Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2936


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“Zongtuo, Yinshan?”

The eyebrows of Dugu prison lifted slightly. These two people are not from the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robbers, but they are also the famous Array Dao Master in the Yuantian mining area. They are two lord-level powerhouses. Guests.

Jiang Master is the chief Array Dao Master of the Black God Robber Regiment. The three teamed up and wanted to dedicate Lin Yu’s direction of escape, which is indeed not difficult.


Thinking of this, he was nodded, indifferently said: “After waiting for the blood to be surrounded, I will solve it by myself!”

After he finished, he didn’t stay any longer, his figure rose into the sky, and he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“hu ……”

Seeing that the figure of Dugu prison disappeared, the old man in the purple robe was slightly sighed in relief. Although he came from the same camp, he still felt a bit dazed about the fighting madman like Dugu prison.

“The inescapable net for that bloody ghost has been completed. Next, it is time to close the net!”

next moment, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes, said with a sneer: “This time, even if the blood is inserted into the wings, it is inevitable, it is destined to be captured!”


As Zipao old man said, with the cooperation of the three Master Array Dao Masters including Jiang Master, and the powerhouse of all parties coming from the wind, a big net for Lin Yu has been fully laid out, and Is constantly tightening.

In the next few days, Lin Yu’s probability of encountering a hostile powerhouse is significantly higher. Almost every day, he will encounter at least two or three waves of enemies.

Not only that, but the strength of those enemies also becomes more difficult. Every time, Lin Yu needs to go through a tragic great battle to get out.

He also encountered several crises, once even almost fallen. If there were just a few ominous beasts appearing, disrupting the formation of the enemy, he might be difficult to get out!

However, in such a fierce battle, his results are also amazing. In the past few days, the quasi-holy powerhouse who died in his hands has already exceeded five people!

This record is enough to describe it astonishingly, and it spreads enough to cause great shock throughout the Yuantian mining area.

“The situation is getting worse!”

However, Lin Yu didn’t feel any joy in it. He quickly ran through the void, but his face was dignified.

Don’t look at his record, it looks good, but he can clearly feel that he is in a shrinking net, and his situation will only become more and more dangerous as time goes on. .

No matter how many enemies he kills now, once the opponent finishes closing the net, he can only be reduced to fish on the cutting board and let the opponent slaughter!

“You must find a way to break through!”

Although knowing this, Lin Yu is also very obvious. It is too difficult to break the game.

In every direction he can escape, there is at least one powerhouse at the level of a lone prison, no matter where he breaks through, he will surely be entangled by the other party, thereby attracting more enemies.

It can be said that the other party uses a kind of conspiracy to suppress people, unless it has the strength to sweep all this, otherwise, it is impossible to crack this kind of conspiracy!

“It’s really impossible, and you can only spell one!”

Lin Yu whispered, even though he knew it was a conspiracy, but he wouldn’t let the other party lead his nose. When he reached the stage where there was no way to escape, he would rather try to break through than let the other party Siege him somewhere.

“en? That’s…”

A moment later, a huge mountain suddenly appeared in front of Lin Yu. The mountain was surrounded by purple mist. From a distance, it looked like a purple giant dragon lying on the ground.

“V Long Zishan!”

This scene made Lin Yu’s eyes burst into light.

Long Zishan, which is the same level as the Eight Sects King Furnace, contains the Dragon Qi of the earth veins, even if it evokes the Dragon Qi of one or two of the earth veins, it can suppress and kill the common quasi-saint. powerhouse.

“This may be an opportunity.”

A thought flashed in my heart, Lin Yu quickly made a decision.

If used properly, this Long Zishan may help Lin Yu open a gap and find a chance to break through!


whiz whiz whiz!

A moment later, a splitting the air sound sounded, and five full quasi-sacred powerhouses came together, apart from this, and a gray robe middle-aged man, who was the evil lord who had fought against Lin Yu. Shi Tianxuan.

“That bloody ghost, it seems to be hiding in the Purple Mountain in front!”

A low drink sounded, speaking of a burly big man carrying a giant axe. His eyes shone with a rich gleam, and aura was extremely powerful. He was a quasi-Sacred Small Accomplishment Perfection level powerhouse.

“What are you waiting for?”

The words fell, and the person next to him was low shouted: “Quickly enter the Purple Mountain and take down the bloody ghost!”

“Don’t to act blindly without thinking!”

next moment, Shi Tianxuan’s solemn voice sounded. He looked at Purple Mountain in front of him, and suddenly showed grave expression. said sole solemnly: “That’s not an ordinary mountain, but a kind of mountain named Fu Long. The special terrain of Zishan!”

“V Long Zishan?”

As soon as this remark came out, the eyes of the burly big man and the others looked at Shi Tianxuan.

“Not bad.”

Shi Tianxuan nodded, said solemnly: “Don’t forget, I once played against that bloody secret, and that guy’s Array Dao’s attainments are even above me.”

“When he encounters a special terrain like Long Zishan, he will not waste it in vain. It must have been arranged in it. Once we break into it, we might just fall into his trap!”

“I think that at the moment, we should be safer, and wait for the rest of the powerhouses to come, and then deal with that bloody quietly together!”

“But in this way, who will be credited?”

The burly robust man eyebrows slightly frowned, said: “Shi Tianxuan, I think you are probably too conservative. Our five quasi-sacred powerhouses teamed up, and you have an Array Dao Master like you. ?”


His words were just finished, and a fierce sword light suddenly broke out, carrying the power of terrifying, and instantly he beheaded to Shi Tianxuan.

“Not good!”

In a flash, Shi Tianxuan’s hair was all upright, and he couldn’t think much about it. His body was madly retreating, and he escaped from this sword light.

Rao is so, his left shoulder is almost pierced by sword light, if not he evaded fast enough, this sword, I am afraid at least can also hit him hard!


Before he gasps, another fierce sword light bursts out, and at the same time, Lin Yu’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him, holding a long sword, directly moved towards him and fell off!

“courting death!”

This scene suddenly made the burly robust man and the others all furious!

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