Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2943


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This Bronze Ancient Lamp can isolate all Remnant Souls from three feet. As long as you don’t leave the Bronze Ancient Lamp too far away, Lin Yu can use these Remnant Souls to sharpen herself.

If you really come across an irresistible existence, as long as you immediately return to the Bronze Ancient Lamp, you can naturally be safe.

Of course, all this is light, but in fact, it is like walking a tightrope on a cliff. It is a kind of behavior that is almost like playing with fire. If you are a little careless, you may get yourself in.

After all, those Remnant Souls are extremely terrifying existences. If Lin Yu’s reaction is slower, it is very likely to be unexpected!

Although knowing this, Lin Yu made a decision. He called to take a deep breath deeply, that is, he took the initiative to leave the Bronze Ancient Lamp three feet away, and killed the nearest Remnant. Soul.


Almost as soon as he left the three-foot range of the Bronze Ancient Lamp, many Remnant Souls around him were rioted, and they stopped each other’s fights, and moved towards Lin Yu.


After only a few breaths, Lin Yu was forced to retreat within the Bronze Ancient Lamp’s range. There was a black paw print on his left shoulder. If he did not retreat in time, I am afraid the entire arm was already torn. Down.

However, just after a short break, Lin Yu once again slammed into many Remnant Soul and continued to fight.

This is real life and death tempering. In the continuous battles, Lin Yu has been alive several times. If there is no Bronze Ancient Lamp, he may have already fallen away. I don’t know how many times. .

Of course, taking such a huge risk, the benefits he received are also great. Just over a month later, his cultivation base has reached the realm of the six-track Great Accomplishment!

This breakthrough means that Lin Yu’s current battle strength is already comparable to the powerhouse of the quasi-Great Accomplishment!

Even in the Chixiao Holy Realm, such strength is enough to be called a side powerhouse. Among them, Peak powerhouse, even many lords, should pay great attention to it and regard it as a left arm and a right arm.

Of course, Lin Yu will not be satisfied because of this breakthrough. After he has stabilized his cultivation realm, he will continue to invest in the fight.

In a blink of an eye, half a year has passed since he broke through.

In the past six months, his strength has been close to the level of the well-known figure of the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment. At the same time, in addition to perfecting the sword of “killing god”, he has also created three moves sword move in succession.

These three moves, named “Juexian”, “Kuquandu”, and “Nine Nether Tribulation”, are like the killing gods. They all take the ultimate killing route, and the power of each move is extremely amazing.

In Lin Yu’s deduction, these four sword moves are not all of “Sword Art”, but after creating these four Sword Art, he has already felt the bottleneck.

With his current strength, he wants to continue to create the follow-up Sword Art, after all, it is still too reluctant, even if it is really created, I am afraid it is difficult to really meet his wishes.

“At your cultivation base level, it is already very good to be able to create such a Sword Art.”

On this day, a deep voice rang, and the Moyu Skeleton woke up somehow, and it stood in front of Lin Yu, and the fire in his eyes flashed a strange color.

“Relying on a Bronze Ancient Lamp, you dare to get into the Remnant Soul and sharpen yourself. Do you think you are dead?”

It looked at Lin Yu, opened the mouth and said: “However, you have this kind of courage, but it made me appreciate it a little, that’s all, I will send you again before sending you away from this ship It’s a chance.”


The voice fell, it didn’t wait for Lin Yu to reply, it just waved his hand, and then he could see that Lin Yu’s Shengyuanjian was directly out of control and floated in mid-air.

At the same time, it turned to look at the deepest part of the broken warship, a big hand suddenly caught, a dazzling golden light burst out, and it was one of the broken and broken dark golden halberd!

The broken dark golden halberd is all cracked on the surface. It seems that it can completely collapse at any time. However, the aura it emits is violent to the extreme, and it instantly suppresses the countless surroundings. Remnant Soul.

“It’s it!”

After seeing the appearance of this dark golden halberd, Lin Yu’s mind couldn’t help but shake slightly.

Before entering the Taiwu mining area, he had seen the picture of the broken warship, and on the broken warship, there was such a dark golden halberd.

Previously, he had never found this halberd in the warship. Didn’t expect now, but it was summon skeleton brought to summon!


Not only this dark gold battle halberd, but around it, more than a dozen kinds of weapons emerged at the same time, there are broken great saber, broken ancient bell, various weapons, and the aura emitted is all amazing To the extreme!


next moment, it suddenly loudly shouted. Of the dozen or so broken weapons, only one of which was less than 60% of the broken sword was rushed, and it was instantly integrated into the holy sword.


In an instant, one after another black divine runes emerged from the surface of the holy element sword, intertwined with various strange pictures.

Then the Moyu skull waved again, Lin Yu’s chest burst open suddenly, a large amount of blood spewed out, fell on the Shengyuan sword, and merged with the ink-colored divine runes.

After being merged with Lin Yu’s blood, those ink divine runes transformed into the dark red color, spreading all over the sword body, radiating a magical luster, extremely tempting, making people unable to bear thoroughly immersed in it.

The amazing Baleful qi is spreading out. At this moment, Shengyuan Sword seems to have undergone a transformation. Then aura is more than twice as powerful as before!

“This is…”

This scene shocked Lin Yu’s heart. Although the former Holy Yuan Jian was formidable power out of the ordinary, it can only be regarded as in the category of ordinary Holy Artifact, but now, it is enough to call it Peak Holy. Artifact, even close to the true Holy Artifact level!

Holy Artifact can also be divided into several levels like the division of Saint Boundary. True Holy Artifact is above the level of Holy Artifact. Normally, only True Holy Powerhouse is eligible to own.

“The Broken Sword just now had an extremely glorious past in the past, but in a great battle, it was completely destroyed by people, the sword body was cut into six pieces, the Sword Spirit was broken, and it can no longer be restored. ‘S glory.”

next moment, the dark voice of the Moyu skull sounded: “Although it has been almost destroyed, there are still some special features. With the aid of the Broken Sword, I refinance you with a special method ‘S Treasure Sword gives you a special connection with it.”

“As long as your cultivation base can continue to improve, this Treasure Sword can also continue to improve. One day in the future, it may be able to reach the Broken Sword level beyond the previous one!”

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