Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2939


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“Don’t forget, there are not many quasi-sacred powerhouses that died in this guy’s hands!”

“This is also true.”

Hearing this, the face of the lean man and the others also became dignified.

In addition to the four quasi-sacred powerhouses that have just fallen, the quasi-sacred powerhouse that died in Lin Yu has reached twelve people. In addition, there is Array Dao Master like Shi Tianxuan. Kill the star.

In the face of such characters, even if they are all Peak powerhouses in Small Accomplishment, they will inevitably have a fear of it!

“Anyway, this guy is already a turtle in the urn, destined to escape, why should we take such a big risk in order to snatch credit?”

Azure robe The gentle man shook the head and said, “We have already made a big contribution by preventing this person from breaking through. Next, we only need to act steadily and wait for our benefit! “

“Brother Chu said yes.”

white haired woman nodded and said: “However, so many quasi-holy powerhouse siege can be attracted, even if the blood is dead, it is worth it!”


The time is hurried, and in the blink of an eye, three days have passed since Lin Yu failed to break through.

In the past three days, Lin Yu’s situation has further deteriorated. The range of his activities has become smaller and smaller, but the enemies he has encountered have become more and more.

As the azure robe Confucian man said, Lin Yu, who was in trouble, has also become more and more crazy. In these three days, there are five more people in the quasi-sheng powerhouse that fell into his hands.

These five people, of course, are not all Black God robbers. They belong to different forces of the other parties. Apart from this, the powerhouse hit by Lin Yu is also as many as three.

However, despite the record of being out of the ordinary, Lin Yu’s condition is not good. He suffered serious injuries several times in a row, and he did not have enough time to heal.

In this case, after three days, he was completely surrounded!

In an empty plain, Lin Yu has no hidden things around him. In every direction around him, there are several quasi-sacred powerhouses slowly creeping in, and together, there are more than 40 quasi-sacred powerhouses!

Even if these more than 40 powerhouses are only in the quasi-Small Small Accomplishment realm, this is still a terrifying force, enough to affect the situation in the entire Yuantian mining area!

Of course, so many quasi-sacred powerhouses are naturally not from the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robbers. Many of them are either staring at Lin Yu’s Shengyuan Sword or for the Black God Robber. The reward given by the bandit came.

“More than 40 quasi-sacred powerhouses, you are really worthy of me!”

At this moment, Lin Yu’s face is unexpectedly calm. For all of this, he has already been mentally prepared for a long time, and he has not even made waves in his heart.

“didn’t expect, in my Yuantian mining area, there was such a young Array Dao Master!”

next moment, a low voice sounded, a hunched old man stepped out, said solemnly: “Blood You, your accomplishments on Array Dao are indeed quite out of the ordinary, if not me and Zong Tuo and Yinshan joined forces. This time, I am afraid that they really want you to escape!”

“Are you the Najiang Master?”

Hearing this, Lin Yu’s brow suddenly lifted.

For the Array Dao Master, the chief of the Black God Robber Group, he naturally heard about it, and during the past few days of escape, he also knew that it was this Jiang Master, as well as Zong Tuo and Yin The two of them arranged inescapable net for him.

If it were not for the existence of these three people, he would have already succeeded in getting away already, and this Jiang Master was the most important one among them!

“Not bad.”

Humpback old man nodded, said solemnly: “Blood You, to be honest, your performance during this time has made old man a little pitiful. If you are willing to join the Black God Robber Group, today, I can be the master Save your life!”

“No need to say more.”

Lin Yu expression is calm, and it is directly the hook the head, indifferently said: “The matter is here, there is no need to talk about these nonsense, if you want to do it, then just do it directly.”

“Just, if you want to kill me, you must pay enough!”

The voice fell, and a monstrous Sword Intent filled out from Lin Yu. The cold glow in his eyes was like a Peerless Ominous Sword, and the aura emitted, so that many of the surrounding quasi-holy powerhouses were slightly pale. change.

“Since this is the case, then take him!”

The humpback old man’s face sank and his eyes froze, coldly said: “As long as his life is left, it doesn’t matter if it’s abandoned. Zong Tuo and Yin Shan and I will fight for you. All of his Array Dao means, destined to be unable to exhibit it!”


As soon as this remark came out, monstrous killing intents were emitted from all the people around, and then dozens of powerhouses started to move together, and the horrible aura broke out, and at the same time, it was a rush to Lin Yu!

“Xueyou, there seems to be no chance to fight you again.”

Among the crowd, only a few people didn’t do it. Among them was the Du Gu Prison. He looked cold and turned away.

Although he is a member of the Black God Robbers and has killed countless powerhouses, he also has his own arrogance. At least, he never disdains to participate in such things as siege.

However, a few people such as Dugu Prison did not take action, but they could not affect the overall situation at all. Under the siege of dozens of quasi-sacred powerhouses, Lin Yu was directly caught in a crisis!

Even if he immediately used the Primordial Spirit imprint, he also displayed One Qi Becomes Three Purities and summoned his own way, but in the face of such a huge number gap, there is still no resistance.

After only a few breaths, he was already hit hard. He coughed up blood and flew out, showing numerous scars all over his body, and he looked embarrassed.

It’s not that his strength is weak. In fact, any other powerhouse at the level of Small Accomplishment is impossible better than him. It can only be said that this situation is almost unsolvable. !


Rao is so, Lin Yu still has no intention to be surrender obediently. He is still madly fighting, and his body looks like lightning, but he appears in front of a quasi-holy powerhouse.


Under the unbelievable gaze of the other party, he completely ignored the several weapons that were moved towards himself and slashed directly towards the quasi-holy powerhouse.

sword light lights up, and the figure of the quasi-sacred powerhouse is directly cut into two pieces!

“pu! “

At the same time, he staggered for a while, and fell a dozen steps forward one after another, with one war spear inserted in his back, piercing his left chest.

However, his face did not change at all. He took out the war spear and ignored the severe pain in his body, he once again killed another powerhouse not far away!

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