Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2925


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“People of the Nine Young Robbers!”

Yuwen Feng’s face suddenly became dignified when she saw the silver-haired and silver-eyed woman in front of her.

The Nine-Gang Robber Group is also an extremely powerful force in the Yuantian Mining Area. Although it is a little worse than the Black God Robber Group, it is also a great and famous robber group, and the strength of its leader , Not even inferior to Feng Liling!

The silver-haired and silver-eyed woman in front of her is the deputy head of the Jiu Gang Robber Regiment, named Qing Lan. Although her name is beautiful, she is an out-and-out female devil. The powerhouse that died in her hands can be described as Countless.

Behind her, the main force of the Nine Young Robbers has gathered, and there are more than a dozen quasi-holy powerhouses!

“Qing Lan, although the strength of your Jiujiao gangster group is good, don’t you think your appetite is too big if you want to swallow my Fengli collar?”

Yuwen Feng’s face is dignified, coldly said: “If it’s a battle, you and we will only suffer from both sides, and it’s not good for anyone. Are you serious about going to war?”

“Less nonsense!”

Na Qinglan said with a sneer: “I control what you are from. Since I met it, it will all be destroyed!”


The words fell, and her figure suddenly turned into a silver light, instantly appeared in front of Yuwen Feng, with one silver long saber emerging in her hand, dozens of saber glows erupted in unison, like a galaxy attacking Yuwen Feng.

“Then fight!”

At the sight, Yuwen Feng scolded a madman in his heart, but he didn’t hesitate. When he greeted him, a great battle broke out immediately!


At the same time, the rest of the Jiugang robbers also shot, and more than a dozen powerhouses simultaneously killed Feng Liling everyone, including Lin Yu, Long Lao and other Array Masters, everyone was ushered in. opponent.

“You are that bloody ghost?”

Lin Yu’s killer is also an Array Master. His age is obviously very large, his hair is thin, his face is full of wrinkles, and his skin is shriveled and thin, like dead bark.

His name is Ni Yuan. He was originally forcibly plundered into the regiment by the gangster robbers, but with the ebbing of time, he gradually became fascinated by the feeling of murder and plunder, and he was completely integrated into it.

“I heard that your recent limelight is not small. With the cultivation base of Daojun level, a Saint powerhouse was killed, which is quite interesting.”

There was a sneer on his face, and he said, “I just don’t know your Array Dao Master’s identity. Is it not just in name only, but also in reality? Next, let old man me come experience Learn!”


When the voice fell, he suddenly waved his hand, and a dark formation flag suddenly appeared. In an instant, a strong wind, a lot of wailing wailing sounded, and the monstrous resentment qi instantly diffused.

Then, dozens of formation flags emerged from each of the dozens of formation flags, and each face was very eerie, like countless fierce ghosts entwined together, making a very eerie voice, making people unable to bear Chills.

“Go, kill him!”

next moment, Ni Yuan loudly shouts, he pointed his finger at Lin Yu, the dozens of faces suddenly broke away from the flag, and rushed to Lin Yu!

“Xueyou, be careful!”

Not far away, there is a grave expression on the face of Xia Master who is confronting another person, said solemnly: “That Ni Yuan’s attainment on Array Dao is not very good, but he is extremely good at evil gates and some yin. Tricks.”

“Because opponents don’t understand these methods, they often suffer a lot from him. You must be careful and don’t follow his way!”

After finishing talking, Xia Master is entangled by his opponent, and he can no longer ignore Lin Yu.

“Boy, you deserve a big loss!”

On the other side, the old dragon is sneaked, and his eyes are obviously taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Before that, he has also dealt with Ni Yuan several times, knowing how difficult the other person is. In his opinion, Lin Yu, like the old monster like Ni Yuan, must not be dead even if he is not dead. Pay a great price.

He is naturally happy with this!

“Meridian ghost formation!”

At this moment, Lin Yu’s face showed a cold color.

I have to say that the introduction of Zhenshu to various terrains and Arrays is indeed extremely detailed. Even many extremely unpopular and uncommon Arrays are also involved.

This also includes some extremely vicious and unpopular Array of unpopularity. Among them, this includes the Array that Ni Yuan just exhibited!

This kind of Array is called the Meridian Ghost Sha array. Every time you refine a formation flag, you need to infiltrate the blood of countless creatures, devour countless souls, and arrange a complete Meridian Ghost Sha array. Ten billions of lives at the cost!

For unfamiliar people, this Array is indeed extremely terrifying. The face in the formation flag has been refined into a unique type of undead life. There is no special means to master it, simply cannot Kill.

However, in the first chapter of Zhenshu, the means for this Array happened to be recorded!


next moment, Lin Yu directly throws out a scarlet formation flag. The formation flag falls among dozens of dark formation flags, and a drop of blood flows out of it, seeping into the rest of the formation flag like a silk thread.


In an instant, the dozens of formation flags seemed to be stimulated, and they suddenly shook violently. At the same time, dozens of faces all screamed, and then turned around and looked at Ni Yuan. A greedy color flashed in his eyes.

For the evil array of Meridian Ghost Array, the best way to crack it is fight poison with poison, let those ghosts backlash their master!

“Not good!”

Sure enough, Ni Yuan’s complexion changed instantly, and he immediately realized that it was not good, even if he wanted to put away the formation flag.

However, his reaction was slower after all. In a blink of an eye, the dozens of faces were rushed in front of him, drowning him in it, and suddenly made him utter a terrible cry .


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu shot directly. He cut out with a sword, the sharp sword light broke out, and instantly cut Ni Yuan into two pieces, and then turned into blood mist and burst out!

bang! bang! bang!

At the same time that Ni Yuan fell, the dark formation flag suddenly burst open, and all the ghosts also melted like snowflakes and dissipated in place!

“Ni Yuan, it just fell like this!”

This scene made everyone around him startled, and no one thought that the two Array Dao Masters would show up so quickly that they would win or lose.

Ni Yuan, anyway, is also the long-established Array Dao Master. Although his reputation is a little worse, his strength is extremely weak, but now, only a few breathing time, he actually died in Lin Yu In his hands, this is indeed beyond the expectations of everyone present!


next moment, a low voice sounded.

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