Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2944


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“Multiple Thanks Senior!”

Hearing this, Lin Yu’s eyes suddenly showed a burst of hot rays of light, when even moved towards the Moyu skeleton bowed down.

“No need to be polite.”

Moyu skull shook the head, and then waved his palm, the five-handed Divine Sword automatically rushed from Lin Yu, suspended in midair.

At the same time, it moved towards the depths of the broken warship once again, and the five wings flew out, showing five shades of red, yellow, blue, white, and black.

Although it is only one wing, the five auras exuded from the five wings are all amazing to the extreme. Compared with the broken weapons such as the dark golden halberd, it is even the same!

“These five wings are the most precious feathers of the five Antiquity Divine Birds, and they are the essence of their cultivation base.”

Moyu Skeleton indifferently said: “The five Antiquity Divine Birds are Vermilion Bird, Azure Luan, Golden Wings Great Peng, Lightning Bird, and Three-legged Crow. During the Peak period, they were all extremely tyrannical.”

“Although for various reasons, the divine essence on these wings has been almost completely dissipated, but if these wings are incorporated into the five-handed Divine Sword, the five-handed Divine Sword can still be transformed!”

While speaking, the Moyu skull pointed out towards the front of the moved towards, the five wings fluttered suddenly, the magnificent aura suddenly spread out, Five Colored Divine Light flowed, the magic was so extreme that the countless Remnant Soul around All retreated.

next moment, five wings, merged with the five handle Divine Sword respectively, the red, yellow, blue, white and black Five Colored Divine Light erupts, as the five pillars of God rise from the sky, and the fiery rays of light sweep across the ten directions. Sun, Moon, and Stars are all eclipsed by the light.


A horrible aura headed straight to the sky. In an instant, the surface of the five-handed Divine Sword was covered with a pattern of Divine Bird. The sharp sword qi spewed like a volcanic eruption. , Illuminating the whole Heaven and Earth.

At the same time, the grade of these five-handed Divine Sword is also rapidly improving, and in a blink of an eye, they all reached Peak Holy Artifact level!

“Like the previous Treasure Sword, after incorporating the wings of the five Divine Birds, the five stems Divine Sword also has endless potential.”

The black jade skeleton is slightly nodded, and then the white bones grabbed it, and the five stem Divine Swords were all collected back, saying: “Cultivate these five stem Divine Swords well, don’t disgrace the five Divine Birds that they merge!”


Hearing this, Lin Yu solemnly nodded, and then took over the five handle Divine Sword and felt the changes in it carefully.

After the fusion of the five kinds of Divine Bird wings, the power of the five-color Divine Sword is indeed much stronger than before. The sword body is powerful enough to pose a great threat to St. Great Accomplishment powerhouse!


Soon, the sound of the Moyu Skeleton rang again: “It’s up to you to give it to you. Next, you should leave this ship.”


Pause for a while, Moyu Skull went on again: “I vaguely remember that there is a golden mountain deep in this forbidden land. There are some things in it that might help you.”

“I understand.”

Lin Yu thoughts move, and then moved towards the Moyu skeleton bowed to the ceremony, said solemnly: “The great gratitude of many Thanks Senior must be remembered in the heart.”


Moyu skull shook the head, without saying much, it waved its palm, a magical power suddenly enveloped Lin Yu, next moment, his figure disappeared in place.

“The legendary method has appeared again and has been deduced to such a level!”

Lin Yu disappeared, and the Moyu skull was still standing on the spot without moving. His eyes fluttered in his eyes, showing the color of thinking: “Quality Sky Monarch is really a familiar name… who are you? ?”

“And…the past and future of this kid just now are totally in fog, and they can’t be explored at all. Who is covering the heavens with him? Is that the merchant Sky Monarch?”

“One cycle after another, does it say that the deepest game between Heaven and Earth will start again, and a dark period will come here in Heaven and Earth?”

Dark flashes of light in his eyes, Moyu skull thought for a long time, suddenly figured out something, shook his head and said: “Even if Heaven and Earth is in chaos, blood flow is drifting, what does it have to do with me?”

“Now, I’m just a boatman that’s all, and I can’t even remember my past, so why bother?”

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

In the voice of his own voice, the Moyu Skeleton picked up the Bronze Ancient Lamp again, and returned to the deepest part of the broken warship, blowing a light breath to extinguish the Bronze Ancient Lamp, and its shape was integrated into it. In the large black mist, I can no longer see the real.


Then the huge, broken warship soared into the sky, with endless black mist, and soon dissipated between Heaven and Earth.



Lin Yu is naturally unaware of everything after he left. At this moment, his figure has reappeared in an empty plain, where he was previously forced into a broken warship.

In the broken ship, Lin Yu stayed for almost a year, and the many powerhouses that had besieged him naturally dispersed long ago. Now, this plain looks extremely quiet and empty.

For a time, Lin Yu couldn’t help but sigh.

Although he didn’t have any danger in the broken ship, he was too dark and depressed after all. For a short time, if he stayed for a long time, even normal people might be distorted.

Let’s see the light of the outside world again, which is also a gratifying thing for Lin Yu.


next moment, as if sensing something, Lin Yu’s eyebrows were suddenly raised, and a cold color appeared in his eyes: “It has been a year, and there are still people here, interesting! “

The voice fell, Lin Yu’s figure merged into void, and instantly disappeared in place.


“A year has passed, when will we be able to leave this broken place?”

At the same time, not far from Lin Yu, two quasi-sacred powerhouses were full of boredom, and one of the gray robed man unable to bear complained: “In the beginning, so many people saw the blood quietly After falling into a broken warship, can he still survive?”

“Let us stay here for a full year, I think, this is simply a waste of time!”

“Okay, complain less.”

Another shook the head, said with a bitter smile: “After all, it is an order given by Sir Mo personally, can we still go against it? Obediently and honestly wait a few months, I think, should You can almost leave.”

“You talk lightly.”

gray robed man coldly snorted and said: “I don’t want to stay longer for one minute!”

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