Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2928


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“Let’s go.”

Hearing this, everyone is nodded.

Although the Jiugang robber group has been forced to retreat, everyone’s condition is also extremely bad. If there are other forces at this moment, they will definitely be in big trouble.

Under the leadership of Yuwen Feng, everyone quickly left the place and found a secret place.

After three days, most people recovered their peak state, even if they formally started to penetrate into the Taiping mining area.


Just a few miles away, everyone heard a roar, and azure giant wolf emerged, with a total of seven or eight heads, and the auras emitted by each head were extremely arrogant and all possessed. Battle strength of quasi-Small Small Accomplishment level!

whiz whiz whiz!

At the same time, splitting the air sound came from above everyone’s head, void torn apart, a large number of winged birds swooped down, although the strength is relatively weak, but the invincible Daojun Perfection level, but the number is there As many as a thousand!

“Be careful, kill them all!”

Seeing this scene, Yuwen Feng’s face became solemn, he loudly shouts, when even the first to kill the wolves and winged birds.

Behind him, Lin Yu and the others also shot. There are more than a dozen quasi-sacred powerhouses, plus three Array Dao Masters. This kind of power is incomparably arrogant, facing a lot of differences. The beast also quickly gained the upper hand.

Half a quarter of an hour, all wolves and winged birds were beheaded by the people, leaving nearly a thousand crystal cores with shining rays of light.

“Life crystal core!”

Looking at these crystal cores, Lin Yu and the others’ eyes suddenly showed a hot color.

The reason why they ventured into the Tai Ping mine area is that these crystal cores can enhance the level of Life Source!

“Try the effect first!”

Instantly, everyone collected a crystal core, and then quickly refining it up. It didn’t take long for everyone’s face to show surprise.

This life crystal core does have an effect. Although the improvement is not large, it really improves their Life Source level!

“Here, maybe I can bring the nine Nirvana Secret Art cultivation to the 4th floor!”

In Lin Yu’s eyes, a burst of eruption broke out. After refining the crystal core of life, he could feel the secret art of Jiu Nien who had fallen into the bottleneck, and there was a loose opportunity.

Although distance to breakthrough is still far away, at least Lin Yu saw hope!

“You, all the next life crystal cores will be allocated according to their respective battle achievements, but there is one thing to remember, no one can worry about the life crystal cores of others, let alone infight and snatch!”

Yuwen Feng has a solemn face, said solemnly: “Once this happens, no matter who it is, it must be expelled!”


Everyone is nodded and distributed according to the merits of war. This is a very fair distribution plan, and internal fighting is prohibited. This is also a rule that a group must set.


After the life crystal core is assigned, everyone refining is completed, and then they continue to act.

The time is in a hurry, and in the blink of an eye, it has been more than half a month since everyone entered the Taiwu Mine.

During this time, the people encountered a lot of different beasts. The strength of these beasts is not weak. Even if it is a quasi-sacred powerhouse, if it is placed, it is difficult to deal with these beasts.

At the same time, Lin Yu and the others also encountered the powerhouse of the remaining forces a few times, but at this stage, all influence is still restrained. Although there is some friction, there is no further Life and Death Battle.

After more than half a month, everyone can be regarded as shocked and innocent, and all have gained a lot.

“en? Why is it dark!”

On this day, a low voice suddenly sounded, and then everyone’s eyes were looking up at his head.

I saw there, a huge dark gold Winged Dragon flew by. It has twelve wings, each of which is extremely huge, with several thousands li long, covering the sky , The aura emanating is even more extreme.


Looking at the dark gold Winged Dragon looting, everyone can’t help but hold breath cold air. This dark gold Winged Dragon is a powerhouse of quasi-Saint Perfection level!


next moment, another roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering came, and the distant earth suddenly shuddered. Then, a giant ape with eight arms emerged.

It’s huge to the extreme, and its eyes are full of tyrannical colors, exuding fierce fierce power, and it is not weaker than the dark gold Winged Dragon!

Not far away, a mountain suddenly moved, and a lot of sand and mud fell off. That was not a mountain at all, but a huge three-headed snake!

“Three ominous beasts of quasi-Saint Perfection level!”

Feeling the aura of the three ominous beasts, everyone’s complexion has become extremely ugly.

A quasi-holy Perfection ominous beast alone is enough to plunge them into a great crisis. With three heads of ominous beast, this is a terrorist power that can easily destroy them!

Fortunately, these three ominous beast not at all put their attention on them, their eyes fell on each other, and in the roar, they were directly fighting!


The horrible loud noise came, the three-headed quasi-perfect Perfection level ominous beast engaged in battle. That kind of movement was really terrifying to the extreme, the earth shook, the void collapsed, and everywhere was filled with amazing popping sounds!

“While they are fighting, we will leave here quickly!”

Seeing this, Yuwen Feng gently sighed in relief, loudly shouts, and then he had to take everyone out of here.


But at this moment, everyone’s footsteps stopped suddenly, and his gaze looked forward at the same time, his face was shocked.

There, a broken warship emerged. It was larges of thousands of zhang high, and the surface was covered with dark red blood, and there were countless black mist around it, which was like a cloud of ink. Come on.

The monstrous baleful qi emerged from the broken ship, the aura was really forced to the extreme, even if it was a quasi-holy powerhouse on the scene, in front of this aura, it was cold, and there was no idea of ​​resistance. !


At the same time, the three-headed ominous beasts that were still fighting are all showing a look of panic. They roared and stopped the engagement in unison, and then moved towards the distance and fled into the distance. .

However, although their response is fast enough, it is still much slower than the broken ship!

The seemingly broken, warships that are likely to collapse and disintegrate at any time, but the speed is almost extreme, but in a flash of time, it has already caught up with the three ominous beast.

next moment, a lot of black mist spread out, engulfing the three-headed ominous beast in it!

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