Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2929


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In this scene, all the people present were held breath cold air.

Not long ago, these three ominous beasts also showed a monstrous fierce power, but in front of the broken warship, they seemed to have no resistance at all, and they were directly engulfed in the dark mist!


Under everyone’s horrified eyes, the dark mist gradually dissipated, and then, three shriveled animal skins fell from the void.


Looking at the three animal skins that fell down, everyone felt a biting chill, although they were already shrivelled, but the three animal skins were obviously derived from the three majors such as the dark gold Winged Dragon. ominous beast!

“Look at you!”

Suddenly, a terrified voice rang out, not far from Lin Yu, a quasi-sacred powerhouse looked at the broken warship in the distance, his face was full of fear, and the sound became knotted. Stuttered.

“Then, among the broken warships, there seem to be three more Remnant Soul!”

Hearing the man’s stuttering voice, everyone’s eyes could not help but looked at the broken warship, next moment, everyone’s scalp was tingling, the whole body was cold to the extreme, almost impossible to move.

In the dark fog of the broken warship, there are three more Remnant Soul vaguely. That looks like exactly the same as the previous gold Winged Dragon, eight-arm giant ape, and three-headed snake!

“Are their souls detained in a broken warship?”

This idea was born, and suddenly let everyone have one’s hair stand on end, feeling a great horror!

What is the origin of this broken warship, just the dark mist that surrounds it, it easily kills the three quasi-Saint Perfection ominous beast, and even suspects that its soul is detained, this method is really too terrifying!

Even if it’s just a bystander, everyone’s mood can’t calm down at all. If the broken warship stares at them, their ending will probably be no different from the three ominous beasts!


Under everyone’s horrified gaze, the three Remnant Souls were soon completely integrated into the black mist, and no signs of it were visible anymore. Then, the broken warship swept forward like black lightning, In a flash, it is completely disappeared.

“You guys, do we have to go on…”

As the broken ship disappeared, one person murmured, and his eyes were still full of fear.

It has to be said that the scene just now caused a great impact on him, and even left a huge shadow in deep in one’s heart. At this moment, he even lost the courage to continue.

“Sure to continue!”

next moment, Yuwen Feng’s low voice sounded: “After all, the appearance of this incomplete warship is just a coincidence. If I just retired, wouldn’t I be a coward?”

“As a cultivator, if you don’t have the guts to do so, you don’t need to cultivate anymore!”

“The same is said.”

Yuwen Feng’s words finally awakened everyone and gradually restored calm to everyone.

It’s true that the incomplete warship is scary, but at present, its appearance is just a coincidence. If it escapes directly from this mining area, it is really unreasonable.

In comparison, Lin Yu is the first to calm down.

At the appearance of the broken warship, at first really shocked him, but at the same time, he also realized that this Taiwu mining area is indeed a big secret!

The so-called danger lurks within the riches and honour, for this unknown mining area, not only did he not feel fear and retreat, but also developed a more intense interest.

Later, under the leadership of Yuwen Feng, the crowd continued to wrestle in the Taiwu mining area.

First, I met the ominous beast of the three-headed quasi-perfection, and then encountered a terrifying existence like a broken warship. Next, everyone was obviously more cautious.

However, Rao Shiren has been careful enough, but after a few days, the accident still happened.

whiz whiz whiz!

On this day, I just killed several ominous beasts of the quasi-St. Small Accomplishment level. The crowd hadn’t had time to collect the crystal core of life. A splitting of the air sound sounded. Then, a dozen silhouettes were Appeared in front of Lin Yu and the others.

Among these dozens of people, the head of He Ran is a woman with silver hair and silver eyes, it is Qing Lan, and the nine gangster gangs she leads!

At the same time, splitting the air sound came from the other direction, and more than a dozen powerhouses came. Everyone was exuding a thick bloody aura. I don’t know how many people were infected. Blood.

“Black God Robber Group!”

When looking at the faces of the dozen people, the faces of Yuwen Feng and the others are all changed. These people are from the infamous Black God Robber Group!

“jié jié ……”

However, this is not the end, another sneer sounded, and then, under the leadership of a purple robe, a malicious old man, eight powerhouses emerged.

Three batches of powerhouse, coming from three different directions, surrounded Lin Yu and the others in it, blocking all directions of escape!

“People in Darkmoon Castle!”

Looking at the purple old man and the others, Feng Li’s face became more difficult to look at.

Darkmoon Castle, from the neutral camp of the Yuantian mining area, but they have always been very close to the Jiuzhang robber group, and it is vaguely an alliance.

The Nine-Gang Robber Group, Black God Robber Group, and Darkmoon Fort, the powerhouse of Three Great Influences appear at the same time, which is obviously a bad comer!

“Everyone, what do you mean?”

Yuwen Feng’s face was ugly, looking towards Qing Lan and the others, said solemnly: “Three Great Influences teamed up to kill me Feng Liling? However, you are not afraid of burn both jade and stone, either the fish dies or the net splits?”

“even more how, your three forces can join forces. I am a leader, and I am not without alliances. I really want to fight, and it is not good for you!”

“Yuwen Feng, you misunderstood.”

A black hair youth with a sickly pale face stood up. He was the leader of the trip of the Black God Robber Group, named Mo Mo, a fierce character who spread his name throughout the Yuantian mining area.

His eyes were indifferent and he said lightly: “I am waiting for this time, not for Feng Liling, just for one person!”

“What do you mean?”

Fam Mo’s words made Yuwen Feng’s face sink suddenly, and he responded coldly.

“You are that bloody ghost, right?”

next moment, Bie Mo didn’t care about Yuwen Feng anymore, but looked towards Lin Yu, indifferently said: “Dare kill my black god robbers, your courage is not small.”

“However, a debtor must pay his debt, killing people to pay for their lives, since you killed Amuro, now, I will give you two options.”

“First, join my Black God robber group and replace the position of Dark Luo, everything can naturally be blamed in the past, and second, that is to live for one life, with your life, to bury Burrow with Dark Luo! “

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