Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2924


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For a time, Long Lao’s complexion was extremely ugly.

This scene just now proves that his judgment is indeed a big problem. If it is not blocked by Lin Yu, they will inevitably suffer extremely heavy losses, and he will bear unshirkable responsibilities!

“Xueyou, how did you find something wrong?”

At the same time, Yuwen Feng and the others showed a strange color on their faces, and looked at Lin Yu.

To be honest, between Lin Yu and Long Lao, they originally trusted Long Lao more, but didn’t expect, in their eyes, they had just been promoted to Array Dao Master. Soon, they were Lin Yu, a “rookie”, But it made a more accurate inference!

“This terrain is indeed Eight Sects King Furnace.”

Lin Yu expression was plain and said: “However, Long Lao may not have noticed that this terrain was moved in advance!”

While speaking, Lin Yu suddenly shot a mountain not far away with a loud bang, and a huge rock on the edge of the mountain was broken directly!


When the boulder shattered, that summer Master suddenly shook slightly and whispered: “so that’s how it is!”

“No wonder, I always feel something is wrong. It turns out that someone deliberately moved his hands and feet and disordered the heaven and earth, causing all the deductions to be wrong.”


After a pause, Master Xia looked to Lin Yu, said solemnly: “Blood secluded, this boulder is so secretly made by people, it is almost as one with the mountain peak, and even I have no slight awareness, how did you find it? ?”

“Eight Sects, although there is no normal shape, it is always changing, but there are also certain rules. Most of the time, this mountain is an invisible furnace for wounds, breaks, and Du. The place with the strongest fire.”

“It stands to reason that everything except the mountain itself will be burned by the fire, and the mountain that can withstand the fire burns. After a long time, aura has already become a whole body, should not have Any difference.”

“Although the hands and feet are very similar, the aura of this boulder is always slightly different from the aura of the mountain!”

“so that’s how it is!”

Listening to Lin Yu’s explanation, that Xia Master couldn’t help but realize: “didn’t expect, or the little friend is superior in skill, such a subtle place has not been let go, but let me be taught. “


Xia Master’s words make Long Lao’s face more gloomy and his heart is even more ashamed.

Not long ago, he also put on a Senior posture to blame and teach Lin Yu, but now, he has completely become the background to set off Lin Yu, which seems to be a fiercely smoked on his face. Slap, making him simply unacceptable!

It’s just that no matter how uncomfortable he is, he almost made a big mistake after all. At the moment, it can only be coldly snorted, obediently and honestly shut up.

“Xueyou, your face has greatly increased this time.”

Seeing that, Lan Yuan couldn’t help saying to Lin Yu sound transmission: “However, with the narrow mind of Long Lao, I’m afraid I will also hate you completely. Next, you have to be more careful.”


Lin Yu nodded, the so-called not being jealous is a mediocrity, he naturally will not be worried because of scrupling about this old dragon, what crafty plots and machinations the other party really wants to play, then he will be!

“Blood Master, since this boulder has been broken by you, can you find that way of life next?”

next moment, Yuwen Feng’s voice rang again. At this time, his look towards Lin Yu’s eyes obviously became more solemn.


Lin Yu nodded, said: “In fact, it was still in the same channel just now, just wait for another ten breaths before you can enter it.”

“In addition, the boulder just now was obviously artificially arranged. If I guessed right, someone should have arrived here one step ahead of us and deliberately made a move to try to injure the latecomer.”

“According to their style of action, it is very likely that they will be ambushed in the Tai Ping mining area. This point must be prepared.”


Xia Master’s face is solemn, and he calculates it carefully, and immediately nodded, said: “Blood You said well, I think so.”

“It’s true!”

Although Long Lao’s face is not good-looking, he dare not be willful in this kind of thing. After all, it is coldly snorted and made the same judgment.

“I understand.”

See all three of Lin Yu made the same judgment, Yuwen Feng solemnly nodded, said solemnly: “After entering the Tai Ping mine area, and must not have the slightest care, must make enough preparations!”


Soon, ten breathing time is up. With Yuwen Feng’s shouting loudly, when everyone rushed into the passage quickly, a streak of divine light flashed, and everyone’s figure appeared. In a vast expanse of plains.

“This is…”

Looking at the illusion in front of them, everyone couldn’t help but feel the shock of their hearts, and they all showed a look of shock.

This is a vast land, everything is so huge, ancient trees towering in the sky, covering the sky and the sun, the peaks hover like True Dragon, exuding an ancient and primitive aura.

Here, even if everyone is a powerhouse of quasi-saint level, it is inevitable that they feel their own insignificance. Compared with the vast world, the power of the cultivator is still a bit insignificant!


At the moment when everyone was distracted, a sabre light suddenly broke out, and a black robed man appeared suddenly, with a cold killing intent on his face, directly slashing to the nearest powerhouse from him!


Almost at the same time that this person shot, Yuwen Feng, who had been guarded for a long time, reacted. He loudly shouted, his voice exploded like a thunder, and suddenly all the people of Feng Liling were awake.

“get lost! “

The quasi-holy powerhouse who was attacked by sneak yelled, and even if punched out, the black robed man was forced back.

“I said, you shouldn’t do more than that, what kind of movements do you have in the Eight Sects!”

next moment, a very cold voice rang out, and another gray robed man appeared, coldly snorted said: “This kind of action is just to let others have a guard against it, but it has affected our ambush. .”

“It seems that there are capable people among these people.”

An indifferent voice sounded. Then, a dozen people appeared at the same time, headed by a woman with silver hair and silver eyes. She had a pretty face, but her eyes were full of chill.

“Since small means are useless, then simply shoot directly and destroy them all here!”

Her indifferent voice sounded, the voice was very sweet, but it was extremely cold, and the surrounding world became cold!

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