Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2930


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“Omo, you might as well take my Feng Li collar into your eyes!”

Lin Yu hasn’t spoken yet, Yuwen Feng’s complexion sinks, coldly said: “Blood You, it’s my Feng Liling person, you threaten him so much, don’t you think it’s too arrogant?”

“What about arrogance?”

A slight sneer appeared on the face of Momo, indifferently said: “Yuwen Feng, I know you are secretly summoning allies, but the so-called far water does not save near fire, can you really support them to come?”

“If there is no accident, before your reinforcements arrive, you may be dead and wounded, or even the whole army is annihilated!”

Fan Mo’s words made Feng Li’s face look ugly.

Yes, Feng Liling does have allies. If they gather, they will not be afraid of the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robbers, but those allies have a certain distance from them. They want to come, not short. What can be done in time.

In the face of the Three Great Influences teaming up, it is difficult for them to support for too long, even if they can persist until the reinforcements come, they will also pay a very heavy price!

“Yuwen Feng, I don’t want to embarrass you too much.”

汵陌indifferently said: “I said that our action was only aimed at the bloody, as long as the rest of Feng Liling stayed out of the matter and ignored this matter, we can live together in harmony.”

“Whether you want to fight with me for a bloody ghost, you have to think clearly about this!”


As soon as this remark came out, many people in Feng Li’s face suddenly showed a strange color.

You only need to abandon Lin Yu and you can avoid fighting with Three Great Influences. At this moment, they are immediately tempted!

Feng Liling will inevitably pay a great price for refusing the Momo. Many of them may fall, and only accept Lin Yu’s life if he agrees to this condition.

Although before this, Lin Yu has repeatedly demonstrated his outstanding Array Dao accomplishments and made a lot of great achievements for them, but compared with his own life, it is undoubtedly the latter is more important!

“Brother Yuwen, I think think about it…”

next moment, one person showed embarrassment, but he spoke up.

“Shut up!”

Before his words were finished, Lan Yuan was dull, and scolded: “A few words threatened by the enemy, just hand over your own people to do such a thing, don’t you feel shameful?”

“If this matter is passed on, what will other people think of us? Betraying companions and betraying faith, from now on, we will all become cowards and traitors and be scorned by everyone!”

“Lanyuan, is face important or life important?”

Long Lao looked indifferent and said quietly: “For the sake of blood and quietness, do you want to put all of us in? In that case, it is because of the small loss, the foolish decision!”

“Don’t forget, Xueyou is still an Array Dao Master!”

Lanyuan coldly snorted and immediately backed up: “In a place like the Tai Ping Mine, it is a stupid choice to actively give up an Array Dao Master!”

“Did you say that because of Array Dao’s attainment is not as good as Blood You, afraid of losing your position, you deliberately want to take this opportunity to squeeze away Blood You?”

“Lanyuan, what do you mean?”

Hearing this, Long Lao’s complexion became more and more gloomy. It is undeniable that his heart was indeed saying this.

During this time, his performance was repeatedly suppressed by Lin Yu, and the weight in the hearts of everyone has dropped significantly, which is naturally an unbearable thing for him.

Right now, there is a chance to solve the “competitor” Lin Yu. He naturally doesn’t mind pushing the boat along the river. It’s just that he can think about it in his mind, but if he says it, it’s impossible. !

“Everything I say is just for everyone to consider that’s all!”

Thinking about it, he coldly said: “Blood Array Dao’s attainments are good, but right now, if he is not surrendered, we will have to die more than half of the people. In order to save the lives of more people, we can only do so. Choose.”

“In fact, if they are targeting me, and I don’t need other people to say anything, I will take the initiative to stand up and bear all this!”

“It’s not your turn, of course you would say that!”

Lan Yuan coldly snorted: “If you are really targeted, can you still say this?”

“Shut up for me!”

At this moment, an indifferent voice rang out, and his face was indifferent, and he said lightly: “I am not interested in your dispute, and you should not think about delaying it.”

“I will give you three more breathing time to consider. After three breaths, if you have not made a choice, then all will be killed!”


As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s face changed in unison, and many people were subconsciously looked towards Yuwen Feng. The meaning revealed by his eyes was obviously to let him give up Lin Yu!

After all, a cultivator like Lan Yuan who is so sturdy and empathetic is a minority. In the face of his life and affection, they chose the former!

“that’s all!”

Under the eyes of everyone, Yuwen Feng called to take a deep breath deeply, and finally said: “Bamo, I can agree to your request, but I also have a condition!”

“Yuwen Feng, you…”

The face of a few people such as Lan Yuan suddenly changed. Although they already had psychological expectations, the answer given by Yuwen Feng still made them somewhat difficult to accept.

“What conditions?”

Famu’s face showed a faint smile, saying: “You can talk and listen.”

“I can ignore you and the Blood You, but even if you want to work on the Blood You, you can only dispatch the power house of the quasi-Small Small Accomplishment level, and the power of the quasi-Sacred Great Accomplishment powerhouse. You must not participate in it!”

“At the same time, from now on, you must not do it at least during one hour. If you can agree to this condition and make a soul vow, I can stay out of the matter, otherwise, you will die in the end!”

“Yuwen Feng, you…”

After hearing these words, a few people such as Lan Yuan felt shocked, and their faces became extremely ugly.

On the surface, Yuwen Feng is fighting for Lin Yu’s life, but in fact, from the moment he stated these conditions, he has already given up Lin Yu!

Even if the powerhouse of the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level does not shoot, but in the face of the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robbers and Lin Yu alone, how could it be an opponent of the former?

The so-called conditions are not actually for Lin Yu, but Yuwen Feng gives her psychological comfort that’s all!

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