is even better, and the great battle with Three Great Powerhouses such as Amuro has already caused a great consumption of Lin Yu.

In this case, Lin Yu, it is indeed difficult to contend with each other!

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