Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2918


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The blood in the sky explodes, just like Spiritual God is bleeding, the sound of crying can be heard vaguely, and the whole world is full of sad aura.

Saint powerhouse, even if it is only a quasi-holy, is eventually contaminated with the word “holy”. Even after the fall, it will be accompanied by some strange natural phenomena in the world, and this also means that the dark Luo has completely fallen. !

“Dark Luo, actually fell!”

“A powerhouse at the level of a monarch has been holy to death! Unbelievable, this is really incredible!”


In an instant, the battlefield was completely shaken, countless exclamations sounded, and all the practitioners watching around the battle were all caught in great shock.

Since the Saint powerhouse no longer easily shoots, how many youths in Yuantian Mining Area have not experienced the Saint Meteor Incident, but today, in the face of countless cultivators, Amuro has just fallen like this!

What’s even more incredible is that the one who killed the Assassin of An Luo was only a Daojun. Even if he also possessed the identity of Array Dao Master, in the final analysis, he was still just a Daojun!

As Daojun, but able to cross the gap of a great realm to kill the Holy Ghost, this is an unprecedented event, destined to spread throughout the Yuantian mining area, so that many cultivators are shocked and shocked!

“Dark Luo, actually dead!”

It’s not just the people watching around, even the three quasi-holy powerhouses such as Yiwu, set off a raging wave in their hearts at this moment.

Among the three people, Yi Wu’s strength can stabilize the Dark League, and Minghua and Golden Feather can only be evenly matched with Dark League at best, even slightly inferior.

Lin Yu can kill Amuro, which means that they can also kill them. Their three people are not absolutely safe!

“After all, this person is the trend, that’s all!”

Yi Wu sighed. Previously, he was the strongest among several people for Lin Yu killing intent, but he saw nothing, and he made the first decision: “Continue to entangle, just waste time in vain. that’s all, and even take your own life.”

“It’s time to go!”

The voice fell, he without the slightest hesitation was a continuous bow, several feather arrows screamed out, pushing Azure Dragon in front of him back, and immediately, his figure rose into the sky, moved towards quickly swept away in the distance.

“Let’s go too!”

Seeing this scene, although Minghua and Golden Feather were a little unwilling, they knew they couldn’t stay anymore. When they even shot together, they forced the Sacred Beast in front of them, and then quickly swept to a different one. direction.

“Yiwu, you let me down.”

At this moment, a slight sigh suddenly sounded, and suddenly a heavy ripple appeared in the void. Then, a middle-aged man wearing azure robe appeared in front of Yi Wu .


After seeing the appearance of this azure robe middle-aged man, Yi Wu’s complexion suddenly changed, a strong uneasiness rise in the mind, unable to bear whispered: “How could it be you!”

“Yiwu, you should know that the thing I can’t tolerate is to do something with myself.”

Azure robe middle-aged man looked at Yi Wu in front of him, and Su Rong said: “You know that Blood You is also a self-styled Li Ling, but you kill him for a Holy Artifact, you do this, Don’t you think it’s too much?”


Yi Wu’s complexion changed again. If someone else said this, he wouldn’t take seriously yet. But know that this azure robe middle-aged man is exactly the object he is attached to, Lord Feng Li!

Be aware that the entire Chixiao Holy World has only 108 lords. Everyone is at least the quasi-Saint Perfection’s powerhouse, and Lord Fengli is one of them!

More importantly, although Lord Feng Li has always had value emotion, value friendship, and generosity, he is not a good person. The powerhouse that died in his hands is definitely not a minority.

Previously, if Yi Wu really killed Lin Yu, Lord Feng Li might still suppress this matter, and he would not be severely punished, but since Lin Yu is still alive, it is him who is in trouble!


Thinking of this, Yi Wu quickly made a decision, and he turned away without the slightest hesitation, fleeing wildly into the distance.

He knows clearly that Lord Feng Li is absolutely easy to let him go. If he wants to save his life, he can only abandon everything in Feng Li Ling and look for the rest of the powerhouse!

“Yiwu, you shouldn’t run away.”

Looking at this scene, Lord Feng Li could not help but sigh: “If you are obediently surrender, immediately please me to sin, seeing the past sentiment, I will spare you, but you do this, but only dead end!”

At the end of the day, his eyes became sharper, and a horrible aura spread from him, suddenly leaving the whole world cold and full of bitter chills.

“Wind God Halberd!”

He loudly shouts, monstrous aura broke out, the void “ka-cha” in the distance exploded, and then, one huge battle halberd dropping from the sky, carrying the amazing aura, directly moved towards Yiwu fell down!

“Not good!”

In an instant, Yi Wu’s hair was all upright, he roared, raised his big bow, and shot nine arrows in a row.

Beng! collapse! collapse!

Nine feather arrows, turned into nine Golden Crow, burning with blazing flames, rays of light dazzling to the extreme, however, in front of that huge battle halberd, it can’t play any role at all!


With a loud noise, nine Golden Crows exploded in void, blooming like a firework in void, and at the same time, the huge battle halberd remained uncast, and continued moving towards the end of the afternoon. .

“Lord, don’t kill me!”

This scene made Yi Wu’s complexion greatly changed. He shouted in horror, only to feel that his body was frozen, and he could not make any resistance at all!

“pu! “

next moment, the huge battle halberd fell down, a blood flower bloomed, and Yan Wu’s figure was directly cut by the waist, and then the power of terror spread out within him within the body, allowing him to explode directly It became blood mist!

Just one stroke, Yiwu, completely fell!

Yi Wu is not too weak, but he is faced with Lord Feng Li, Quasi-Sheng Perfection and Quasi-Small Small Accomplishment. The gap between them is enough to be described by heaven and chasm!

“Hurry up!”

In an instant, Minghua and Golden Feather both looked crazy and changed. They all had a while one’s hair stand on end, only to feel a chill rise in the mind, and then without the slightest hesitation it was crazy escape Got up.

Even Yan Wu, who is stronger than them, can’t do anything in the hands of Lord Feng Li. Even more how are they?

“Dare to do anything with my Feng Liling people, your courage is not small!”

At the same time, Lord Leng Li’s indifferent voice sounded again, his eyes turned even toward Minghua.

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