Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2945


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“During this time, there were a lot of opportunities in the Taiwu mining area. As far as I know, many people have achieved breakthroughs, and even there are several people who have reached the level of quasi-St. Great Accomplishment!”

The gray robed man’s displeased face, said: “Eye glances at other people to get all kinds of opportunities, but we have to guard a dead man here, you say that you are not foolish, suffocating ?”

“It’s the same thing.”

Another lean middle-aged sighed, said: “Be patient, wait until the full year, we will find a reason…”


The words haven’t been finished yet. The face of this lean middle-aged man has suddenly changed. His eyes burst into incredible rays of light. He looked at him in front of him, as if he had seen something incredible.

“Lao Yuan, I said what happened to you?”

Seeing this scene, the gray robed man could not help being frowned. He looked casually in the direction of the lean middle-aged man. At this point, he was also stared wide-eyed. His body stepped back several steps. , As if he had seen a ghost.

“It’s you!”

“How is this possible!”

Looking at the blood robe youth carrying a long sword in front of you, gray robed man both set off a raging wave in their hearts.

Almost a year ago, they watched Lin Yu fall into a broken warship, Divine Physique collapsed and disintegrated, and the soul was also detained by the broken warship, destined to die and could not die anymore.

However, at this moment, a dead person in their heart reappears in front of them!

“Hurry up and notify Bimo Sir!”

next moment, the lean middle-aged immediately immediately took out a newsletter to spread the news of Lin Yu reappears.

“End of communication?”

Looking at this scene, Lin Yu slightly nodded, the indifferent voice rang out: “Since the communication has been finished, then you can die.”


gray robed man The two were stared wide-eyed, and all their hairs were upright, and their scalp tingled.

Although Lin Yu’s words are calm and indifferent, they don’t know why, at this moment, they all had an extremely ominous hunch in their hearts and felt a dead aura!


Being too late to think about anything, the two made a decision together, and the dispersion of the slightest hesitation fled.


However, just as they fled away, a fierce sword light lit up. In an instant, the gray robed man only felt a tingling of his eyes, full of white glow, but he could not see his eyes. Everything.

next moment, he faintly felt a pain in his heart, and then he lost consciousness directly. A sword light has already penetrated his chest, causing his Divine Physique to burst directly!


Sensing to the scene behind him, the lean middle-aged face suddenly changed wildly.

Just a sword, gray robed man was beheaded by Lin Yu. After a year, Lin Yu’s strength was so horrible!

“No wonder, he just let me pass the message to Sir Mo, he wanted to retaliate!”

An idea flashed in his mind, what was subconsciously was to take out the communication sound stone again, and wanted to notify the affair and the others of this matter, but just after taking out the communication sound stone, a ray of sword light was direct Came down!


Only had time to issue a scream, the lean middle-aged figure was penetrated directly and fell on the spot!


Looking at the lean middle-aged body falling, Lin Yu’s face is extremely indifferent, without a slight look of pity.

The lean middle-aged and gray robed man are all from the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robbers, and beheaded them. There is no psychological burden for Lin Yu.

If you want to use them to send messages to the people behind them, Lin Yu doesn’t even need to show up, you can let these two people fall unconsciously, and you don’t even know how you died.

“Next, just wait for those people to come!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes burst into a cold rays of light.

In the beginning, he was besieged by the powerhouses of the Black God Robbers and many other forces, and almost fallen. Although in the end he was blessed by misfortune, it was only a fluke after all.

If there is no broken warship, or if there is no black jade skeleton on the broken warship, he may have already lost all his soul. Such a life-and-death hate will certainly not be easily exposed.

Now, he is using his own bait to reintroduce the powerhouse that surrounded him and made a break!



Among a series of mountain peaks, more than a dozen quasi-sacred powerhouses and a group of earth dragons are engaged in fierce fighting, and the terrifying energy fluctuations swept through, causing large mountains to collapse directly.


After a few breaths, accompanied by an amazing loud noise, the largest earth dragon leader suddenly fell down, seeing it, the rest of the earth dragons roared together, and then quickly fled away, Only one body was left.

“Well, the gains this time are pretty good!”

In the crowd, a black hair youth smiled on his face. He was the culprit of the Black God Robbers, who was the culprit in besieging Lin Yu.

“Assign the crystal core of these earth dragons.”

He took the life crystal core of the earth dragon leader, and then indifferently said: “After swallowing these crystal cores, we should prepare for a big move!”


Hearing this, the rest of the people also showed their colors of excitement, and quickly allocated the remaining life of the crystal core.


At this moment, one of them suddenly raised his eyebrows, and he took out a communication sound stone, next moment, which is unable to bear cry out in surprise: “Just now, old Yuan and they came to hear the news, the blood was so unexpected Still alive!”

“Blood secluded?”

“How could he be alive?”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone around was shocked, and they all showed disbelief.

“What are you talking about?”

Not only the rest of the people, but also Mo Mo was shocked, and a terrifying divine light broke out in his eyes, coldly said: “Are you sure, that blood is still alive?”

“This is the news from Old Yuan. The bloody ghost appeared again in the place where it fell into the broken warship!”

Under the pressure of Xie Mo’s eyes, the man’s face could not help but exuded cold sweat, whispered: “In addition, the old Yuan is no longer in contact, I doubt…”

“It seems that they have encountered an accident!”

Don’t wait for the man to finish talking, a hunched old man said coldly: “What a bloody ghost, he can escape from the broken warship. His body is hiding amazing secrets. !”

“In addition, he was clearly able to kill Lao Yuan and two people, but let them send a message. This is obviously deliberately provoking us, wanting to lead us to kill him!”

“He’s a court is not small!”

Qi Mo’s face sank, coldly said: “Dare to provoke us, then he will succeed!”

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