Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2933


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“Seven steps against chaos, what is that means?”

At the same time, Qi Mo and the others also saw the picture displayed in the eyes of the hunched old man, and their faces showed solemn colors, even if they looked towards each other.

“This is an extremely powerful secret art!”

Humpback old man expression solemnly, said solemnly: “Through this secret art, you can fuse the surrounding world and the environment and provoke the power of the earth to the enemy. If you want to stop this secret art, you can either stop it in the first three steps. Crack.”

“Otherwise, once he takes more than four steps, if there is no absolute strength to suppress, it will be almost impossible to crack!”

“More importantly…”

Took a deep breath deeply, a different color appeared on the face of the hunched old man, said solemnly: “The seven steps of the rebellion were originally the absolute art of Chizu lineage, since Chizu fell, Chifeng Mountain After its destruction, this secret art never appeared again!”


Hearing this, he couldn’t keep calm in his heart. He looked closely at the hunched old man, said solemnly: “You mean, that bloody ghost, is a vein successor of Chizu?”

“Not necessarily.”

Humpback old man shook the head, said: “It is just a seven-step rebellion, and there is nothing to prove. However, he must have a certain relationship with Chizu lineage, at least, he got a part of inheritance!”


A burst of brilliance broke out in the eyes of Momo, said solemnly: “Originally, I just wanted to kill this person because of the relationship of Dark Luo, but didn’t expect, he could have so many secrets in his body.”

“A guy who has never reached the Saint Boundary world can own Holy Artifact, and also master the absolute art of Chizu lineage. If it is not good to dig a secret in this person, it is a pity.”

“Next, continue to kill this person for me, but remember, must leave his life, and give him back to me!”


Pause for a while, then Mo Mo then said: “The news that this blood was abandoned by Feng Liling was spread, and a reward order was issued.”

“Whether it is who, as long as he can take down the bloody ghost and send it to me, not only the bloody Holy Artifact is his, but at the same time, my black god robber group will also give a lot of money. Rewards.”

“I would like to see, in the face of the pursuit of all influence in the Taiping mining area, he is a guy who is not Saint, and what else can he tolerate!”


The words fell, everyone around was nodded, and then quickly moved.

At the same time, the news about Lin Yu was quickly spread under the instigation of the Black God robbers, which immediately caused many forces and powerhouses to follow the trend!



A shrill cry rang out, and then, an ink robe man covered his broken arm and hurriedly moved towards the distance, beside him, the other two were also immediately followed along.

“It is already Third Wave.”

Looking at the ink robe man and the others leaving, Lin Yu shook the head, not at all means catching up.

Since beheading the thin old man and other two people, the past few days, he has encountered three waves of opponents in succession. Each time, the number of opponents is at least three or more.

And as he expected, after the thin old man fell behind, these people were obviously much more cautious than before, and they seemed to be prepared for the seven-step rebellion and rarely allowed Lin Yu to fully perform. come out.

In this case, Lin Yu would have a hard time slashing the opponent again. After three waves, only one enemy was killed, and the others were at most hit.

“However, the wave of people just now seems not to be the people of the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robber Group…”

A thought flashed in my heart, Lin Yu vaguely guessed that it might be that the Black God Robbers deliberately spread his affairs and wanted to spur all influence to target him together.

“Let’s go.”

Shook the head, Lin Yu no longer thinks much, whether it is the people of the Black God robbers, or the rest of the powerhouse, as long as he is involved in the pursuit of him, it is his enemy.

He doesn’t have much to think about the enemy. If it comes across, it’s one battle!

“I found him!”

half a day later, a great shout came from Lin Yu’s side, and then, four powerhouses joined together, and an amazing cold light broke out in their eyes, and then the killing direction without the slightest hesitation Lin Yu.


The horrible aura broke out, and the four quasi-holy powerhouses shot at the same time, turning into the Divine Force Sea of ​​Wang Yang, and instantly Lin Yu was drowned in it.


In the face of four great powerhouses, Lin Yu was not afraid, even when he greeted him, the sharp sword light soared into the sky, and at the same time, he used seven steps of rebellion to fight with each other.

bang! bang! bang!

In just a few breathing time, the double convenience is already fighting. I don’t know how many rounds. Although facing the four quasi-sacred powerhouses, Lin Yu’s performance is also extremely strong. During this time, the four quasi-Saints were blocked by Shengsheng!


At this moment, a horrible saber glow suddenly dropped from the sky, and the aura forced to the extreme, such as rainbow piercing the sun, almost going through Lin Yu’s Divine Physique.

At a critical moment, Lin Yu’s figure moved sideways and escaped the one saber in time. However, Lin Yu escaped, but a quasi-holy powerhouse besieging him did not escape, and his shoulders were almost That saber glow penetrates directly!

“Damn it!”

For a time, his face was ugly to the extreme, unable to bear shouted angrily: “who, dare sneak attack me, you want to die!”

“Are you talking about me?”

next moment, an indifferent voice rang out, and a man wearing a black jacket and long black hair hanging on his shoulders appeared.

His brows are like swords, his eyes are deep, his face is extremely indifferent, and if there is no human emotion at all, the aura he emits is even more arrogant. He has suppressed the four quasi-holy powerhouses present.

“Dugu Sir!”

Seeing the appearance of the man with black hair, the man who had spoken before shivered violently, and his face suddenly turned pale to the extreme.

This black long haired man, named Du Gu Prison, is an old powerhouse of the Black God Robbers, and it is a quasi-Small Small Accomplishment Perfection level powerhouse!

At the same time, this is also a fighting maniac. Unlike other people in the Black God robber group, he has no interest in killing. The only thing he loves is fighting. The stronger the opponent, the more excited he will be.

Once he meets him, even if the opponent is not dead, he often has to take off his skin. In addition to the powerhouse of the Great Accomplishment, few people in the entire Yuantian mining area dare to provoke this solitary prison.

If he knew that the visitor was Du Gu Prison, and then borrowed his hundred guts, he would not dare to say such words!

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