Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2921


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“This is…”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Lin Yu felt a slight shock in his heart. After swallowing the golden crystal core, the strength of the eight-arm giant ape was obviously improved, even at his Life Source level. Increased!

“You read that right, that crystal core can indeed raise the level of Life Source.”

Feng Li Lord seriously said: “Cultivation base has reached the Saint level, and it is already very difficult to upgrade the Life Source level. Such a crystal core is enough to make many Saint powerhouses move!”

“In addition, the Masters found some of the remaining pictures.”

Let’s say, Lord Feng Li waved his palm, and the picture in the crystal changed, and a broken tree appeared in Lin Yu’s sight.

Although it is just a broken tree, it is still tall and extreme, straight into the clouds, and each branch is like a normal mountain peak, very majestic and exudes a majestic aura.

Even though Lin Yu’s strength is now comparable to that of Quasi-Saint, but looking at the ancient tree in front of him, he can’t help but feel a sense of awe. In front of this broken tree, everything seems extremely small!

“Obviously just a broken tree, but still out of the ordinary, if it is complete, how amazing will it be?”

For a time, Lin Yu felt a certain shock in his heart. Such a broken tree really made him feel the shock from the heart.

“Look again.”

Lord Feng Li’s voice sounded again, and the picture changed again, and a broken warship emerged.

The warship is full of thousands of feet, tall and unimaginable, but its surface is extremely broken, full of large and small holes, and its surface is covered with blood stains, those bloody days are too For a long time, it has been completely stained with dark red.

The monstrous baleful qi emerged from the warship, and Nether-Devil Qi was tumbling like a dark cloud of ink, and the entire warship was wrapped around it.

In the depths of the battleship, a ray of dark golden rays of light can be seen vaguely. That is one dark golden halberd. Like the warship, this halberd is also broken and the surface is covered with gaps. , Looks like it may break at any time.

However, the aura radiated by this halberd is truly extremely powerful. Even if it is just a mirror image, it still makes Lin Yu tremble, and an amazing chill emerges.

This battle halberd, even if it is already broken and distorted, but it is still not a mortal thing. The baleful qi emitted from its surface is even more numerous than the Sword Mound Lin Lin has been to!

“What a terrifying weapon this is!”

Lin Yu felt a huge shock in his heart. It is conceivable that this halberd was definitely incomparable in the Peak period!

“More than that!”

Soon, Lin Yu saw various other weapons in this warship, including great saber that had been broken into two pieces, and a big bell that was completely broken… Various weapons, each of which was distributed The outgoing aura is not weaker than the battle halberd.

And when he looked towards deeper, he discovered a Divine Tablet. The Divine Tablet was cast from bronze, and the powerful weapons around it had been completely broken, but the bronze Divine Tablet was still intact, no. No signs of damage.

On the Divine Tablet, there is a large piece of text, but the text is covered by the mist of black. Lin Yu looked at it with all its strength, and only saw a vague word “too”.


next moment, he spit a mouthful of blood violently, just seeing this one word, he made him as if was struck by lightning, almost fainted!

After he recovered, he could no longer see the inscription, and at the same time, all the pictures in the crystal had disappeared.

“Lord, what is recorded in Divine Tablet?”

Lin Yu unable to bear looked at Lord Feng Li. However, upon hearing Lin Yu’s words, Lord Feng Li was looking at the head.

“I don’t know.”

He sighed and said, “It’s not just me, those Array Dao Masters have just deduced to this step, they also want to read the text on Divine Tablet again, but tell them intuitively, even if If you take a second look, they will all fall directly.”

“In fact, even if it immediately broke up, they all suffered severe backlash, strength great injury, and it took a lot of money to recover.”

“No matter what is recorded on the Divine Tablet, but what is certain is that there are amazing secrets in the Taiping mining area, and the crystal core that is enough to enhance the level of Life Source is enough to attract many Saints. powerhouse!”

“It is true.”

Hearing this, Lin Yu is also nodded.

After seeing the pictures just now, he was also very interested in the Taiwu mining area.

“This time, the birth of the Taiwu mining area will certainly attract a large number of powerhouses.”

Lord Feng Li then said: “At a certain stage, the lord, even the powerhouse of the princely level, may be able to end! Of course, in the Initial Stage, the main part of the exploration is still the quasi-holy powerhouse of all parties.”

“Blood You, you have a quasi-holy level of battle strength, and you are also an Array Dao Master. You will have certain advantages in the Tai Ping mining area.”

“However, your cultivation base is still weaker. In the next time, no matter what your requirements are, you can tell me that the only thing you have to do is to improve your strength as soon as possible!”

“I understand.”

Lin Yu nodded, knowing things about the Tai Ping mining area, he naturally would not relax himself, even if he started to retreat cultivation.

The time is in a hurry, and in a flash, more than a year has passed.

In more than a year, Lin Yu has completely stabilized his cultivation base, and has made no small progress compared to the previous one. If he is allowed to fight with Yiwu again, he has absolute confidence Able to beat or even kill each other!

In addition, he finally cultivated the Primordial Spirit imprint to third realm.

Originally, after he had a quasi-holy level of battle strength, the Primordial Spirit imprint has little improvement on his strength, but this breakthrough means that this secret technique will no longer be chicken ribs and can still be used. Great effect!

However, in more than a year, his biggest progress is reflected in Array Dao!

After reaching Array Dao Master level, he can already participate in the first installment of Tianshu.

Compared with the Basic Manual, the first part of Tianshu is undoubtedly more mysterious. It contains more High Level Arrays, and has a deeper and unique insight into the identification and use of various special terrains.

Although more than a year, it is far from enough for Lin Yu to perceive Tianshu in the first chapter. At most, he only ponders about one or two percent of them, but these two percents are enough to bring him greatness. the benefits of!

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