Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2934


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His face was pale, and subconsciously stepped back. If it weren’t for his self-esteem as a quasi-holy powerhouse, at this moment, he was probably already kneeling down to beg for mercy.

“Are you bloody?”

However, that Du Gu prison is not at all. Ignore this person again. His eyes fell on Lin Yu, and he said indifferently: “I heard that you have mastered a strong secret art called Seven Steps of Rebellion. Let’s show it, let me see if this secret art is not just in name only, but also in reality!”


Lin Yu’s eyebrows lifted when he heard Du Gu Prison, and his eyes became more solemn.

He did not at all see the Dugu prison, but before he broke away from Feng Li’s collar, he had heard of this person’s name, knowing that it was an extremely tyrannical fighting maniac. Now it seems that this The rumors are indeed true!

Previously, many of the other opponents he faced were intentionally prepared to guard against his seven steps of chaos, and did not give him the opportunity to fully exhibit them.

And in this solitary prison, I knew that Lin Yu had killed the skinny old man with seven steps of rebellion, but there was no point of precaution. Instead, he actively asked Lin Yu to exhibit this move. Strong characters!


next moment, Lin Yu didn’t hesitate at all, just spoke.

This is a life-and-death battle, not a house. Since the Dugu Prison actively asked him to perform the full seven steps of the rebellion, he naturally did not refuse to say!

dong! dong! dong!

He immediately stepped out, and the aura of tyranny came out from him, like a giant mountain, and the amazing pressure made the void almost burst.

In a short span of time, Lin Yu has already taken three steps. The sound of the footsteps is like a drum of war, stimulating the power of the surrounding ground, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and rushing to the lone prison.

However, the strength of this solitary prison is indeed quite small. Under such powerful oppression, his figure still stands still and has not been affected at all!

“merely this!”

His expression was indifferent, and his cold voice resounded all over the world: “The so-called seven steps of rebellion, is this the only way to endure?”

dong! dong!

Lin Yu looked calm, but he didn’t care about the words of Dugu prison, he stepped out in two successive steps, and the sound of footsteps had a strange magic. Gradually, the rhythm of heartbeat and footsteps of Dugu prison was also forced. Synchronized.

As strong as Du Gu Prison, after Lin Yu took five steps, he could not resist the influence of this special temperament. In the same level of confrontation, this is almost a solution!


However, even so, the face of Du Gu Prison has not changed at all, he indifferently said: “However, if this is the case, then this seven steps of chaos, it seems nothing!”

“Is it?”

next moment, Lin Yu finally spoke, and his voice was calm. While speaking this, it was already Sixth Step stepping out.

Six consecutive steps superimposed, his imposing manner has climbed to a certain level, this step stepped out, suddenly like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses assault, an amazing aura eruption, so that the surrounding voids almost shattered Come!


The Dugu prison is finally a change color. After Lin Yu stepped out of this step, he only felt that his heart was trembling violently, and his figure could not stand firm.

Compared to the skinny old man, the strength of the Dugu prison is indeed much stronger. At the Sixth Step, the skinny old man was almost unbearable, while the Dugu prison only took a few steps backwards.

However, this scene still caused great shock to the four quasi-Saint powerhouses not far away. They all set off a raging wave in their hearts and could hardly believe their eyes.

You know, this is Du Gu Prison!

In the Yuantian mining area, below the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment, he is almost in the ranks of the pinnacle powerhouse. The general quasi-Saint Small Accomplishment powerhouse, even if it is a siege of several people, will not be his opponent at all.

However, at the moment, Du Gu Prison was forced to retreat, even if it was only a few steps, which is also incredible to describe!


Under the shocking eyes of everyone, Lin Yu finally took the last step, his aura climbed to the extreme, as if it was completely integrated with the surrounding world.

This step stepped out, and the whole world was roaring, as if the world was overturned, and Lin Yu attacked to Dugu prison together!

“break for me!”

Facing this last step, the lonely prison was loudly shouted, and his black hair was flying randomly. The aura of the whole person was also madly skyrocketing.


next moment, one black long saber emerged in his hand, and suddenly one saber burst out, one saber’s mighty black saber glow broke out, as if the whole world was dark, and the thrust was cut into the whole world!

bang! bang! bang!

One after another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering came a loud noise, and a terrible energy storm poured wildly, so that the four quasi-holy powerhouses not far away were all complexion greatly changed, and immediately broke back .

Even as a quasi-sacred powerhouse, they have no courage to resist in the face of such an energy storm. If they are accidentally involved, they will suffer at least at least, or even fall directly!

“pu! “

Finally, the terrifying energy storm gradually spread out, and the Dugu prison suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, but his figure was still standing in place, with long black hair dancing wildly, like a Demon God descending on the earth .

Facing the last step of the seven steps of the rebellion, he still carried it down!

“The seven steps of chaos, but did not disappoint me.”

A burst of glare erupted in his eyes, looking at Lin Yu, and said indifferently: “However, your strength is still too weak after all, then, let me send you on the road!”


The words fell, he stepped out, the monstrous murderous aura broke out, the black long saber in the hands was chopped, and the amazing saber glow suddenly slashed to Lin Yu!

“Snowy Blood!”

Lin Yu When even a sword was cut out, snowflakes appeared in the sky, accompanied by a bleak blood light, directly to the dark saber glow.


However, it was just a momentary collision, and the sword light was directly broken, and the dark saber glow was cut down, and suddenly Lin Yu groaned, and his figure was directly exploded.

“Due to Dugu Prison!”

Standing back again, Lin Yu said to herself, his face deepened.

It has to be said that the strength of this Dugu prison is indeed extremely arrogant, forcibly blocking the seven steps of the rebellion, and still having such battle strength, it is the strongest opponent Lin Yu has encountered so far.

In the face of such a strong enemy, Lin Yu can no longer have any reservations, even when the imprint of Primordial Spirit is exhibited!

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