Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2922


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Before this, Lin Yu had only initially reached the Array Dao Master level, but now, among many Array Dao Masters, he is also enough to rank in the upper middle and even the well-known figure level!

And, compared to other Array Dao Master, he also has a unique advantage.

In terms of experience, he may not be able to compare with some old Array Dao Master, but know that the complete array of Tianshu, it can be cultivated to Heavenly Master, the level of the god, even if it is only the first chapter, it is also out of the ordinary is at its extreme.

In the first part of Tianshu, we recorded all kinds of strange topography that many Array Dao Masters could not touch in their lifetime. It is no exaggeration to say that in terms of insight, Lin Yu can exceed 90%. Array Dao Master!

“Blood secluded, come to the city gate at once!”

On this day, Lin Yu heard Lord Feng Li’s sound transmission. He did not delay much. When he left his manor, he quickly reached the city gate of Feng Li City.

In addition to Lord Feng Li and the twelve quasi-sacred powerhouses I saw last time, there were two more figures at the city gate. They were an old man with a clear face and a middle-aged expression. man.

“Xueyou, you have already seen everyone else. Let me introduce you these two.”

Seeing Lin Yu coming, Lord Feng Li couldn’t help but show a smile on his face, and immediately looked at the Qing Man old man. They said, “These two are like you, and both of us are the Array Dao recruited by Feng Li. Master, Long Lao and Xia Master respectively.”

“Blood secluded, I’ve been admired for a long time.”

The words fell, and the expression middle-aged man moved towards Lin Yu nodded. Although his attitude was not very enthusiastic, it was still passable.

“You are that bloody ghost?”

At the same time, the old man eyes opened that was closing his eyes and raising his mind, his eyes fell on Lin Yu, indifferently said: “youngster has a good talent, and he is already an Array Dao Master at a young age, but it is too much love It’s a bit more showy.”

“The so-called Beautiful Tree In The Forest, Wind Must Certainly Destroy It, youngster, I think you still have to keep a low profile and save yourself trouble!”

“Old Senior, what do you mean?”

Lin Yu eyebrows slightly frowned, in the words of this Qingzhen old man, it is obvious that he has a predominant and down-to-earth attitude, which makes him feel uncomfortable in his heart.

“Dao of Arrays, discovered mystery, is endless, you have a good talent, you should have studied on Array Dao, but you just went to fight and kill, or even actively provoked the quasi-holy powerhouse, you think, yourself Is it very capable?”

Qing Qiu old man indifferently said: “If you were not lucky, you would have died in the hands of those quasi-sacred powerhouses. In that case, wouldn’t you waste your talent in vain?”

“Old Senior, are you teaching me?”

Lin Yu’s face sank slightly. The old man of Qing Qing was obviously much older than him. Under normal circumstances, he should have given the other party some respect.

The so-called master is a teacher, even if the Qing old man is older, but both of them are Array Dao Master, the two of them originally existed on an equal footing.

In this case, the other party showed a posture of aloof and remote and gave Lin Yu a free lesson. This is already over the line!

“Why, am I not right?”

After hearing Lin Yu’s response, Qingzhen’s old man’s face was even more heavy, saying: “As an Array Dao Master, he is so brave and fierce. As I see it, this time I should not let You follow along.”

“Youngsters like you should close their doors for a while and hone their sharpness!”


As soon as this remark came out, Lord Feng Li finally couldn’t hear it anymore. He brows slightly wrinkle, said solemnly: “Long Lao, he is an Array Dao Master, and he has a quasi-holy level of battle strength. Those who are qualified to enter the Tai Ping mining area need not speak more of this kind of words!”

“Not to mention.”

Qingzheng old man shook the head, indifferently said: “Since the lord has opened his mouth, the old man is not good to say much. I only hope that after he arrives in the Taiwu mining area, this kid can converge a little bit, and don’t add anything to me. Now.”

As he said, he glanced at Lin Yu again, and then closed his eyes, a gesture that was too lazy to take Lin Yu’s attention.


This scene made Lin Yu speechless. He and the Qingzhen old man had no grievances at all, but the other party was so rely on age to show of age, and repeatedly aimed at him, it was unfathomable mystery.

“Xueyou, you don’t have to care too much about this.”

At this moment, a gentle voice rang out, the speaker was a blue robe middle-aged, it was the blue source Lin Yu encountered when he joined Feng Liling.

He shook the head and quietly said to Lin Yu sound transmission: “You may not know that even though the old dragon is also an Array Dao Master, he has always been extremely narrow-minded and sees no one better than him.”

“In addition, when he first reached Array Dao Master, he was just the realm of the five-step master. Due to his lack of strength, he was plundered by a group of robbers, forcing him to explore various mining areas, and almost fell off several times. .”

“Later, Lord Sir happened to kill the robber group before he was released, but he was always grudged about this matter.”

“And you, also the Array Dao Master, but recently killed the quasi-sacred powerhouse with Daojun realm and killed the Heme fame, so that the entire Yuantian mining area remembers your name.”

“How could it be possible to accept such a big difference with the narrow mind of Long Lao? Because of this, he was extremely dissatisfied with you in his heart and deliberately aimed at you in front of everyone!”

“It turns out this way.”

Hearing this explanation from Lan Yuan, Lin Yu finally came over with clear comprehension. For a time, he could not help but the head.

Only for this reason, he targeted him in public. This old man’s mind is indeed a bit narrow, but for such a person, as long as the other party does not do too much, Lin Yu is too lazy to care.

“You, according to the agreement set by all influence, the powerhouse at the lord level will not enter the Yuantian mining area for the time being.”

Lord Feng Li went on to say: “Next, Yuwen Feng will act as your leader, and all actions in the Taiping mining area will be decided by him.”

“You guys, next, you have to rely on you a lot.”

A middle-aged man wearing a black jacket stood up. His face was sharp and his eyes were cold. He was the second person of Feng Liling, a quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level powerhouse, Yuwen Feng !


After hearing this, everyone has no opinion. Whether it is strength or seniority, Yuwen Feng is qualified to assume the position of leader.

“Since you have no opinions, let’s go!”

Seeing this, Yuwen Feng nodded, even if he was the first to swipe forward.

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