Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2917


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Yi Wu’s words came out, and suddenly darkened his complexion slightly, and his face became solemn.

What he said just now, he just wanted to ridicule Yiwu, but didn’t expect, Yiwu, he would actively propose to join forces against Lin Yu!

“This guy, is this really tricky?”

After all, he just arrived, not at all saw Lin Yu and Yi Wu’s previous battle, and did not know to what extent Lin Yu’s strength has reached now, when even Shen Sheng said.

“Did I still lie to you?”

Yi Wu coldly said: “If this person is so easy to solve, I would have beheaded him, and I still have to wait for you to shoot?”

“Don’t forget, this kid is still an Array Dao Master. I heard that many powerhouses have heard about this, and I’m ready to win over him. If we can’t kill him today, all of us will be Get into huge trouble!”

“That’s right.”

The voice fell, and a low voice sounded, Minghua’s figure emerged, said solemnly: “Now it’s not a time to worry about face, if you can’t kill him, it’s us who will die in the future. !”

“Then go together and kill this person!”

Yi Wu and Ming Hua’s words made Amuro and Golden Feather no longer hesitate and quickly made up their minds.

The four quasi-sacred powerhouses besieged a Daojun. Passing it out may greatly damage their faces. Compared with their faces, life is undoubtedly more important!

“They actually want to join forces to deal with the blood you!”

“It is already somewhat bully the weak to deal with a Daojun with the respect of the quasi-saint. It’s too much for four people to join forces!

This scene also showed a strange color to everyone around them. Even though they were just passers-by, they felt that the practice of Yan Wu and the others was really a bit inappropriate.


However, Yi Wu and the others did not at all understand the meaning of others. When the words fell, the four of them shot together.


The four quasi-sacred powerhouses shot, and the movements were really amazing, the terrible divine force broke out like a huge ocean, and Lin Yu was drowned in it instantly!

“hahaha…Do you think it’s useful to have more people?”

Facing the siege of the four people at Yiwu, Lin Yu’s face did not show any fear, said with a big smile: “Don’t forget, I am still an Array Dao Master!”


When the voice fell, Lin Yu quickly threw out hundreds of formation flags. A large number of formation flags fell in different positions. The strange rays of light swirled around, and the four energy fluctuations of ground, wind, water and fire, Suddenly it quickly surged.

The improvement of the cultivation base, although it did not directly improve Lin Yu’s Array Dao’s attainments, but it allows him to be more at ease when arranging some Array. Lin Yu has already arranged it “Four-pole True Spirit Great Array”!


Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire surging, demonstrating Primal Chaos Space, and aura circulation of life and death Yin and Yang, and then, an amazing roar sounded, in the four corners of this Great Array, there are four Sacred Beast Emerged.

The four Sacred Beasts are a giant dragon turtle, a White Tiger on the back grows a pair of wings, a five-claw Azure Dragon, and a Vermilion Bird covering the sky, emitting Aura is extremely arrogant, comparable to the ordinary quasi-Small Small Accomplishment powerhouse!

Compared with the previous nine dragon phantom, the strength of these four-headed giant beast is undoubtedly even stronger. In the roar, they killed the four people such as Yiwu!

“Four quasi-Saints, today, at least one must die!”

At the same time, a burst of cold rays of light erupted in Lin Yu’s eyes, his eyes flashed on the four one after another.

If you let others know Lin Yu’s thoughts, you will definitely think that he is crazy. In the face of the four quasi-sacred powerhouses, he is already very good at saving his life. If he wants to kill the other party, then it is simply dreaming!

However, Lin Yu from the very beginning has already made such a determination.

Since the opponent was the first to kill him, he has no reason to expose this easily, and as an Array Dao Master, his own strength is extremely important.

If there is enough strength, it is the guest of all influence, but if there is no self-protection, I am afraid that some forces will try to “house arrest” and be driven by the other party to explore various mining areas.

To ensure the peace of the future, today, he is going to use Yiwu and the others to stand up, killing fame with their lives, so that many other forces will not dare to have any ambition for him!

“It’s him!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes fell on Dark Luo.

In all fairness, Lin Yu’s most want to beheaded is Yi Wu, but the other party is a well-known figure in the quasi-Small Small Accomplishment. The strength is stronger than the other three, which is the most difficult of these three. Beheaded.

If it is delayed for a long time, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no accidents, and among the remaining three, as the head of the robber, the infamous Amuro has become Lin Yu’s first hunt target!


In the voice of coldly shouted, Lin Yu’s figure swooped out directly, and the fierce sword light broke out, and he was killed to the dark Luo!

“Boy, you are courting death!”

Dark Luo’s face suddenly became cold, he not at all realized that Lin Yu wanted to kill him, but the other party’s use of him as the first target of the attack made him feel dissatisfied.

The four quasi-Saints, but Lin Yu took the lead in staring at him first. Was he treating him like a soft persimmon?

“I want to see how much you can bear!”

In the voice of coldly snorted, dark red sticks appeared in the hands of Dark Luo, and the monstrous fierce aura broke out, even when fighting with Lin Yu.


With the ebbing of time, Dark Luo’s complexion gradually changed. As one of the leaders of the Black God robber band, he had committed countless murders and had an extremely keen sense of killing intent.

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