Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2923


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“Let’s go!”

next moment, Lin Yu and the others also quickly followed along. Under the leadership of Yuwen Feng, the crowd swept through for seven days and seven nights, and they had entered the depths of the Yuantian mining area.

“It’s here!”

On this day, Yuwen Feng’s figure suddenly stopped, and at the same time, Lin Yu and the others looked forward.

In front of them, eight huge peaks suddenly appeared. The peaks were arranged in a strange way, and a total of eight passages emerged, all leading to an extremely deep mining area.

In front of the eight huge peaks, there is a huge Divine Tablet. The Divine Tablet only has the word “Tai Wu”, but it exudes a great dignity.

Even if everyone on the scene is a powerhouse of quasi-saint level, but in front of this Divine Tablet, they are all unable to bear to give birth to an urge to worship!

“Here is the entrance to the Taiwu mining area.”

Yuwen Feng’s face became very dignified, looking to Lin Yu and other three people, said solemnly: “Three Masters, what do you think about this entrance?”

“This is Eight Sects King Furnace Topography!”

Long Lao’s face showed a solemn color and said: “Eight Sects is a very dangerous terrain. Eight peaks are arranged in the direction of Eight Sects. There are rest, health, injury, du , Dead, startled, and open eight doors.”

“Although there are eight portals, there is only one portal, and the remaining seven portals will cause an earth veins fire, such as Pill Refinement, to refinish the invader!”


Long Lao’s words suddenly shocked the rest of the crowd.

Although they have long expected the dangers of the Taiping mining area, they did not expect that they would have faced such a test before entering the Taiping mining area. If they took the wrong entrance, they would directly sign to eternal damnation !

“However, if there are only eight portals, let’s try one by one, and we don’t know which one is the way of life?”

next moment, a powerhouse could not help saying: “It seems that this so-called Eight Sects landscape is not very dangerous.”


Long Lao coldly snorted, said: “What do you know? If this Eight Sects landscape is really easy to crack, then what do we Array Masters do?”

“The so-called “Sangmen” is not fixed. It must also be deduced based on the terrain, astrology, climate, magnetic field, and many other aspects. Only when you enter it at the correct time, place, and conditions will it be true. Students.”

“In the process, even a slight error may cause the end of signed to eternal damnation!”


Long Lao’s words made the open powerhouse suddenly reveal the color of accost. Although he was a little dissatisfied in his heart, he closed his mouth obediently and honestly.

“You guys will wait for a while and wait for me to come forward.”

Long Lao didn’t care about the man’s face. With a wave of his palm, a tortoiseshell emerged with countless lines on it. Afterwards, his fingers quickly pinched all kinds of seals.

Along with his pinching, the lines on the tortoiseshell changed constantly, forming various hexagram seals. Three hours later, he suddenly shot the tortoiseshell, and the guay seal stopped suddenly changing.

“After three more breaths, enter from that channel!”

There was a smile on his face, and then he pointed to one of the passages. The proud voice rang.

“Three breaths?”

Yuwen Feng complexion slightly changed, and immediately looked to Lin Yu and the indifferent middle-aged man, said solemnly: “Blood You Master, Xia Master, don’t know that you two can agree with Long Lao’s judgment?”


A hint of hesitation appeared on Xia Master’s face, saying: “I always feel that this terrain is a little weird. I think I should consider it carefully.”

“Xia Xia, what else can you consider?”

Long Lao’s face sank, and he said: “It is only three breaths before the door opens. Once you miss it, the next time, you don’t know when to wait!”

“Don’t forget, it’s not just our family who are going to enter the Taiwu Mine. If it is delayed for a long time, and many other forces have arrived here, wouldn’t it be more troublesome?”

“This is also true.”

Long Lao’s words gave Yuwen Feng a slight shock, when even looking at Lin Yu, he said: “Blood, don’t know what do you think?”

“I don’t think so.”

Lin Yu shook the head, said: “If according to Long Lao, everyone who enters the passage will definitely die!”


Long Lao’s face suddenly sank completely and shouted angrily: “Boy, do you know what you are talking about?”

“I have reminded you earlier that youngsters should converge in a low-key manner, and don’t mess up in the Tai Ping mining area, but you don’t listen to the advice. Here you want to show your ability and talk nonsense.”

“Did you know that you are doing this to everyone that is present!”

While speaking, Long Lao’s eyes were extremely cold.

In his opinion, Lin Yu is just a hairless brat that’s all just promoted to Array Dao Master, but now the other party dare to question his judgment in public, how can he accept it!

“Lao Long, do you think your face is more important than everyone’s life?”

In the face of Long Lao’s scolding, Lin Yu’s face did not change at all, he said indifferently: “I can be sure that the road you said, simply is a dead end!”


Lin Yu’s words suddenly made Yuwen Feng and the others all hesitant.

In fairness, they are more willing to believe that Long Lao, although the other party has a narrower mind, but after all, they have been Array Dao Master many years ago, and their experience is undoubtedly more abundant.

In contrast, Lin Yu is just a “rookie” who has just broken through. Under normal circumstances, they will naturally prefer Long Lao.

However, the choice at hand is, after all, related to their own lives. Even when Lin Yu is so fiercely opposed, it is difficult for them to make a direct decision.

“I see, be careful.”

Thinking of this, Yuwen Feng said solemnly: “When the time is up, I will first send a puppet soldier into the channel, if there is no problem, we will follow immediately.”

“That’s fine.”

Hearing this, the rest of them are nodded, but the old dragon is coldly snorted, and his face suddenly becomes somber.

No matter what the reason is, everyone did not listen to his words, but believed in a “rookie”, which in his view was a great shame!


Soon, the time for three breaths is up. I saw Yuwen Feng with a wave of his palm, and a puppet soldier emerged, and quickly rushed into the passage pointed by Long Lao.


next moment, a lot of flames spread out, and the puppet soldier was enveloped in it, and then burned to ashes!

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