Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2938


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The five purple dragons roared at the same time, and the sound was terrifying, exuding aura of terrifying matchless, fighting against the Five Great Powerhouses such as the burly robust man, and all of them changed their faces!

The strength of the five purple dragons has all reached the quasi-Small Small Accomplishment Perfection level, enough to pose a huge threat to them!


next moment, Five Great Powerhouses roared, and they all greeted the purple dragons. Now, they want to get away easily. Obviously, it is impossible, and only a fight!


The horrible aura broke out. In an instant, the burly robust man and five others were fighting with the purple dragon. In addition to the burly robust man, the remaining four people soon fell into a disadvantage.


After only a few breaths, a shouting cry rang out, and one of the five quasi-sacred powerhouses could not support it first, directly caught by the purple dragon’s claw, and then torn to pieces!

“Damn it!”

The shouting cry made the remaining four people’s faces even more ugly. Although they were in the mist of the purple, they couldn’t see the silhouettes of the others, but with this sound, they could guess that it happened. what.

This is just a few breaths, and one of them fell, which is definitely not good news for the rest.

Now, they are full of regret in their hearts. If they knew all this, they would definitely listen to Shi Tianxuan’s warning and not enter this Purple Mountain easily. It’s a pity that everything is too late!


A moment later, another screaming sounded, and the second quasi-sacred powerhouse was beheaded, turned into a blood mist, and dissipated between Heaven and Earth!

“I am not willing to ah!”

It didn’t take long for the third and fourth quasi-sacred powerhouses to fall one after another. In an instant, the five quasi-sacred powerhouses had only one burly robust man left!

“This time, I’m afraid it will be planted!”

Although it has not fallen yet, the face of the burly robust man is also ugly.

After the fall of the remaining four quasi-Saints, those four purple dragons also joined the ranks of the siege, that is to say, he alone had to face five powerhouses of the same level!

Rao is his powerhouse at the level of Small Accomplishment Perfection. In such a battle, it is difficult to maintain how long it will take. If this continues, it will not take long before he will step into the footsteps of the other four!


But at this moment, deep in Purple Mountain, Lin Yu’s brow suddenly wrinkled, and his eyes looked far away, his face suddenly showing a solemn look.

whiz whiz whiz!

next moment, a splitting of the air sound sounded, and three powerhouses swept quickly, all of which were quasi-Small Small Accomplishment Perfection level powerhouses.

“This is it!”

The one in the front is an azure robe. He looks down on Purple Mountain in the front. After a slight sense, his face becomes extremely dignified.

His voice was low, and said: “According to the joint calculation of Jiang Master and other three people, there might be a change here. It seems that they are indeed right!”

“The Purple Mountain can only feel the aura of the axe, and unexpectedly, Shi Tianxuan and the others are all accidents!”

Another white haired woman said solemnly: “Fortunately, we are not too late.”

“Go ahead, use the treasure prepared by the three Masters!”

Another lean man opened his mouth, his palm waved, a bronze ancient mirror emerged, and then, black and white, two colors air flowed out from around the ancient mirror, that ancient mirror rose up, together The strange beam burst into the depths of Purple Mountain.

At the same time, the azure robe quaint man sipped, and a quaint little clock soared into the sky, rapidly expanding, and the melodious and ancient bell sounded immediately and spread throughout the world.

On the other side, the white haired woman took out one of the war heroes, which was dark azure, obviously no one was controlling, but it was automatically waving, and an infinite aura broke out.

The three treasures broke out at the same time, suddenly making the whole Purple Mountain tremble and trembling, and the ground vein Dragon Qi was immediately disturbed, and the five purple dragons were also trembling, as if they might collapse at any time. !

“Not good!”

In the depths of Purple Mountain, Lin Yu’s complexion changed instantly.

Although he is an Array Dao Master, he can only use and use the terrain like Fu Long Zishan, but cannot fully control it.

But now, under the influence of those three treasures, the terrain of this mountain range has been completely chaotic. If he does not withdraw in time, he will inevitably encounter terrifying backlash!

“that’s all!”

Looking at the burly robust man who had been hit hard and could be defeated at any time, Lin Yu sighed, and then actively dispersed the five purple dragons, and then directly moved the Array, and the figure was instantly sent out. Beyond Purple Mountain.

It’s not that he didn’t want to kill this burly robust man, but in this situation, the delay is more than doubled, and the degree of danger will increase exponentially, and he may even get himself into it!

“Good opportunity!”

It’s not just the purple dragons. After Lin Yu retreated, those purple mists lost control, and they quickly dissipated, suddenly revealing the rejoicing expression of the already robust desperate robust man.

Without any hesitation, even if he quickly looted, it immediately escaped from this Purple Mountain.


Almost at the same time as the burly robust man escaped, the Dragon Qi in the Purple Mountain was rioted, accompanied by a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, the entire Purple Mountain was suddenly It burst apart!

“pu! “

Not far away, Lin Yu spit a mouthful of blood suddenly, although he had withdrawn in time, but Purple Mountain was destroyed, he was still affected to a certain extent.

“The other party is also capable.”

He sighed. In this state, he can’t even match the Peak powerhouse among the four quasi-Small Small Accomplishment. From the moment when the three azure robe rude men came, his best chance to break through, It is already lost.

This breakthrough has been blocked by the other party again, and it is possible to account for all this and respond in a timely manner, enough to see that the other party also has expert sitting.

In this case, he is almost in a dead end!


In a slight sigh, Lin Yu glanced deeply at the few people in front of him, and then turned without the slightest hesitation and walked away. Soon, his figure disappeared in front of those people.

“Brother Chu, shall we not catch up?”

Seeing this scene, the lean man couldn’t help looking at the azure robe, a gentle man, said solemnly: “It’s a great job to capture blood and blood, is this a great achievement, would you be willing to give up this way?”

“Don’t you ever hear a sentence called Sleepy Beast Fighting?”

Azure robe, the gentle man shook the head, said: “This blood is already trapped in a desperate situation. If we are too persecuted, wouldn’t it force him and us either the fish dies or the net splits, burn both jade and stone ?”

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