Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2948


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Blood mist drifted and fell like a blood rain, nearly twenty powerhouses all fell, Lin Yu became empty around, leaving only Dugu prison alone alive!

“Blood You, you…”

Looking at the blood in front of you, Dugu prison’s face could not help revealing a complex look.

He can feel it. Just now, a wisp of sword qi almost killed his life. If Lin Yu left his hand at a critical moment, his ending will not be any different from everyone else. All corpses will be on the spot!

In fact, Lin Yu did show mercy to him. Although the Dugol Prison originated from the Black God robber gang and there were many powerhouses that died in his hands, he did not do anything to kill the innocent.

When many powerhouses besieged Lin Yu, he did not at all choose to shoot. This is a very pure fighting maniac. For him, fighting is all he desires.

For this reason, Lin Yu finally chose to let him go. Of course, if there is another time, he will never show mercy again.

“you are courting death!”

next moment, a surprised and angry roar sounded, and the red robe 桀骜youth looked ugly.

In front of him, nearly twenty powerhouses were beheaded by Lin Yu, which is undoubtedly a great shame for him!

“I let you stop, didn’t you hear it?”

He looked at Lin Yu somberly, his cold voice rang.

“Let me stop, are you worthy?”

Lin Yu’s face was extremely calm, and her voice was bland, but it made her look even more ugly.

Lin Yu’s words obviously did not take him seriously!

“Boy, you are too much!”

At this moment, another cold voice rang out, a gray robed old man appeared with a middle-aged woman, and the middle-aged woman coldly said: “Beheaded nearly 40 people Holy powerhouse, you may be too ruthless!”

“Now, in the face of the Daoist Fellow Daoist, you still do not know how to repent and speak eloquently. What is the difference between such a method of action and the devil. A guy like you should be blamed for everyone!”

“It turns out you!”

Looking clearly at the appearance of these two people, Lin Yu quickly recognized the identity of the other person.

These two people are the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment powerhouse from the Jiuzhang robber group and the Darkmoon Castle. Like Su Yan, they were all hidden in the dark. Now, dozens of quasi-Saint powerhouses are almost complete. Destroy, they are also unable to sit still!


next moment, Lin Yu sneered, coldly shouted: “If these people join forces to siege me, how can I deal with them? How come to your mouth, they become victims instead, you don’t think too much Was it ridiculous?”

“However, I am too lazy to tell you these truths. If you want to do it, you don’t need to find such a bad excuse, you can do it directly!”


Lin Yu’s words suddenly gave the middle-aged woman a dull face. Although everything Lin Yu said was true, but such words, there was absolutely no room for turning around. Cast aside all considerations for face with them!

“If you want to die, I will fulfill you!”

A burst of screaming sounded, the most irritable burst inflammation among the three was already unbearable. The cold rays of light broke out in his eyes, and the monstrous divine force suddenly spread.

“Flame Dragon hell!”

In the scream, his red hair seemed to be burning, not just his hair, his entire body was filled with blazing flames, like Fire God coming, and aura was blazing to the extreme.


After that, a lot of flames condensed into eighteen giant dragons. Each giant dragon exuded a terrifying matchless aura, occupying different spaces, just like suppressing the 18th Layer hell, and rushed to Lin Yu!

“merely this!”

In the face of these eighteen giant dragons, Lin Yu’s eyes also erupted. He didn’t have any fear, and his body directly greeted the other party.

“God kills!”

At the same time as the figure flew out, a fierce sword light suddenly lit up, and then differentiated into a full Eighteen sword light, each sword light contained amazing power, and at the same time cut to the eighteen giant dragon.

chi! chi! chi!

Slight sounds kept ringing, and after Eighteen sounded, all eighteen giant dragons shattered and disappeared between Heaven and Earth!


At the same time, Lin Yu stretched his finger forward, and the five stem Divine Sword rushed out at the same speed. The speed was almost extreme. The fierce divine light swept Heaven and Earth. In an instant, it was already burst into the face of the sudden inflammation !


This scene changed Su Yan’s color slightly, he was loudly shouted, one flame warhammer appeared in his hands, the huge warhammer feet were ten zhang long, but in his hands it was as light as nothing, so soft to the extreme .


In a blink of an eye, this flame warhammer has already swung out and I don’t know how many times, and it collided with the five-handed Divine Sword, accompanied by an amazing loud noise, the sudden inflammation groaned, and the body suddenly retreated. Come on.

“This guy is so arrogant!”

At the same time as his body regressed, Su Yan’s complexion was unsightly.

He knows that Lin Yu’s strength has reached the level of quasi-St. Great Accomplishment, but didn’t expect that Lin Yu’s strength was so strong that he was suppressed!

“Shoot together!”

Not far away, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the middle-aged woman and gray robed old man, and she quickly made a decision.

The strength demonstrated by Lin Yu is not only unexpected to Lu Yan, but also beyond their expectations. If they fight alone, they are not sure to beat Lin Yu.

However, since they have the advantage of the number, there is no reason to waste it. The heads-up is not Lin Yu’s opponent. Can the three men join forces to solve a Lin Yu?


next moment, the middle-aged woman took the lead, and a ray of ray of rays of light broke out. In the rays of light, dozens of throwing knives flew out at the same time, drawing a strange arc in the void, with an amazing The speed soared to Lin Yu.

On the other side, the gray robed old man spit out a large amount of gray fog, forming a gray python, and the cold aura diffused toward all directions, moved towards Lin Yu and strangled it.


In this scene, cold inflammation was coldly snorted and the three teamed up to deal with a Lin Yu. This is undoubtedly a shame to him, but he is also not a pedantic person. Compared to the so-called face, beheading Lin Yu is the most important thing.

“The Fire Beast Kingdom!”

He waved the flame giant hammer in his hand, and countless flames came out of it crazy, turned into gluttonous, eyeball, 狻猊, etc. ominous beast, the hot aura spewed like a volcanic eruption, carrying a boundless sea of ​​fire, it was a flutter. Killed Lin Yu!

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