Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2926


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The deep voice fell, and a middle-aged man wearing a gray robe emerged. His face was as warm as jade, but his eyes were full of evil looking rays of light, which made people feel a chill. , Can’t help but want to stay away from this person.

“Evil King Shi Tianxuan!”

Seeing this gray robe’s middle-aged appearance, Feng Liling’s face suddenly changed.

Shi Tianxuan, known as the “evil monarch”, is an extremely famous Array Dao Master in the Yuantian mining area. This person’s style of work has always been extremely evil looking, even if it is a quasi-holy powerhouse of many forces, it’s easy to don’t dare provoke this person.

In the past, he has always been alone, and has not been involved with any forces, but now, he has appeared in the ranks of the nine robbers!

“It is so easy to crack the Meridian Ghost Array. Your Array Dao’s attainments are quite out of the ordinary.”

Shi Tianxuan’s eyes fell on Lin Yu and said indifferently: “I understand the level of Ryuzaki and Xia Youxuan. With their ability, they are fundamentally impossible to break my hands and feet in the landscape of Eight Sects. It seems that it is You broke my good thing?”


As soon as this remark came out, Lin Yu hadn’t said anything, then the old dragon couldn’t help coldly snorted, and his face was pretty unsightly.

Shi Tianxuan’s words obviously showed him a kind of disdain, but he attached great importance to Lin Yu, which naturally made him extremely dissatisfied.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Lin Yu not at all Ignoring Long Lao’s face, he looked at Shi Tianxuan and said indifferently: “Taking advantage of the terrain to kill competitors in advance, you have good intentions, but unfortunately, the means are rough!”

“Dare to talk to me like this, your guts are not small!”

After hearing this, Shi Tianxuan’s eyes flashed with evil light, said with a sneer: “Well, it seems that you are very confident in yourself. Since this is the case, it is not as good as you and I come to play a game, and we arrange the board of life and death here. , Learn from each other?”

“Life and death chessboard?”

Lin Yu thoughts move, the so-called life and death checkerboard, is a special game between Array Dao cultivator.

Taking the mountain and river veins as the game and condensing Qi of Earth Vein as the pieces, the two sides contested with their own Array Dao cultivation, which seemed relatively peaceful, like a kind of literary battle, but in fact, it was more than the real life and death Fighting is even more dangerous!

In this kind of game, either side must concentrate all their spirits. No carelessness, and a little carelessness, it is possible to win or lose, while the losing side will suffer serious backlash, and the most serious. Fall directly on the spot!

It seems to be calm, but in fact, every matchup is extremely dangerous, and once you start, you can’t withdraw before you win or lose. If you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, few people will choose. Such a showdown.


Without the slightest hesitation, Lin Yu is nodded. Since Shi Tianxuan dared to propose a duel with a life and death chessboard, would he be afraid?

“Then let me see, how much ability do you have!”

Shi Tianxuan’s evil looking smile appeared on his face. His eyes were intertwined with strange light. One after another black and white lines extended to form a strange vein, and instantly formed a half board.


Seeing this, Lin Yu also shot. With a wave of his palm, there are also a large number of black and white lines emerging, and the other half of the chessboard is formed. With the sound of “hong long”, the two are joined together, forming a huge one World chess board!

“The board of life and death, there is nothing to be hypocritical and polite, I will have a son!”

next moment, Shi Tianxuan without the slightest hesitation is a palm out, a large number of Qi of Earth Vein condenses to form a black chess piece, and there are countless brand marks on the surface, which is the condensed embodiment of various Array Dao Law.


After that, Shi Tianxuan waved his hand, and the black piece quickly fell to the center of the board, and it would occupy the most central position!

“Come on!”

Almost at the same time, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice also sounded.

The center of the chessboard is undoubtedly an extremely important position in the board of life and death. It represents a general trend. Those who occupy the center of the chessboard can often have the upper hand on “Force” and thus gain the overall advantage.

If it is in the battle of military strategists, this is the so-called indisputable place, and there is no room for concession!


When the voice fell, Lin Yu moved towards a finger in front of it, inducing countless Qi of Earth Vein, which evolved into a white pawn, extremely bright, the glow of light flowing, whistling out at an alarming speed, and in a blink of an eye it was the black The pieces collided together.


An amazing loud noise came, and the two pieces collided, but it was like two worlds collided together, and the horror fluctuations of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering broke out, making the surrounding earth almost cracked. Come!

“Come again!”

However, this terrifying movement has not affected the two players in the game at all. I saw that Shi Tianxuan was coldly snorted, a big hand caught, and a black pawn appeared, and this time was still falling. The center of the board.

Obviously, he is not reconciled to the failure just now, and still wants to occupy this important position!

“In vain!”

Lin Yu’s face was indifferent, he was a finger pointed again, white pieces quickly condensed and formed, then came first, and collided with black pieces again.

Boom! boom! boom!

In less than two breaths time, Lin Yu and the two men fought for five rounds, but in the end, no piece could seize the center of the board, and they all broke apart during the collision.


After a while, Shi Tianxuan’s face sank, and finally he changed his strategy. A piece flew out, but it fell to another important position on the board.

Seeing this, Lin Yu is not at all entangled. He is also a take-out pawn, which falls on the chessboard and occupies an equally important position.

Next, the speed of the game between the two is obviously much faster, and black and white pieces continue to emerge, falling into the chessboard, and this speed becomes faster and faster.

At the back, there is almost no pause. The two players’ pieces are constantly flashing like a streamer. In a blink of an eye, they already occupy a small half of the board!

“These two guys…”

Looking at this scene, the expressions of astonished expression appeared on the faces of Long Lao and Xia Master.

Although they are also Array Dao Masters, if they are on the chessboard, they simply cannot withstand this level of game, I am afraid they will soon be unable to withstand and completely defeated!

Even if there are many quasi-sacred powerhouses around, they are all subconsciously far away.

Although they don’t understand Array Dao, they don’t understand the game on this board, but they can feel the dangerous aura. If they accidentally approach the board, even if they are a quasi-holy powerhouse, I am afraid they will be Tumbled powder crushed bones!

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