Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2915


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xiu! xiu! xiu!

Yi Wu looked indifferent to the extreme, and continued to shoot bows and arrows. Each arrow contained the power of terrifying, which made Lin Yu’s body continuously retreat.

At this time, Lin Yu was really in a bitter fight. The original state was not so good, plus the other party’s strong attack and kill, so that he soon had one after another scar on his body.

“didn’t expect, in the face of the three quasi-sacred powerhouses, this blood secluded has resisted, but now, it is to be planted in his own hands!”

“Sometimes, the so-called self is more dangerous than the enemy!”

This scene made everyone around to be able to bear to sigh, and some people took this as an example to educate relatives and friends around them.

“You must find a way to leave!”

At this moment, Lin Yu does not have so much thought. He knows that if he stays here again, he is destined to be bode ill rather than well. Anyway, he must break through as soon as possible!


He was loudly shouted, but not at all hurriedly fled, but took the initiative to kill Naiwu.

In the face of powerhouses such as Yiwu, the probability of directly breaking through is extremely low, but instead will expose his own intentions and let the other party be vigilant. Now he is killing the other party, in order to retreat and find Opportunity to leave.

bang! bang! bang!

The horrible rumbling sound keeps ringing, and in just a dozen breaths, Lin Yu and Yiwu Wu have engaged in hundreds of rounds. The injuries on his body have become more serious, and his left arm has been almost completely exploded. There was also a huge blood hole in the chest.

However, after fighting a whole number of hundred rounds, Lin Yu finally found a weak spot. With this opportunity, he directly performed the big void technique and quickly moved towards the distance away!

“Hugh wants to run away!”

In this scene, Yi Wu’s complex turned cold, even though six consecutive arrows were fired, however, these six arrows were all evaded by Lin Yu. Eventually, he successfully broke through!


“Four quasi-sacred powerhouses, but still able to escape successfully. This bloody secrecy is really amazing!”

One after another screamed, the faces around everyone were full of incredible colors. Obviously, no one expected that Lin Yu could still leave in such a situation!


Yi Wu’s coldly snorted, full of cold light in his eyes, he shot with all his strength, but still failed to leave an invincible Daojun, which is definitely a great shame for him.

At the same time, the identity of the other party’s Array Dao Master also gave him a trace of worry. If he can’t solve the other party in time, I am afraid that he will be in trouble in the end!

“Boy, I will never let you run away!”

Thinking of this, he burst into an amazing killing intent, and his body quickly swept towards Lin Yu’s direction of escape, and shouted at the same time: “No matter where you flee, you are destined to die under my arrow!”

Three days later, his cultivation base was almost a logical breakthrough. The tyrannical aura was spreading from his within the body. At this moment, he had already reached the level of six trails!

Before the breakthrough, his strength reached the extreme of invincible Daojun, enough to break the wrist with the ordinary quasi-Saint powerhouse, and this breakthrough means that he really has the capital to compete with Saint powerhouse.

At this moment, he can feel his own strength. If he is allowed to run into Yiwu and the others again, even without the help of Array, he can be sure to fight against each other head-to-head, and even defeat and kill him!

“Amuro, Minghua, Golden Feather, and Yiwu, and then it’s time to liquidate!”

A cold glow flashed in his eyes. Although he was not a seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, it was extremely normal for him to fight back against his opponent first.

Especially Nai Wu, who also came from Feng Liling, but committed robbery in the name of rescue, Lin Yu will not easily let this person go!

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