Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2931


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“Well, this condition is acceptable.”

Sure enough, a smile appeared on the face of Momo, nodded satisfied.

Lan Yuan and the others can see Yuwen Feng’s thoughts, so naturally he can do the same. Since the other party just wants to find a step down, he has no reason to fail the other party.

“Xueyou, sorry!”

Seeing this, Yuwen Feng sighed and looked to Lin Yu, said with a bitter smile: “What happened today is my fault, I hope you can forgive us.”

“No problem.”

After hearing this, Lin Yu’s expression was extremely calm, and he responded lightly with two words.

Since the appearance of 抵陌and the others until now, he has not taken the initiative to speak, and has been watching with cold eyes, as if all this has nothing to do with him.

In fact, by the time Mo Mo spoke, he had already expected the result. In this scene, not at all was not what he expected.

In fairness, the choice made by Yuwen Feng is not wrong. It only sacrifices Lin Yu alone, but can save most of his life. Being a leader is a very normal choice. Lin Yu has no reason to be blamed. what.

However, after the hunt by Yi Wu, which was now abandoned by Yuwen Feng and the others, the relationship between Lin Yu and Feng Liling was completely exhausted!

“Xueyou, it’s your turn to make your choice.”

next moment, Qi Mo’s eyes looked at Lin Yu, indifferently said: “Join my black god robber group, you can still save your life, and my black god robber group will certainly not treat you badly, otherwise, next year Today is your sacrifice day!”

“No need for nonsense.”

Lin Yu expression was calm and said: “You want to kill me, then you can do it. As for joining the Black God Robber Group, there are only three words, impossible!”

Despite being rejected by Feng Liling, Lin Yu still has no interest in the infamous forces such as the Black God Robbers. Compared with the fellows of the other side, he would rather fight with the other side to the end!


For this, Bimo seems not to be surprised, coldly said: “Since you have to seek death, then I will fulfill you.”

“According to the previous conditions, now you have one hour to escape, and after one hour, it is your death time!”

“Xueyou, I will go with you!”

Lanyuan immediately said, he said solemnly: “Although my strength is not strong, but one more person, it is an extra guarantee, anyway, it can help you block several opponents.”

“No need.”

Hearing this, Lin Yu couldn’t help but shook the head. Lan Yuan was willing to take a cultivation with him regardless of his own life. This was indeed beyond his expectations, and it also moved him.

However, in the face of the Three Great Influences, such as the Black God Robbers, he is not sure of himself. With his temperament, he is naturally unwilling to drag the other party into the water!

“Brother Lan Yuan, I have received your kindness, but let me handle this matter.”

After finishing this, he took a deep look at Lan Yuan, and then stopped staying. His figure swept away, and his eyes disappeared.


In this scene, the remaining Yuwen Feng and the others looked at each other in blank dismay, and a complex emotion emerged in their hearts.

I don’t know why. They always feel that Lin Yu’s abandonment today will make them regret in the future, but this kind of thought just flashed in their minds.

In a place like Tai Ping Mine, alone, it is destined to be difficult to survive. Even more how there are strong enemies like the Black God Robbers. In their eyes, Lin Yu is no different from a dead person. Now!

“Sir, I have locked the boy’s aura with the help of black Poisonous Insect.”

Beside Momo, a middle-aged man bowed: “As long as there is a black Poisonous Insect, he can detect his general area. This guy is doomed to escape!”

“Very good!”

Famor nodded, said with a sneer: “Since that is the case, I will wait for one hour here, and after one hour, it is his death!”

After finishing speaking, he closed his eyes and waited silently. Soon, one hour passed.

“Time is up!”

next moment, the eyes suddenly opened, and a cold light burst out of his eyes: “You guys, next, it’s time to hunt!”


“One hour has arrived, and the people of Three Great Influences should also start!”

At the same time, Lin Yu also suddenly stopped and murmured to herself.

After leaving Feng Li to lead the crowd, he not at all fleeing desperately. This is after all in the Tai Ping mining area, which was originally not a place of peace and security.

In fact, although Yuwen Feng betrayed him, after all, he also won some conditions for him. Three Great Influences will only mobilize the powerhouse of the quasi-St. Small Accomplishment level, which is a good deal for him. News.

With his current strength, as long as he does not encounter the powerhouse of the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level, it is not without power!

People are harmful to tigers, and tigers can also hurt people. If you fight with the Three Great Influences, who can laugh to the end, I am afraid it is not yet known!

whiz whiz whiz!

A moment later, a splitting the air sound came from behind Lin Yu, and then a blue robe middle-aged man and a skinny old man appeared together in front of Lin Yu.

“I found him!”

Seeing Lin Yu’s figure, blue robe middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly flashes through a bright light, said with a big smile: “Very well, it seems that this prey will be ours!”

“The useless guy of Amuro will die in your hands.”

Skinny old man is staring at Lin Yu, his eyes are faint and said: “Although my relationship with Amuro is not too good, but after all, there is a little friendship, today, I will kill you, for Anvil revenge!”


The voice is down, this skinny old man is just a hands-on, his figure is like a ghost, and it is instantly swept to Lin Yu, and one purple blood soft sword in his hand is directly moved to Lin Yu’s throat thorn Came out.

“Boy, you can hit the road!”

At the same time as stabbing the sword, a brutal smile appeared on his face, as if he had seen Lin Yu’s throat penetrated.

“You think too much!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Yu’s eyes flashed a cold rays of light.

The strength of this skinny old man is indeed not weak. I am afraid it is better than Yiwu. However, if he only wants to kill him with a sword, I am probably too proud of himself!


next moment, Lin Yu also shot, he suddenly slammed a sword, a sharp sword light suddenly lit up, and snowflakes appeared in the sky, which also brought a bleak blood light, illuminating the whole Piece of earth.

This sword is the fourth move of Xuehuan Sword Art, Xuetian blood!

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