Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2937


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“Kill him!”

The burly robust man screamed. In front of so many of them, Lin Yu dared to take the initiative to kill Shi Tianxuan, and he was almost succeeded by him. This is undoubtedly an intolerable provocation for them. !

If Shi Tianxuan did not hide in time, it was really beheaded by Lin Yu, and all of them would be laughed at!


Without any hesitation, the burly robust man raised the giant axe in his hand. The majestic power exploded, and a huge shadow of axe, like the suppression of countless peaks, was so powerful that it was terrifying. pole!


In addition to him, the other four quasi-sacred powerhouses also shot, and the mighty divine force broke out, instantly Lin Yu was drowned in it.

However, in the face of the assault by the burly robust man and the Five Great Powerhouses, Lin Yu didn’t even mean to avoid it. He didn’t even resist, completely ignored these offensives and continued to attack Shi Tianxuan ahead.

These gestures, as if they had completely excluded life and death, just wanted to kill Shi Tianxuan!

“This lunatic!”

This scene suddenly changed Shi Tianxuan’s face completely. Although he is an Array Dao Master and his strength has reached the level of quasi-saint, he still lacks fighting experience after all. Once he is approached, it is almost mortal. undoubtedly.

Lin Yu saw that even his life was out, and he just wanted to kill him. In addition to scolding lunatics in his heart, he could only react immediately, waving a formation flag, and his figure was instant. It was moved out of thehundred zhang.


next moment, the attack of the burly robust man and the others all fell on Lin Yu’s body, which suddenly made Lin Yu spit blood and Divine Physique almost burst directly!


Seeing that, the faces of the burly robust man and the others all showed a burst of surprise. They never imagined that Lin Yu, who had caused such a big trouble before, was solved by them so quickly.

Lin Yu, who has been hit hard, can never pose a slight threat to them, destined to be captured by them!

“Not good!”

However, at the same time, Shi Tianxuan’s complexion changed suddenly, and an extremely ominous premonition emerged in his heart.

He once played against Lin Yu, knowing that this is an extremely difficult opponent, how could it be solved so easily?

If this guy really feels so unbearable, he has also been able to kill as many as eight quasi-sacred powerhouses before.


Almost at the same time that Shi Tianxuan gave birth to this idea, a fierce sword light broke out again. In front of him, suddenly a blood robe appeared, holding a Divine Sword full of baleful qi, directly moved towards He was cut!

Just now, Lin Yu’s Taoist body was clearly hit by the burly robust man and the others, but now it’s Lin Yu’s this Venerable who killed Shi Tianxuan!

“Let’s count!”

Shi Tianxuan’s face was so ugly that he wanted to move away even if he took out the formation flag again.

It’s just that Lin Yu prepared the attack carefully, and even hesitated to use his own way as a bait. How could Shi Tianxuan get out of this way easily?


In an instant, there are nine full-faced formation flags that emerged, suppressing the surrounding void, so that the movement of the formation flag directly lost the effect, and at the same time, the holy element sword in Lin Yu’s hand was already moved towards Shi Tianxuan fell down.


With a stern, unwilling shout, Shi Tianxuan’s figure was split into two pieces by Shengyuanjian, and the horrible baleful qi broke out, causing him to blow up a blood mist directly!

Despite being the same as Array Dao Master, Shi Tianxuan couldn’t compare with Lin Yu in close combat. In the face of such an attack, he didn’t have any resistance at all.

“Shi Tianxuan!”

“Damn it!”

This scene made the eyes of the burly robust man and the others suddenly red, and his heart was surprised and angry to the extreme.

Their five quasi-sacred powerhouses were played by Lin Yu alone, and they beheaded Shi Tianxuan in front of them. This is a great shame that they simply cannot accept!

“Kill him!”

In the roar, they all rushed to Lin Yu, and the terrifying killing intent was boiling, flooding the whole piece of void, almost making the void all burst.

“It’s up to you to kill me?”

next moment, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice rang out, and his road suddenly started Self-destruction, an amazing burst of energy, when even the burly robust man and other five people were pushed back together.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu turned around and walked away, sweeping towards the Purple Mountain at an alarming speed.

“Catch up with him!”

Seeing that, the burly robust man and the others, without any hesitation, immediately chased them all together.

If it was changed earlier, they might have to consider that they would not follow so easily, but now, because Shi Tianxuan was killed, they have lost their minds and can no longer care about so much.

Of course, this is also because they are not Array Dao Masters. In their view, Lin Yu, even if it is a little trick, is simply impossible and really threatens them.

whiz whiz whiz!

With a splitting of the air sound, the burly robust man and the others soon chased into Purple Mountain. In an instant, the mists of purples spread out, and they were instantly enveloped in them.


“What’s going on?”

The appearance of the burly robust man and the others has changed. In the purple mist, they seem to have been all isolated, but they can’t see the figure of the others, even aura can’t even sense it. Arrive!


It was only then that they finally realized that something was wrong, and recalling Shi Tianxuan’s previous words, they immediately cleared the comprehension, and they were already trapped!

Lin Yu’s previous attack was to solve Shi Tianxuan, the only Array Dao Master, and the second was to provoke them and let them follow Purple Mountain.

Once entering the Purple Mountain, everything is no longer up to them. Now, they are in big trouble!

“Everyone, send you on the road!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice rang, he planned all this, naturally not just to kill a Shi Tianxuan.

Beheading and killing one or two people may not have any effect on the siege net, but if six of them are killed in one breath, the impact is completely different, enough to open a gap in the siege circle.

This gap may not be too big, but if you can seize the opportunity, Lin Yu might not be able to break through!


With an indifferent voice, the whole Purple Mountain suddenly became intense, one after another amazing Dragon’s roar sounded, and then, the illusory shadows of the five purple dragons emerged at the same time, carrying amazing auras, while fighting To the burly robust man and Five Great Powerhouses!

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