Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2919


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“Look at the faces of Lord Northern Plains and Lord Qing Qing. Today, I will not kill you.”

Lord Feng Li’s voice was indifferent and he said in a low voice: “However, if you don’t give you some punishment if you don’t give me some punishment, I’m afraid it won’t make sense!”


The voice fell, and the huge battle halberd was cut off from the air. Two divine lights screamed out, killing both Minghua and Golden Feather at an alarming rate.


next moment, two screams rang out at the same time. Both Minghua and Golden Feather were almost cut by the divine light waist, dragging their broken bodies, but they did not dare to stay in the slightest and continue to move towards Flee away in the distance.

In just a few breathing time, Minghua and Golden Feather, the two quasi-saint figures, completely disappeared in place!

“Too strong!”

“It’s a lord, and it is almost completely crushed in the face of the ordinary quasi-saint!”

This scene suddenly made everyone upset after the silence.

Lord Feng Li has appeared until now, less than ten breaths. Yiwu fell, Minghua and Golden Feather were seriously injured and fled. Such a performance is really too strong.

At the same time, the strength displayed by Lord Feng Li was truly overwhelming, which caused great shock to everyone present!

Even Lin Yu’s face is astonishingly extreme.

Although he had just slaughtered not long ago, he beheaded Amuro personally, but compared with the Lord Feng Li in front of him, his strength is undoubtedly much worse. He really wants to fight, he is almost mortal. !

This gap makes Lin Yu sober in an instant, and beheaded the Aurora. This is not at all what is arrogant, and the quasi-holy realm is just the beginning.

Even Lord Feng Li is only one of the 108 Lords of Chixiao Holy Realm. He still has to depend on the existence of the three ancestors and nine princes. Compared with the true powerhouse, he still has a huge gap!

“Are you bloody right?”

next moment, Lord Feng Li’s eyes fell on Lin Yu, and there was a smile on his face, saying: “Dao Jun realm can kill the saint, and it is still Array Dao Master, I am Feng Li Ling, really out A great character!

“Previously, Yi Wu started working on you. This was due to my poor discipline, which led to such a scum under the door. I should pay you a guilt and hope you will not take seriously.”

Let’s say, Lord Feng Li moved towards Lin Yu slightly bowed, and suddenly let everyone around him reveal a look of shock.

The strength and status of Lord Yifeng Li, even the general quasi-san, Array Dao Master, must be respectful in front of him, but now, he is so polite to Lin Yu, and even spares no effort to personally bow down and pay guilt, This is enough to show his attention to Lin Yu!

“Lord, you are too kind.”

This scene made Lin Yu slightly surprised, even if it was a gift.

“Xueyou, Yiwu is just an example, I hope you don’t take it seriously.”

Lord Feng Li then said: “As long as you are willing to stay in Feng Li Ling, I can guarantee that similar things will not happen again, and Feng Li Ling will certainly try my best to meet your various needs.”


Lin Yu nodded, one of the lords came forward personally, and with such a low profile, the public made such a promise to him, and naturally he would not refute the other person’s face.

“Let’s go.”

Seeing this, Lord Feng Li was satisfied with the nodded. Under the awe of everyone, he and Lin Yu soon disappeared into place.


After three days, Lin Yu and Lord Feng Li returned to Fengli City.

“Have seen the lord.”

Lin Yu and the two talents have just arrived. Outside Fengli City, there are more than a dozen silhouettes rushing out. Everyone’s aura is extremely powerful, and they are both quasi-holy powerhouses!

“You don’t have to be polite.”

Feng Li Lord slightly lightly nodded, said: “You guys, let me introduce you, this is the blood you, and at the same time, he will also be the 13th Guest Elder of my Feng Li Lord!”

“Brother Xueyou, I have been admired for a long time.”

“Xueyou Master, I finally saw your real person!”

Hearing these words, the dozen powerhouses all had different colors in their eyes, and their eyes fell on Lin Yu.

In these three days, Lin Yu faced the four quasi-sacred powerhouses alone, and successfully killed one of them. The news has already spread throughout the Yuantian mining area.

The realm of Daojun can kill the saint, and he is still an Array Dao Master. Even if all 12 of them are old quasi-saint powerhouses, Lin Yu does not dare to be underestimated!

“I have seen you.”

Lin Yu also looked at the twelve people. In addition to Lord Feng Li, Feng Li Ling even had twelve powerhouses of quasi-saint level. This was indeed beyond his expectations.

It is conceivable to be able to occupy a place in Chixiao Holy Realm. Each lord has a deep background, and the power of control is deep and unmeasurable, which is extremely amazing!

“You guys, what you have in the future is time to get acquainted slowly, bloody quiet, you come with me first.”

See Lin Yu and the other twelve people introduced their identities to each other. Lord Feng Li nodded, and then took Lin Yu to continue to move forward, and soon reached an independent manor.

“Here is your residence in Fengli City.”

Lord Feng Li said: “Next, whether it is on cultivation or Array Dao, if you have any need, you can come up with it. As long as it can be satisfied, I will try my best to satisfy you.”

“My only hope is that you can improve your strength as much as possible to deal with the upcoming major event!”

“major event items?”

Lord Feng Li’s words suddenly made Lin Yu slightly startled, unable to bear.

“Not bad.”

Feng Li Lord nodded: “At this time, the four quasi-Sanqi Qi, such as Yiwu and Amuro, shot against you, and there are some powerhouses hidden in the dark that have never appeared. Do you think they are really for you? ?”

“A piece of Holy Artifact, although there is no small attraction, but not so far.”

“The reason why Yiwu and the others will break the potential Law and enter the Yuantian mining area on the one hand, on the one hand, they really want to obtain your Holy Artifact, but on the other hand, I am afraid that they have heard the wind and impatient want to take the first place. Machine!”

“Lord, what on earth do you mean?”

Lin Yu spoke abruptly, he faintly realized that the news that Lord Feng Li said next would be extremely important.

“All this is due to a special large mining area, which is about to be born!”

Lord Feng Li called to take a deep breath deeply, said solemnly: “The birth of this large mining area is destined to cause a chaos. Many Saint powerhouses that have been closed for many years have been unable to sit still. Many powerhouses outside the Yuantian mining area are coming!”

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