Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2941


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“Not good!”

This scene makes the dozens of quasi-sacred powerhouses all shake their hearts, and their souls are unable to bear backwards.

Although they were originally quasi-holy powerhouses, they lost their fleshy body, leaving only their souls, which will naturally greatly affect their own strength.

More importantly, the appearance of these Remnant Soul is extremely vicious, and the aura emitted is even more terrifying, which is obviously not a good thing!

“jié jié jié ……”

In the eerie sneer, Remnant Soul, who has six heads and ten arms, has already rushed to the front of the crowd. He raised his sickle-like arm and instantly turned a quasi-holy powerhouse Soul torn to pieces!


After that, his six heads opened their mouths at the same time and sucked in. The Remnant Soul of the quasi-holy powerhouse was suddenly absorbed by the six heads, and there was no trace left!


Not far away, the snake beast, tiger body, and leopard tail Remnant Soul gnawed a bit, swallowing the soul of another quasi-holy powerhouse.

In just a few moments, a large number of Remnant Soul has surrounded Lin Yu and the others. The dozen or so quasi-sacred powerhouses are almost all torn to pieces in a flash and swallowed by those Remnant Soul!

After devouring these souls, the aura of Remnant Soul is obviously stronger. Next moment, many Remnant Soul are staring at Lin Yu. In the grotesque sneer, all moved towards Lin Yu. come!


In the face of a lot of vicious Remnant Soul, Lin Yu called to take a deep breath deeply, and then greeted him.

First top 10 The end of several quasi-sacred powerhouse, he has already seen it with his own eyes. These fierce Remnant Soul are obviously not something he can resist, but it is obviously not his style.


next moment, the six-headed Remnant Soul has already taken the lead in front of him, a cruel rays of light emerged in its eyes, like ten sickle-like arms, it was moved towards Lin Yu Come down!


At the sight of these arms, they were about to be cut off. At this moment, a soft whisper suddenly sounded from the deepest part of the warship: “This kind of aura seems to be somewhat familiar…”

At the same time as this sound sounded, a faint rays of light suddenly lit up, which was a Bronze Ancient Lamp. The wick was burning to the end, and it seemed to be completely extinguished at any time.

A jade-like skull covered in ink, with a faint blaze flashing in his eyes, holding the Bronze Ancient Lamp, and walking slowly with his figure.

On the surface, this black jade skull seems to be extremely ordinary. Like a Mortal World’s night watchman, compared with the countless ferocious Remnant Soul around Lin Yu, it is extremely ordinary, even weak.

However, after the appearance of the Moyu Skeleton, those fierce Remnant Soul all screamed in horror, as if they saw something terrifying existence, they all moved crazy towards the surroundings.

As the tide subsides, in a short moment, the dark mist has disappeared, and all the vicious Remnant Soul has disappeared into Lin Yu’s sight, as if it has never appeared in general !

“This is…”

This scene shocked Lin Yu and looked at the Moyu Skeleton with eyes unable to bear.

Although the appearance of this black jade skull is very ordinary, but witnessing the scene just now, Lin Yu is obviously not afraid to be underestimated.

It can make those fierce Remnant Soul fear this kind of appearance. This is obviously a very terrifying existence, even more terrifying than those Remnant Soul combined!

“heaven defying changed his life, from being the most holy… The legendary method actually succeeded in deduction!”

next moment, the eyes of the black jade skull fell on Lin Yu, and the faint fire in the pupil of the eye kept beating. The muttered words made Lin Yu’s heart once again set off a raging wave.

Heaven defying changes his life and is most holy. Is this what the Moyu skeleton said is a secret technique he cultivated?

Although the cultivation technique of his cultivation is not small, such as the large void technique and the Primordial Spirit imprint are all quite out of the ordinary, but these cultivation techniques are only good in the Saint level. It is obviously impossible to get into the eyes of this black jade skull.

Cultivation Technique secret art that can be beyond the level of Saint and still extremely out of the ordinary, is only Nine Secret Art, Chaos Ideas, and Tianshu, and the latter two Culture Technique secret art, with Mo Yu What the skeleton said did not seem to matter.

“Is it…”

Thinking of this, Lin Yu couldn’t help but be shocked, and looked at the Mo Yu skeleton incredulously, opened the mouth and said: “Senior, have you ever heard of the name Sky Monarch?”

“Business Sky Monarch?”

Hearing these three words, the fire in the eyes of the Moyu Skull apparently jumped violently. He murmured: “The name seems to be very familiar, but everything about him seems to be all I can’t remember…”

“Business Sky Monarch, Business Sky Monarch, who is he? And who am I?”

In the murmur of mumbling, the fire in the eyes of the Moyu skull became more and more intense, and its mood was obviously set off by a huge wave, and the terrifying aura spread out, letting the entire warship Violent tremor!

“Who am I! Who am I?”

“I remember, I once broke into the Nine Nethers, once killed the gods, and once swam to the chaotic world, All Heavens Myriad Realms, all have my silhouette, Space, Time, Vast, Desolate, all recite my real name!”

“It’s just that I can’t remember who I am!”

The deep voice resounded. In the eyes of the black jade skeleton, a ray of flame spread out, as countless Fire Dragons raged in the battleship.

At this moment, it seems to be the Demon God from immemorial, dominating the whole Heaven and Earth, such a scene is really amazing to the extreme!

“How terrifying existence is this black jade skeleton!”

At this moment, Lin Yu was shocked to the extreme and set off a raging wave in his heart.

Although I have already guessed the out of the ordinary of this jade skull, but at the moment, the aura exposed on the other party really proved his guess. Such a horrible aura is obviously not an ordinary person. of!

Especially the information revealed in the other party’s words clearly contains the secrets of the heavens. The Nine Serenities, the Upper Heavens, and the Chaos Market are all names that Lin Yu has never heard of.

But these names alone are obviously extremely out of the ordinary, and “All Heavens Myriad Realms, all have my silhouette, Space, Time, Vast, Desolate, they all recite my real name,” which is not even Ordinary person can speak.

This kind of courage, such lofty sentiments and high aspirations, all this proves that this black jade skull, obviously has the origin of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering!

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