Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2940


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In the boom, Lin Yu was already killed in front of the powerhouse. Under the terrified eyes of the other party, he directly slashed out, the blood light splashed, and the quasi-holy powerhouse was killed by him on the spot. !

“This lunatic!”

Lin Yu saw and killed two quasi-sages one after another, and the faces of many powerhouses around him were ugly.

Facing the siege of more than 40 quasi-sacred powerhouses, most people have long been desperate to wait for death, but Lin Yu is so crazy and fierce, completely disregarding his own life and death, actually forcibly killed two powerhouses!

“Really there are some means!”

Not far away, the hunched old man expression was indifferent, looking at the two people beside him, saying: “Zong Tuo and Yin Shan, then it’s our turn to shoot.”


Beside him, Zong Tuo and Yin Shan both ordered nodded. Then, three Array Dao Masters shot at the same time, and the power of the ground was pulled by them. Grandiose flocked to Lin Yu.

Under the influence of the power of the ground, Lin Yu seemed to be caught in a quagmire, all actions were constrained, and the speed was forcibly slowed down!

“Three Array Dao Master…”

In the repression of the power of the ground, Lin Yu could not help but sigh.

His attainment on Array Dao will not be inferior to any one of the three people such as the humpback old man, but it is still difficult to achieve one enemy three!

“Then continue to fight!”

next moment, his eyes became fierce again, even if the situation was already terribly bad, but he still would not be obediently surrender. Even if today is hard to escape, he will fight to the last moment!


The tragic great battle broke out again, and it was already at a disadvantage, and was suppressed by the three people such as the hunchback old man, which made Lin Yu’s situation even worse.

In just a few breathing times, he had many more scars on his body, his left shoulder was almost cut off, and even his heart was almost pierced, and he was completely a blood man.

However, his record is also extremely amazing. In this case, he still beheaded two quasi-holy powerhouses again, which is incredible!

“It’s over!”

Humpback old man was indifferent, he didn’t care about how many quasi-sacred powerhouses he slashed to Lin Yu, and now Lin Yu has already fallen into a state of exhausted lights, and he was captured. The best time.

“Take him down!”

With his silhouetted in a low voice, the siege everyone no longer retains, Qi Qi killed Lin Yu, in this case, Lin Yu seems destined to escape!


At this moment, the entire void suddenly darkened, like a dark cloud, full of suppressed aura, and then, a broken warship looted from a distance, it was full of of thousands zhang high, dark mist around, like thick ink cloud.

The monstrous baleful qi diffused out of this warship, and its speed was extremely fast. At the moment, I still don’t know how far away, the next moment has already appeared in everyone’s sight!


Seeing that huge broken ship, for a time, everyone’s face changed.

Since entering the Tai Ping mining area, not only has Lin Yu seen this broken warship before, the rest of all influence and powerhouse have also seen similar scenes.

For this broken ship, everyone has a deep fear in his heart. This is a ship representing death and ominous!


Don’t take care of Lin Yu anymore, everyone is crazy moved towards all directions and fled, wanting to stay away from this broken warship immediately.

However, although the reaction speed of the people is fast enough, the speed of the broken ship is even faster. Just a moment of effort, it has swept over Lin Yu and the others!


Large black mist spread out, directly covering Lin Yu and the dozen or so quasi-sacred powerhouses around him.


next moment, one after another The screams of tremendous screams came from the first few powerhouses that were exposed to the dark fog. Divine Physique collapsed and collapsed at an amazing speed. There is a shrunken human skin left!


“Save me, save me!”

This scene has made the rest of the powerhouse’s complexion wildly changed, and his face is full of fear. This scene is really too terrifying, so that all their hairs are upright and their scalp is almost burst. Come!

It’s just that they are already in the range of the black fog, and no matter how they struggle, they can’t escape at all. In a flash, the black fog has already invaded them.

The sound of mournful scream keeps ringing, less than two breaths time, a total of more than a dozen quasi-sacred powerhouses, all turned into shrivelled human skin!

“What the hell is this…”

At the moment, Lin Yu, who was surrounded by everyone, was not contaminated by the black mist, but looking at the scene in front of him, he still couldn’t help but have one’s hair stand on end.

Although I have seen similar scenes before, I only saw them from a distance, but this time, he was in it, witnessing this scene with his own eyes, and soon, he will also enter the dozens The footsteps of people!

“At least, it’s better than breaking into the hands of the Black God Robbers!”

Shook the head, Lin Yu sighed in his heart, next moment, the large amount of black mist had already invaded, covering him all over him.

In an instant, he only felt a torn feeling all over his body. Divine Physique disintegrated and collapsed at an amazing speed, and in a blink of an eye, there was only a shrunken human skin!

At the same time, he felt a terrifying force of detention coming, as if an invisible large hand grabbed his soul, directly caught him inside the broken warship.


The horrible wind blows, and countless wailing noises are ringing, and there is endless black mist around him, and among the black mist, there are countless terrifying Remnant Soul!

Those Remnant Soul, some have six heads, ten sickle-like arms, some snakes, tigers, leopard tails, and some stitched centipede, almost can’t distinguish the shape of their life, It seems to be put together by force.

Such a scene is really terrifying to the extreme, like falling into hell!

“Where is this place?”

“My God!”

Not far from Lin Yu, the souls of the remaining dozens of quasi-sacred powerhouses were also detained in a broken warship. Looking at the scene in front of them, their hearts were all thrilled to the extreme and their hearts were full fear.

“jié jié jié ……”

next moment, a burst of grotesque laughter sounded, and countless terrifying Remnant Soul stared at them, with a terrifying fierce light flashing in their eyes, and then they all rushed to kill!

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