Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2935


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In a flash, Lin Yu’s aura skyrocketed wildly, and the kung fu in just a flash was more than doubled than before!

With the improvement of the Primordial Spirit imprint 3rd Layer, Lin Yu’s strength is now comparable to that of Quasi-Small Small Accomplishment’s Perfection powerhouse, and it is not far away from the level of Quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment!


In an instant, he exhibited One Qi Becomes Three Purities, a ray of vitality turned into Taoism, juxtaposed with Lin Yu’s this Venerable, like two peerless Treasure Sword, exuding an amazing Sword Intent!

“Come again!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes burst into an amazing ray of light, and he took the initiative to kill the Dugu prison, and countless sword light poured out into the rain of Heavenly Sword, which instantly turned Du Gu prison Drowned in it.

“Extreme Snow Sword!”

In the word light fills the whole sky, Lin Yu cut out another sword, and infinite snowflakes emerged. Then, all these snowflakes were merged together, and finally turned into only one snowflake, which was extremely subtle. If you don’t look carefully, you won’t even notice it.

In spite of this, the aura exuded by the tiny snowflakes is astonishing to the extreme. It seems to condense the endless sword light, which explodes like lightning, and the aura makes the surrounding void all broken up!


In this scene, the eyes of Du Gu Prison broke out again. Originally, after blocking the seven steps of the rebellion, he had lost interest in Lin Yu and wanted to quickly resolve this battle.

But with this sword, he again gave birth to a strong fighting intent. Lin Yu still has the strength to threaten him!


He was loudly shouted, and the amazing Sword Intent rose into the sky. The long saber raised his hand and swung it out. Several dark saber glows broke out at the same time, bursting with the subtle snowflake!

“Very good!”

His eyes are fuller, said with a big smile: “It’s good to have this kind of strength, then keep fighting!”

Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering laughter, he danced with black hair, holding a long saber and looted out, just like the strength of Demon God, in a flash, it was already killed in front of Lin Yu!


In the face of Dugu prison’s assassination, Lin Yu has no fear in his eyes. When even fighting with each other, this Venerable and Dao shot together, and the shocking Sword Intent instantly flooded the whole world. .

The terrifying great battle erupted, and countless energy storms spread out. This kind of momentum is really terrifying to the extreme!

“This bloody ghost actually hides its strength!”

“He was able to contend with Dugu prison!”

Not far away, the four quasi-sacred powerhouses became more horrified, and looked at Lin Yu as if they were looking at a monster.

Previously, Lin Yu’s forced retreat from Dugu Prison with seven steps of rebellion has already shocked them. But now, Lin Yu is able to contend with Du Gu Prison positively, which has completely overturned their imagination!

You know, even if the four of them join forces, they may not be the opponents of Dugu Prison. Lin Yu, who can fight Dugu Prison on this part, is obviously not able to compete with them.

If Lin Yu used this level of battle strength earlier, I am afraid that among the four of them, someone has already fallen!


Under the shocking eyes of the four people, the laughter of Dugu Prison thundered like thunder, and resounded throughout the world.

As is rumored, he is indeed a fighting maniac. This battle with Lin Yu has completely stimulated the fighting intent in his heart, and his strength has completely exploded.

However, as a Sword Cultivator, Lin Yu’s in the bones is also extremely belligerent. Facing the attack of Dugu prison, he did not flinch in any way, exhausted all means, and madly fight with the other party.

bang! bang! bang!

Under their engagement, the surrounding voids continued to shatter, and the hills crumbled apart, and the four quasi-sacred powerhouses receded far away, fearing they would be involved in this battle. Unexpected encounter.

whiz whiz whiz!

At this moment, a splitting the air sound suddenly sounded. Then, the figures of the three powerhouses emerged at the same time, and the aura they emitted was extremely tyrannical. Although not as good as the solitary prison, they were all Quasi-St. Small Accomplishment Perfection level powerhouse!

“It’s time to quit!”

The appearance of three powerhouses finally brought Lin Yu back to life in the battle.

He knew that in the face of the Solitary Prison, plus three powerhouses of the Small Accomplishment Perfection and the four powerhouses of the quasi-sacred powerhouse who had already been there, he would simply be an opponent.

If he doesn’t evacuate again, he may not be able to get away once he gets caught in the struggle!


Thinking of this, Lin Yu suddenly broke out, and the sword light fills the whole sky poured out. At the same time, the five-colored Divine Sword stormed out at an alarming speed, and the Dugu prison was forced to retreat in an instant.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu did not hesitate at all, and quickly moved away with a large void technique moved towards, and soon his figure disappeared.

“Dugu Sir, why didn’t you leave this person?”

next moment, the three powerhouses also arrived here, and one of the middle-aged women looked ugly, unable to bear said: “As long as you block that guy’s breathing time, he will die Alright!”

“Are you questioning me?”

As soon as this remark came out, the face of Dugu prison suddenly sank. He looked at the middle-aged woman coldly. His cold eyes gave the middle-aged woman heart startled, but he felt like he was the most terrifying. ominous beast stared.

“Dugu Sir, you misunderstood.”

Another old man wearing a purple robe quickly explained: “Yu Feng is just anxious. She never dares to question you and hopes you don’t take seriously.”


Coldly snorted in Dugu prison, then coldly said: “I know that as long as you delay for a little longer, you will be able to leave that bloody ghost.”

“However, this is an interesting opponent. It is rare to encounter such an opponent. If he is besieged and killed, wouldn’t it be too boring? If I want to kill him, this person can only be personally me. Come beheaded!”

“Dugu Sir is really amazing.”

Hearing this, the old man in purple robe couldn’t help laughing, and immediately said: “Sir, you can rest assured that not long ago, Sir Mo has invited Zong Tuo and Yin Shan Array Dao Master. “

“In addition to Jiang Master, their three people teamed up, they have already performed all the escape routes of the blood ghost. Under their arrangement, an inescapable net for the blood ghost has been arranged.”

“Despite his great ability, all impossible escaped from the surrounding net, and then, the surrounding net will continue to shrink until it is finally closed.”

“By then, you will still have a chance to fight that bloody ghost, and you can kill him with your own hands!”

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