Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2932


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The shrill sword light is on, and it is instantly cut on the purple blood soft sword. The “peng” burst, the purple blood software is almost broken directly!


At the same time, the skinny old man’s face suddenly changed, and his figure exploded, almost instantaneously, withdrawing more than ten feet.

“This kid is so powerful!”

Standing again, his complexion is gloomy to the extreme.

Although he knows that Lin Yu had beheaded Shara, in his opinion, it was just a fluke that’s all, and the opponent was at most comparable to the ordinary quasi-sheng that’s all. If he shot it, it would certainly be easy Solve Lin Yu.

Who can think of how long this has passed, Lin Yu’s strength has improved a lot, and he can already compete with him!

“This method just wants to kill me, I am afraid it is still too far away!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice rang, and the voice fell, he suddenly stepped forward, a loud noise of “dong” came like a drum of war, the entire void was violently trembling Got up.

His expression was indifferent, exuding an amazing imposing manner all over his body. The person like a giant mountain was out of breath, and stepped out again, the sound became more amazing, and the surrounding voids seemed to burst apart.


The face of the skinny old man couldn’t help but change, he could feel that Lin Yu’s footsteps seemed to have an invisible magic power, which was in sync with his beating heart.

No, to be precise, it was not that the two formed a synchronization, but that the sound of his heartbeat was forced to be superimposed by the sound of footsteps!

“What means is this!”

His face changed abruptly, and his gaze to Lin Yu was full of fear. Although there was no impact for the time being, he intuitively felt a bad feeling.

“Seven Steps to Rebellion!”

Lin Yu’s indifferent voice resounded, and at the same time, his footsteps did not stop at all, still stepping out in front of moved towards.

The Array Dao cultivator, in addition to using the Great Array, itself is not without the slightest battle strength, especially when it comes to the Array Dao Grandmaster Level, the methods of mastering begin to increase.

The Seven Steps of Rebellion is a powerful secret art recorded in the first chapter of Tianshu. Through a special pace and rhythm, it is integrated into the surrounding heaven and earth, thereby inducing the power of the ground and suppressing the enemy!

dong! dong! dong!

Next, Lin Yu stepped out again in three steps. The footsteps were slow but heavy and powerful, as if stepping directly on the skinny old man’s heart.

At this moment, the skinny old man only felt that his body was full of blood and blood, and his flushed face seemed to be able to bleed, and even the heart seemed to burst directly!


He feels a great fear of speechlessness. If Lin Yu is allowed to go on like this, he may soon be unable to bear it!


Not far away, the blue robe middle-aged man is not calm, if the thin old man is beheaded by Lin Yu, as a fellow, he will have no good ending, at this moment, he must find a way Save the skinny old man!


One long stick appeared in his hand, and he waved violently, the stick figure broke out in the sky, and the crazy attack on Lin Yu.

However, if he shoots at first, he may still be able to stop Lin Yu, but now Lin Yu has taken five steps, and the trend has been established, no matter how he attacks, he can no longer stop Lin Yu!


Under the ugly look of the thin old man, Lin Yu took another step. This step made the thin old man “wow” spit out a mouthful of blood, and the whole person was crumbling. Can hardly stand.

Later, Lin Yu finally took the last step, this step stepped out, and suddenly let the skinny old man yell, and the heart burst directly!


At the same time, Lin Yu suddenly slammed his sword, and the sharp sword light broke out, directly cutting off the head of the skinny old man!

In the process, he did not make any resistance at all. In fact, when Lin Yu took the last step, he had already lost his power. This sword was just the last supplementary knife that’s all.

The seven-step, one-sword, a well-known figure in a quasi-holy Small Accomplishment, fell into Lin Yu’s hands!

“Hurry up and escape!”

This scene greatly changed the blue robe middle-aged man expression, and left even when it turned around.

Compared with the skinny old man, his strength is weaker. Even the skinny old man is so easily killed by Lin Yu, how can he still have the courage to continue?

“Have you gone?”

However, after beheading the skinny old man, Lin Yu’s imposing manner has climbed to the extreme. He casts a big void technique, and the speed is almost to the limit, instantly catching up with the blue robe middle-aged man.

After a few breaths, a blood flower blooms, and the shape of the blue robe middle-aged man is cut in two!

“It’s over!”

next moment, Lin Yu called to take a deep breath deeply, but his face was still extremely solemn.

He can kill the skinny old man and the blue robe middle-aged man so quickly. They can’t get rid of the enemy at the first, but the fall of these two people will surely give the Black God robbers and other three The rest of Great Influences sounded the alarm.

Next, he is destined to face a more dangerous situation!

“counter soldiers with arms, and water with earth weir, since you want to fight, then I will accompany you to the end!”

A cold rays of light flashed in his eyes. Lin Yu didn’t stay here much longer, and soon he closed his sword and left.

whiz whiz whiz!

A moment later, a splitting the air sound sounded, and the figures of two middle-aged men emerged. They immediately saw the bodies of the thin old man, their faces suddenly changed.

“Liang Yu and Qinghai actually fell!”

“The two of them are not weak in the Quasi-Small Small Accomplishment. When they join forces, they will die in Lin Yu’s hands?”

“That kid has such strength!”

Their faces are so ugly that they are clearly beyond their expectations. Obviously, this scene in front of them is completely beyond their expectations!

“Sir, please come over!”

Thinking about this, they immediately took out the communication stone. After a short while, Momo, Qinglan and the others all appeared here.

“What a bloody secret!”

Looking at the scene in front, Qin Mo’s face could not help sinking, coldly said: “It seems that I underestimated his strength!”

“Jiang Master, I’m going to ask you to take a look and see what happened just now?”


Heard this, a hunchback old man nodded not far away, a flash of a strange mandrel flashed in his eyes, black and white divine light alternated, such as Yin-Yang Cycle come out.

“Seven Steps to Rebellion!”

Suddenly, the hunched old man’s mind suddenly shuddered, unable to bear exclaimed.

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