Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2946


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The humpback old man ordered nodded, coldly said: “However, the kid dared to provoke us, obviously he also has a certain confidence. Among the broken warships, he should have received some unknown benefits. You have to be more cautious against him.”

“I know.”

Fan Mo looked indifferent and said, “Inform the people of the Jiuqiang robber group, Darkmoon Castle, and all the guys who had participated in the siege operation, let them work together to deal with the bloody ghost!”

“In addition, in order to avoid accidents and sudden inflammation, you also follow in secret, if the situation is not right, you will shoot directly and kill the blood you!”


Not far away from Mo Mo, a redheaded youth showed a sneer, saying: “A kid who doesn’t know the the immensity of Heaven and Earth that’s all, if he is so powerful, I will directly It’s what killed him!”

“I’m at ease when you do business.”

Qi Mo ordered nodded, Su Yan, and is also a veteran member of the Black God Robbers. Although his strength is inferior to him, it is also a quasi-St. Great Accomplishment-level powerhouse. It is not a problem to deal with a bloody ghost. !

“Let’s go!”

next moment, under the order of the Momo, all the quasi-holy Small Accomplishment powerhouses of the Black God Robbers are leaving, and their bodies disappear in the blink of an eye.


Still in the empty plain, after killing both gray robed man, Lin Yu not at all left, carrying one long sword, Ling Li was in the void.

“Come on!”

Suddenly, Lin Yu’s eyes erupted, and his eyes looked far away, where a splitting the air sound sounded, and then dozens of silhouettes quickly appeared in front of him.

A total of more than thirty quasi-Small Small Accomplishment powerhouses were quickly dispersed and surrounded Lin Yu from all directions, blocking all possible directions of escape.

“Blood quiet, didn’t expect, you are actually alive!”

next moment, a cold voice rang out, and a big-faced big man looked at Lin Yu coldly, and said, “It’s hard enough to live out of that broken warship. “

“However, since you escaped, you should hide with your tail obediently and honestly, and even dare to provoke my black god robber group, do you think you died fast enough?”

“I remember you.”

Looking at the big face in front of him, Lin Yu’s face was calm, indifferently said: “In that battle, you seemed to be hiding behind, and as soon as the broken warship appeared, it immediately fled, how is there now? The guts rushing to the front?”


By hearing this, the face of the big face suddenly fell.

A year ago, his strength was average among the Black God robbers. When dealing with Lin Yu, he did hide in the back intentionally, for fear of accidentally taking his own life.

After a lapse of one year, he got some opportunities in the Taiwu mining area, his strength has been greatly improved, and his status in the Black God Robber Group has also improved a lot. This time around Lin Yu, he can It is the second character of the Black God Robber Group.

Lin Yu’s words undoubtedly pierced the pain in his heart, and he instantly burst into a rage!

“Boy, since you are in a hurry to courting death, I will fulfill you!”

furiously shouted, the big man with this face was the first to shoot. His figure flew out like lightning, with a violent wind, and instantly appeared in front of Lin Yu, directly a punch Boomed to Lin Yu!

“merely this!”

In the face of this fist, Lin Yu just spit out four words, and then a sword was swayed, a cold sword light burst out, and the fist glow was suddenly broken, and then it was directly chopped on the square face big man Body.

“pu! “

groaned, the square face big man is spit a mouthful of blood on the spot, and his figure immediately retreated from the ten ten hang, and his face became ugly.

“This person’s strength has actually increased to such a degree!”

A year ago, he was just the ordinary powerhouse of Quasi-Small Accomplishment, and he dared not rush forward to deal with Lin Yu. Now, his strength is close to the Peak level of Quasi-Small Accomplishment, but he is still not Lin Yu’s opponent. This made him simply unacceptable!

“Shoot together and kill him!”

next moment, another indifferent voice rang out, the powerhouse of another black god robber group had a cold eyes, he could feel Lin Yu’s arrogance now, and it’s him, and definitely not Lin Yu’s opponent.

However, this is not a single fight. They have dozens of quasi-sacred powerhouses on their side. With the absolute advantage in numbers, Lin Yu is no matter how strong he is, and he will still fall here!


Along with his loudly shouted, many other powerhouses are also moving. Except for a few people who have not shot, more than 30 quasi-Small Small Accomplishment powerhouses all joined forces to kill Lin Yu!

“Come well!”

Lin Yu laughed heartily faced the joint attack of more than 30 quasi-sacred powerhouse, the laughter spread like thunder and thunder, and at the same time, he exuded a powerful Sword Intent all over his body To the many powerhouse!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

The fierce sword light exploded, and in an instant there were dozens of sword lights sweeping out at the same time, covering more than 30 quasi-sacred powerhouses.

sword qi whistling, in between Heaven and Earth, faced with such a disparity in the number of people, Lin Yu was not weak at all, but suppressed the other side!

“His strength has risen to such a level!”

Not far away, an amazing divine light broke out in the eyes of a black long haired man. He was a solitary prison. He once had a battle with Lin Yu great battle. Now, his strength is infinitely close to the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level.

“It seems that I can make up for the regret of the original battle!”

A burst of monstrous baleful qi and next moment broke out, and Dugu Prison directly shot. The black long saber in his hand was chopped, and the dark saber glow broke out, carrying the cold and terrifying aura, and attacked forward. Lin Yu!


Not only Dugu Prison, but the rest of the powerhouses that haven’t shot yet also moved.

Previously, they disdain to join forces with other people to lay siege to Lin Yu, but after seeing the amazing strength that Lin Yu showed, they wouldn’t do anything even if they didn’t do it!


The horrible aura broke out. Although there were only five people in total, but these five people shot one shot, the momentum was even more amazing than the previous thirty or so powerhouses. Drowned in it.

“It’s time to close the web!”

Looking at this scene, Lin Yu was not surprised and disappointed. He laughed heartily, waved his palm, and dozens of formation flags emerged.

The dazzling divine light lights up, and a Great Array is instantly formed, covering all the quasi-holy powerhouses around him!

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