Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2942


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“After all, the past is gone, it doesn’t matter who I am…”

A moment later, the amazing aura exuded by the black jade skeleton gradually converged, and the fire in his pupils returned to calm. For a while, the calm and tranquil, just like everything just now, was just an illusion.

“Now that you have cultivated that method, I will protect you on this ghost ship.”

next moment, its eyes fell on Lin Yu, calmly said: “However, this ghost ship belongs to the world of the undead after all, you should not stay here more, after the fleshy body recovers, I will Will drop you off the boat.”


Hearing this, Lin Yu sighed slightly in relief, when even moved towards the other person bowed.

No matter what the origin of the other party is, at least it is certain that the other party is not at all malicious to him. At least for now, his life is fortune-telling.

As for the origin of the Moyu skull, whether there is a connection with the merchant Sky Monarch. Although he is curious in his heart, he also knows that he can no longer inquire.

“With the Bronze Ancient Lamp around, those Remnant Soul would not dare to invade you, but remember, don’t run around on this ship.”

Leave the Bronze Ancient Lamp in his hand next to Lin Yu, and the ink jade skeleton reveals the grave expression, said solemnly: “There are a lot of amazing secrets hidden in this Ancient Ship. Domain, even me, I can’t save you!”

After finishing speaking, the Moyu Skeleton did not continue to stay, it directly returned to the depths of the battleship, and the fire in the eyes extinguished, as if falling into a deep sleep.


When the Moyu Skeleton fell into a deep sleep, the wind rose again, and a large black mist spread out, and those Remnant Souls emerged again.

However, it seems that she has a deep fear of Bronze Ancient Lamp. Those Remnant Souls are still not close to Lin Yu, keeping at least three feet away from Lin Yu, and then dare not take another step.


next moment, these Remnant Souls stared at each other, and their fierce light appeared in their eyes, and then they killed and engulfed each other, and the terrible great battle broke out. The scene was bloody and brutal.

For this, Lin Yu did not at all care, his soul sat cross-legged and began to fully recover his fleshy body.

Cultivation base has reached his level, even if the fleshy body is completely destroyed, as long as the soul is not destroyed, it will naturally be able to recover.

Of course, his previous Divine Physique was completely destroyed. Such a serious injury, it takes a lot of time to restore the peak state.

Finally 1 month later, Lin Yu finally condense a drop of True Blood. However, the successful condense of this drop of True Blood also means that his recovery has entered the formal, and the speed will be greatly increased.

3 months later, Lin Yu’s Fleshy body has been reunited. Next, what he has to do is slowly nourish his Divine Physique until Peak is completely restored.

“The combat methods of these Remnant Soul are extremely out of the ordinary!”

In the process of continuing to restore Divine Physique, Lin Yu’s eyes could not help but looked at Remnant Soul in front of him.

The Remnant Soul seems to be a tireless machine. During the three months of his healing, he has been constantly fighting, and devouring the remaining Remnant Soul to improve his strength.

Their battle method is very simple, and most of them are derived from an instinct, but after careful consideration, they can find that these seemingly ordinary attack methods often contain the mystery of extremely out of the ordinary.

This kind of almost instinctive battle method, unintentionally, has a feeling of Return to the Natural State, which makes Lin Yu fall into a strange state.

Endless feelings suddenly appeared in his mind. Previous pictures of fighting with many quasi-sacred powerhouses continued to emerge, gradually overlapping with the battle scene in front of him.

This is an extremely special feeling. He seemed to be experiencing the great battle again. Unconsciously, he closed his eyes and entered the deep level of enlightenment.

The monstrous baleful qi surged out of him. At this moment, he seemed to have turned into a one-of-a-kind murderer, and that kind of aura alone was enough to keep the ordinary quasi-holy powerhouse from coming close!


1 month later, Lin Yu opened his eyes again, and an astonishing baleful qi broke out from him. He suddenly cut off with a sword. This sword seemed simple and simple, without any fancy, and it was generally extreme.

However, at the next moment, a black sword light erupted, and the entire Heaven and Earth fell into the darkness, silently, void split, all Remnant Soul in the range of ten zhang around Lin Yu , All burst into burst!

“It’s done!”

Feeling the power of this black Sword light, Lin Yu’s eyes erupted with a rich gleam.

Since entering the Taiwu mining area, he has been in combat almost all the time, and continuous fighting has allowed him to accumulate enough, and the previous sudden enlightenment has allowed him to step out of have accumulated knowledge and deliver It’s the last step slowly.

After this month’s sudden enlightenment, he finally created another Sword Art of his own!

Of course, this Sword Art has only created a prototype. The sword he just exhibited can only be regarded as one of the 1st Styles, and there is still a big gap from the real perfection.

However, although the prototype has just been created, this Sword Art is already extremely powerful. The sword just now is absolutely enough to easily kill the ordinary Quasi-Small Small Accomplishment powerhouse!

“This Sword Art is taking the road of extreme killing and inspiration from these Remnant Soul fights. Since it is so, it is named Sword Art.”

Lin Yu’s eyes flashes through a bright light, said to himself: “As for the sword just now, that is called the killing god!”

Slaughtering God!

A name like this is enough to show Lin Yu’s ambition for this sword, this sword is pure Sword of Slaughter, just to destroy the enemy!

“This sword has a lot of room for improvement…”

next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes looked at the many Remnant Soul in the front.

A Sword Art, especially an extreme killing Sword Art, is obviously incomplete only by deduction, and only in the battle of life and death can such Sword Art be truly perfected.

The many Remnant Souls in front of them are extremely terrifying, such as the previous six-headed and ten-arm Remnant Soul, snake beast, tiger body, and leopard tail Remnant Soul. For Lin Yu, there is simply no way to resist. But at the same time, there are some weaker Remnant Soul.

Of course, to say that it is weak is actually only relative. Their strength also has at least the realm of the quasi-Sacred Great Accomplishment, which is placed outside and is extremely terrifying.

“With the Bronze Ancient Lamp, maybe you can use these Remnant Souls to hone yourself!”

In the eyes, there was a gleam of intense light, and Lin Yu soon made a decision.

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