Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2949


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“Come well!”

In the face of the joint siege of the three great sacred Great Accomplishment powerhouses, Lin Yu’s eyes were the color of fearless fear. He screamed loudly, and the baleful qi, the holy element sword in his hand, diffused and cut in an extremely strange way. Down.

“Bitter Springs!”

A ray of sword light quickly rippled like a corrugated board, accompanied by a melodious sword chanting, like Death God’s death knell ringing, all directions to all directions, and in a blink of an eye, all three people including Su Yan were shrouded in it. .

Sword waves, like Death God’s sickle waving, seem soft, but the power contained is terrifying enough to destroy all tangible and intangible things!

Boom! boom! boom!

Three explosions came at the same time, dozens of throwing knives, gray python, and countless flames ominous beast, all burst at the same time, completely dissipated in between Heaven and Earth!

Not only that, at the moment, all three of Yanyan had an extremely weird feeling. They seemed to be caught in the endless Sea of ​​Bitterness, in a flat boat surrounded by overflowing heaven stormy seas, in the Sea of ​​Bitterness. It is possible to overturn at any time!


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu without the slightest hesitation took another shot. A bleak sword light erupted, and an illusory shadow of the abyss appeared with the sword light, carrying endless despair, as if it could be everything. Devour.

Immortal Immortal, as soon as this sword comes out, Immortal God will also fall into the abyss of despair and die out in this sword!


The crisp and crisp sound came, and all three of Yan Yan’s bodies had an extra word scar, especially the middle-aged woman. The word scar was in her chest, almost directly going through her heart!

“Damn it!”

“How come this guy is so strong!”

For a time, the faces of three people such as Su Yanyan changed, their three people joined forces, and they still did not occupy any upper hand. They even ate a big loss. The middle-aged woman was almost hit. .

Such results are simply unacceptable for them!

“Come again!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice sounded again, without giving Yi Yan and the others the slightest breathing opportunity, he has already taken the initiative to kill the other party again!

“Boy, don’t be too arrogant!”

“I want to see if you can really beat one to three!”

This scene made all three of Yan Yan’s anger. In any case, they are also three quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment powerhouse, so underestimated by Lin Yu, no matter who it is, it is absolutely unbearable!


In the anger, all three of Yan Yan no longer have the slightest reservation. The horrible divine force erupted, and they instantly engaged with Lin Yu. The amazing collision made the void almost burst. !

It’s just a few breaths. Lin Yu and Su Yanyan have been fighting for nearly a hundred rounds. The terrible energy fluctuations swept everything and slammed all directions.

In front of this kind of confrontation, the Dugu prison is also suddenly changing color, and immediately immediately retreats.

Even if he is the Peak powerhouse in the Small Accomplishment, he can face such a battle, he does not even have the qualification to watch the battle at close range. Once he is involved in it, he will fall directly!

bang! bang! bang!

In such a fierce battle, Lin Yu’s performance is getting stronger and stronger. The sword light fills the whole sky flying, the sharp sword qi goes straight to the sky, he is like a one-of-a-kind fierce sword, extremely powerful and completely suppressed. Lived three people suddenly.

Under his offensive, the three of Yanyan have completely fallen into the disadvantage. The three of them joined forces, but they still have only the power to resist and are completely powerless to fight back!

“Bitter Springs!”

Suddenly, the Sheng Yuan sword in Lin Yu’s hand was cut out again, and the sword light was rippling like a corrugated board, making the three of Yan Yan seem to be caught in the Sea of ​​Bitterness and briefly fell into a trance state.

“God kills!”


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu cut two swords in succession, two sword lights broke out at the same time, one was extremely fierce, the other was extremely cold, and the power was amazing, Qi Qi fell towards the middle-aged woman .

This time, but it is a real lore, it is necessary to directly kill this middle-aged woman!

“Not good!”

In response to the monstrous murderous intention, the middle-aged woman quickly woke up from her trance, her body’s sweat burst instantly, and the subconsciously burst out.

At the same time, the amazing divine light burst out of her eyes, and countless flying knives shot out of the divine light, trying to block the two sword lights.


A striking rumbling sound sounded. At the critical moment, the battle strength erupted by the middle-aged woman was incredibly amazing. Countless flying knives swept across the sky. Forcibly, both sword lights were blocked.

However, before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she saw five divine lights illuminate at the same time, and then the five-handed Divine Sword screamed out and burst into front of her at an alarming speed!

“It’s finished!”

I just had time to have a thought in my heart. The five-handed Divine Sword directly penetrated her chest, and there was a trace of unwillingness in her eyes, and then the vitality passed quickly, and the whole person fell directly from the mid-air.

“Hurry up and escape!”

This scene made gray robed old man complexion greatly changed, and then turned around without the slightest hesitation and left.

Previously, although their three people fell in the disadvantage, in his opinion, with their strength, even if they are not Lin Yu’s opponents, it is not a difficult problem to get out.

But now, in front of him, the middle-aged woman was killed by Lin Yu in a thunderous manner. This scene really shocked him!

The three men joined forces and were not Lin Yu’s opponents. The death of the middle-aged woman left him and Su Yan, obviously unable to match Lin Yu. If he continued to stay, he and Su Yan, I’m afraid it will also fall!

“Now I want to go, late!”

It’s just that gray robed old man wanted to escape, but Lin Yu didn’t easily let him go. His path quickly emerged, blocking the way of gray robed old man. At the same time, his this Venerable It quickly caught up.


Under the siege of Lin Yu this Venerable and Dao Shen, the gray robed old man couldn’t be supported for too long, and a sword light passed by, directly cutting him into a whole person. Two cuts!

“didn’t expect, I will break it in your hands!”

Not far away, that sudden inflammation is still standing in place, witnessing the fall of the gray robed old man with his own eyes, he knows that in the face of Lin Yu, running away has no meaning at all, and will only make him die more fool .

“However, you think you can kill me, it’s not that easy!”

next moment, a fierce light erupted in the eyes of Su Yan, he directly burned the essence of Life Source, his divine force quickly climbed up, and madly killed Lin Yu.

Under the circumstances that he knew he was going to die, he made a final counterattack. He wanted to drag Lin Yu before he died. At the very least, Lin Yu must pay a certain price!

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