Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2927


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In fact, the intuition of these quasi-holy powerhouses is not an illusion.

Know that all the pieces in this board of life and death are condensed with Qi of Earth Vein, which is also integrated with the player’s Array Dao perception and Law. When the number is small, it may not be anything, but once accumulated enough The number is totally different.

At this stage, a small half of the board has been occupied by chess pieces, just like a gunpowder barrel. It may explode at any time, and once exploded, the end will be extremely terrifying!

It is no exaggeration to say that even the general quasi-Great Accomplishment powerhouse, if it happens to be near the chessboard, will also be hit hard by this, or even fall directly!

“What is the origin of this blood secluded person, and he can even fight against Shi Tianxuan for this part!”

Among the nine young robbers, the head of Qing Lan could not help but sink.

In order to invite Shi Tianxuan to join the Jiugang robber group, she spent a lot of effort and paid all kinds of high prices. The idea was to use Shi Tianxuan to eliminate all competitors.

But didn’t expect, this is just the first battle, Shi Tianxuan, even met his opponent!

“Boy, I underestimate you!”

On the chessboard, Shi Tianxuan was no longer relaxed. His face was dignified to the extreme, and cold sweat continued to ooze from his forehead. Obviously, he felt great pressure.

Originally, he took the initiative to propose a life-and-death chess showdown with Lin Yu. He was completely confident in himself. He believed that he could easily suppress Lin Yu and solve Lin Yu in one fell swoop on the chessboard, without giving Lin Yu any life. Possible.

Who would have expected that he dug a hole for himself, Lin Yu’s attainment on Array Dao turned out to be no weaker than him, leaving him in big trouble!


next moment, his complexion suddenly changed, and his mood fluctuated, causing him to make a mistake just now and accidentally miss the position of the pawn!

“Good opportunity!”

At the same time, Lin Yu burst into a flash of light, and he immediately noticed Shi Tianxuan’s mistake. Without giving the opponent the opportunity to regret, he immediately condensed a chess piece and landed at a certain position.


In a flash, dozens of white pawns were connected into one piece. The bright rays of light broke out, and the countless Array Dao Law brand appeared, like a sea, drowning all the black pawns nearby.

ka-cha! ka-cha!

One after another crackling sounded, and cracks appeared on the surface of dozens of black chess pieces, but it was only a short time that one could not breathe, and they all cracked and completely dissipated in the chessboard !

“Damn it!”

For a time, Shi Tianxuan’s complexion was extremely ugly.

Dozens of chess pieces were seized by Lin Yu to seize the opportunity to “eat up”, which had a huge impact on the whole chess board situation. The so-called one-step mistake and the whole collapse, now he is in a big crisis!

He soon realized that if he continued, he was destined to fall into an ever-increasing disadvantage, or even be completely defeated by Lin Yu’s “slaughtering dragon”.

It is conceivable that once it reaches that step, the consequences of backlash will be terrifying, even if it is him, I am afraid it can’t bear it at all!

“Can’t continue anymore!”

Thinking about this, he quickly made a decision. Immediately, he took out a piece of decayed wood, spit a mouthful of blood on it, and then threw the decayed wood on the chessboard.


The moment when the decayed wood was thrown away, one after another, the strange aura suddenly diffused from the decayed wood, and fell on the entire chessboard. Then, the decayed wood and the entire chessboard burst into burst. Come!

“pu! “

At the same time, Shi Tianxuan suddenly vomited a large mouthful of blood, the complexion pale reached its extreme, and the whole person’s aura also became extremely depressed.

He dared to propose a life-and-death board game. In addition to having absolute confidence in himself, there is another important reason, that is, he has mastered a special treasure.

Under normal circumstances, once the board of life and death begins, it cannot be withdrawn before the victory or defeat is divided, but the decayed wood has the magic effect of dying once, and Shi Tianxuan endured the terrifying backlash forcibly ending the game!

This is the case with Rao. He was also affected by a certain aftermath. Now his condition is so bad that he can no longer show up to any degree.

“Hurry up!”

Without any hesitation, his figure rises into the sky, and he moved directly towards the distance.

“Damn it!”

This scene made that Qing Lan’s face ugly to the extreme, but no matter how unwilling in her heart, she was finally unable to abandon Shi Tianxuan who was so easily recruited.


At once, she gave Lin Yu and the others a reconciled look, especially after staying on Lin Yu for a moment, then screamed, and took the people of the nine robbers, quickly moved towards Shi Tianxuan’s direction. go with.

In a blink of an eye, the many powerhouses of the Jiu Gang Robbers disappeared in the distance!

“Finally gone!”

Seeing this, everyone in Feng Liling couldn’t help but slightly sighed in relief.

Compared with the Jiugang robber group, their strength is indeed weaker. In the confrontation just now, three quasi-Saint powerhouses have been hit hard, and the rest of them have been injured more or less.

If you continue to fight, some of them will surely fall. Fortunately, Lin Yu defeated Shi Tianxuan in the board of life and death, so that the people of the nine robbers had to rush back!

“Xueyou Master, thanks to you again this time!”

“Even Shi Tianxuan is not your opponent, bloody secluded, you, Array Dao, are really strong enough!”

Thinking of this, everyone looked at Lin Yu with amazed eyes.

Originally, because Lin Yu had just reached the level of Array Dao Master, they did not pay too much attention to Lin Yu, but several times in succession, Lin Yu showed out of the ordinary ability in front of them.

First, I noticed the trap in the terrain of Eight Sects, and then killed Ni Yuan. Now, even the famous Shi Tianxuan is defeated by Lin Yu.

This kind of performance can only be described as amazing!

For a time, their attitude towards Lin Yu has completely changed. They are more respectful and solemn than Long Lao and Xia Master.

Although Long Lao’s heart is unhappy, he can only say gloomy face without saying a word.

In comparison with Lin Yu, he completely fell into the disadvantages, and now it’s just boring to say anything, that’s all, if you want to blame, you can only blame him for his inferior skills!

“Everyone, since the people of the Nine-Gang Robbery Group have been forced to retreat, I should leave here as soon as possible.”

next moment, Yuwen Feng’s deep voice sounded again.

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