Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2916


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“However, be prepared for it.”

Of course, Lin Yu is not at all eager to leave, even if it has reached the level of the six-step monarch, which is enough to be comparable to the quasi-sheng powerhouse, but Yiwu and the others are not so good to deal with. Plan something.

Three days later, Lin Yu left the mountain. Under his intentional exposure, soon, someone discovered his whereabouts.

“That bloody ghost finally appeared!”

“The four quasi-Saints, such as Naiwu, etc., in order to find out the blood secluded, but spent a lot of money to reward the wanted, as long as they can provide the news of the blood secluded, they can get a great reward.”

“Let’s go and notify them!”

After seeing Lin Yu’s trail, those people quickly made a decision. With the help of the people who were interested, the news quickly spread in the Yuantian mining area.

“Boy, you finally showed up!”

In a scarlet valley, Yi Wu suddenly opened his eyes, and with both eyes he burst out a cold light, and then grabbed a huge long bow on the side, rising like lightning into the sky, and his eyes disappeared in place.


After a few hours, Yi Wu appeared in the sight of a young man with blood back carrying a long sword. He appeared in killing intent, even if he raised his long bow and shot it with an arrow, one black arrow feather Suddenly shot Lin Yu!


Looking that the arrow feather was about to fall on the body, Lin Yu suddenly reacted. He quickly turned around and cut off with a sword. The sharp sword light immediately cut the arrow feather into two pieces.

“Yiwu, you are finally here!”

At the same time, his eyes looked towards Yi Wu, and his indifferent voice rang: “Your speed is much slower than I thought.”

“Are you so calm?”

Looking at Lin Yu’s appearance, Yan Wu’s face slightly dimmed, and when he sensed the change in Lin Yu’s aura, his face suddenly became colder: “I said, how dare you have such confidence, it turned out to be cultivation. base has made a breakthrough.”

“However, are you too confident in yourself? Do you think that with a little breakthrough, you can be my opponent?”


The words fell, he burst into a monstrous aura, and he shot with bows, and then he shot six full arrows, carrying the dazzling rays of light, like a big eruption, and shot at Lin Yu!

“Come well!”

In the face of the six-handed arrow feathers, Lin Yu’s eyes showed no fear, he waved several swords one after another, and the fierce sword light swept through the explosion. When even the six-handed arrow feathers were blocked!

“Is it blocked?”

This scene suddenly made Yi Wu’s face changed. In the previous move, he had already exerted his full strength. Even the general quasi-Small Small Accomplishment powerhouse could not be easily blocked, but Lin Yu took it so easily. Come down!

“Your strength is stronger than I expected.”

He was coldly snorted and said, “However, even so, you still have to die!”

Speaking, Yi Wu bowed his bow and shot again, the bow string vibrated, and a thunder-like sound erupted. With every flutter, one feather arrow roared out, containing amazing power!

“Yiwu, I think you are too confident in yourself!”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice also sounded, his figure rose into the sky, the fierce sword light exploded like a long river, every wisp of sword light was astonishing, and all the feather arrows were blasted It became shattered.

bang! bang! bang!

In a blink of an eye, Lin Yu and Yi Wu are both great battles, with feather arrows flying across the sky and sword light waving in the sky and earth, all of which contain amazing power. Every collision is enough to cause void. Great shock.

“How come this is the case!”

With the ebbing of time, Yi Wu’s complexion became more and more ugly, and he took a dozen breaths. He and Lin Yu had already fought hundreds of rounds, but he still did not account for the slightest The upper hand!

You know, he is not a general quasi-Small Small Accomplishment, and it is also a well-known figure in this realm. A few days ago, Lin Yu, who was persecuted, was extremely embarrassed and could only escape desperately.

It’s only been a few days. Without relying on Array, Lin Yu actually had the strength to compete with him positively, which made him accept it!

“It seems that you can’t kill you without using some real ability!”

He was heavily coldly snorted, with a thick killing intent flashing in his eyes. Suddenly he raised his long bow, and his whole divine force condensed into a single light arrow, bursting shouted: “Golden Crow Nine Arrows!”

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Nine handle light arrows blasted out in unison, turned into a Golden Crow in void, surrounded by an infinite flame, as if all void could be burned clean.

Nine Golden Crows, like nine big days, exuding infinite rays of light, swooping down in void, that kind of mighty power is really terrifying!

“Snowy Blood!”

In the face of this move, Lin Yu’s face also became solemn, he was loudly shouted, the holy yuan sword was cut out, and the bright snowflakes fell. In this snowy sea, with a touch of blood light, it seemed Very sad!

Xue Tianxue is Lin Yu’s performance based on the three moves before Xue Huan Sword Art. Unlike the previous three moves, this move is a pure attacking killing move!


The amazing sword light rises into the sky, a piece of pure white with blood color, forming a great contrast, and then collides with nine Golden Crow, accompanied by a loud noise, the two are burst together !

“It was blocked!”

This scene suddenly made Yi Wu’s complexion ugly.

Golden Crow Nine Arrows, this is one of his famous killing moves, even this move can’t help Lin Yu, he wants to defeat Lin Yu, the probability has become extremely slim, let alone killing Lin Yu!

“This bloody secrecy is so forceful!”

“In just a few days, he was able to contend with Yan Wu positively!”

At the same time, a lot of cultivators from around the world have gathered around them. Looking at the scene before them, they all set off a raging wave in their hearts.

They can see that Lin Yu has not yet broken into the Saint Boundary world, a powerhouse at the level of Daojun, which can actually compete positively with the well-known figure in the Small Accomplishment, which is simply incredible!

“Xueyou, I finally found you!”

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded, and then the figure of Golden Feather emerged, his eyes immediately fell on Lin Yu, coldly said: “Today, I will destroy you Kill!”

“jié jié ……”

At the same time, a cold and erratic laughter sounded, and Dark Luo’s figure emerged. He looked at Yi Wu, with a hint of joking: “Yi Wu, with your strength, you can’t even solve a bloody ghost, What a disappointment!”

“Less nonsense!”

Yi Wu’s face was ugly, but he quickly coldly snorted and said: “Since it’s all here, let’s go together and kill this person quickly!”

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