Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2920


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“What kind of mining area can actually cause such a big movement?”

Lin Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, unable to bear said.

“If it is a general large-scale mining area, naturally it will not be so.”

Lord Feng Li said solemnly: “It’s just that in the place where the large mining area was born, someone found a Divine Tablet with the two characters Tai Tai engraved on it!”


Lin Yu frowns saying: “Is there anything wrong with these two words?”

“In the Yuantian mining area, as long as it is attached to a Taizi, it is definitely not simple!”

The face of Lord Feng Li became extremely solemn, said solemnly: “Although you are still at the level of Daojun, but since you have the quasi-holy level of battle strength, it is also Array Dao Master, which is a little secret and has the qualification to know. “

“In the past, there have been three mining areas related to the Taiyuan mining area, namely the Taiyi mining area, the Taidou mining area, and the Taijie mining area.”

“The Taiyi mining area is the earliest Taizi mining area and the most mysterious among them.”

“In the beginning, about a dozen Saint powerhouses had entered it, but nothing was found. They just turned around and left the mining area unconsciously.”

“And after they left, the Taiyi mining area soon disappeared. Afterwards, there were many Saint powerhouses who had come to explore, even including a few powerhouses of the true saint level, but nothing was found. !”

“About a few thousand years later, the Taidou mining area was born, which caused a great deal of turmoil at that time. Divine light soared into the sky, circling for three days and three nights, attracting more than a hundred quasi-san powerhouses, There are even two people at Zhensheng Powerhouse!”

“It’s just that there are more than a hundred quasi-sacred powerhouses, but almost all of them fell into it. Only six people escaped. Among them, five of them became crazy, and it didn’t take long. Fallen.”

“But there is still one person who has made great strides after leaving the Taidou mining area. However, in just a hundred years, it has gone from the Small Accomplishment realm to the Great Saint realm all the way!”

“Great Saint?”

Lord Feng Li’s words made Lin Yu startled: “Don’t you say that among the ten realms of Mingguang, is there only one Great Saint powerhouse?”

“speaking from a certain perspective, indeed it can be said.”

Fengli Lord shook the head and said: “In addition to Qiantuo Great Saint, Mingguang Shijie has also produced several Great Saint powerhouses, but they are either the low-key closed-door cultivation Old Monster, or Qian Tuo Great Saint was exiled after fighting, it is difficult for outsiders to know their message.”

“And the survivors of the Taidou mining area are more special. Soon after breaking through the Great Saint realm, he disappeared completely. Many people speculated that he should have left the Mingguang Ten Realm!”

After a pause, Lord Feng Li continued: “In fact, there are some special statements about the survivor.”

“It is said that after leaving the Taidou mining area, his temperament changed drastically, and his style of behavior was completely different from the previous one, coupled with the incredible cultivation speed, many people secretly suspected that he was already possessed by someone!”

“body possession?”

Lin Yu’s heart shook slightly. Once he was taken possession of the body, the Fleshy body was still there, but the soul was no longer his own, which was not at all different from the fall.

More than 100 quasi-sacred powerhouses, of which more than 90% fell into the Taidou mining area. Of the six people who escaped, five were lunatic and fell quickly, and the remaining one was also suspected. It is the person’s body possession.

In this way, the Taidou mining area is by no means good!

“As for the mining area, I think you should have heard some rumors.”

Lord Feng Li said: “In the beginning, a large mining area was born, resulting in the fall of more than 30 Saint powerhouses. Since then, all influences around the Yuantian mining area have reached an agreement, and it is easy not to send Saint powerhouse into the Yuantian mining area. .”

“That large mining area is actually talking about the Taikoo mining area!”

“In the early days, just after the Taikoo mining area was born, more than 30 Saint powerhouses entered it, but it was just less than an hour of kung fu. All these more than 30 Saint powerhouses fell!”

“Not only that, all Saint powerhouses in the Yuantian mining area were inexplicably doomed. About 30% of the Saint powerhouses fell unexpectedly, and the remaining 70% of Saints were more or less encountered. Catastrophe.”

“Therefore, all influenced Saint powerhouses immediately withdrew from Yuantian mining area and reached an agreement at the same time. After that, Saint powerhouse did not take action and gradually became a potential Law in Yuantian mining area.”

“It turns out this way.”

Lin Yu nodded, immediately unable to bear doubts: “Lord, according to your statement, these three mining areas related to Tai are not good places. Such places should be avoided and why they are attracted. Many Saint powerhouses?”

“The statement about body possession is, after all, only speculation.”

Lord Feng Li sighed: “In the beginning, the survivor of the Taidou mining area was actually very talented. It had been stagnation at the Small Success Realm for many years, but after coming out of the Taidou mining area, In a hundred years, it broke through to the Great Saint. Who can’t be bothered about this?”

“Also, the dozen or so Saint powerhouses that came out of the Taiyi mining area had no gains at that time, but after that, they were inexplicably as if they had opened their minds. Human cultivation base has also been improved.”

“Taijiao mining area, although it caused the fall of more than 30 Saints, but also indirectly explains its out of the ordinary. It is certain that these Taizi mining areas all have a great future!”

“More importantly, not long ago, several Array Dao Masters jointly performed and saw some scenes outside the Tai Ping mining area!”

Let’s say, Lord Feng Li waved his palm, and a spar emerged, and then a strange picture emerged from it.


In the picture, an eight-armed giant ape roared up in the sky, exuding an explosive and powerful aura, and on top of it was a golden-winged double-winged Jin Peng.

bang! bang! bang!

The two are fighting insanely. There is no subtle Divine Ability and killing move. It is just a duel of speed and power. But every collision is terrifying to the extreme, leaving void a violent shock.

Fighting for more than half an hour, the eight-arm giant ape suddenly loudly roared, and the eight arms stretched out together, holding the Jinpeng in his hand, and then torn apart fiercely!


blood mist burst, where a golden crystal core emerged at the place where Jinpeng was torn apart, and a greedy rays of light appeared in the eyes of the eight-arm giant ape, swallowing it Go down.

In an instant, the hair of the eight-arm giant ape exudes a golden light, and aura has quickly risen!

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