Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2950


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The horrible divine force spreads out, and the flame warhammer in that sudden flame bursts into a fierce divine light, carrying thunderous momentum to Lin Yu, this is the final counterattack before the sudden death!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

However, several fierce sword light bursts soon broke all the fierce divine light, and immediately, with the loud noise of “ka-cha” and “ka-cha”, the flame warhammer directly It broke completely!


Suddenly opened his mouth hard, but he failed to say the second word. One Divine Sword penetrated his throat, dimming his eyes quickly, and then the whole person fell to the ground.

At this point, the three quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment powerhouse all fell into the hands of Lin Yu!

“It’s over!”

Looking at the dead bodies of Lin Yan, Lin Yu called deep a deep breath, and his eyes sprang up.

In this battle, his record can be described as sturdy. By the strength of oneself, he killed more than 30 quasi-Saint Small Accomplishment powerhouses, and three quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment powerhouse. Such a record is enough to shake the entire Yuan. Tian Mining District!

Of course, Lin Yu also knows that such strength may be regarded as good, but it is still not enough for him, he has to further improve his strength.

“Dugu prison, next, you can do it yourself.”

Looking at the Dugu prison not far away, Lin Yu did not stay any longer, and his figure soon disappeared.


Looking at the back of Lin Yu’s leaving, Du Gu prison’s face could not help revealing a complex color, and his heart was full of strange emotions.

A year ago, his strength was evenly matched with Lin Yu, and even he slightly gained the upper hand, but only within a year, he and Lin Yu have completely opened the gap. .

Lin Yu has been able to kill the powerhouse of the Great Accomplishment of Quasi-Saint, but he hasn’t reached this realm yet. Over time, the gap between him and Lin Yu will only become more and more The bigger!

“Perhaps, staying in the Black God Robber Group is not the right choice for me.”

He sighed, and then his eyes burst into fierce rays of light: “I am the fastest time to improve, still single in the past, without any restrictions, challenged everywhere, inked myself in life and death, and now, too, It’s time to return to me!”

When the voice fell, he took out a communication soundstone and passed a piece of message out. He just crushed the communication soundstone and quickly left the place.


Among the continuous mountain peaks, the old man of Momo and Humpback is still in place, apart from this, and there is also a black armored man with an iron sword.

Although the strength of the Black God robber group is strong, the powerhouse above the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment is also limited. There are only three people entering the Yuantian mining area, namely Yan Yan, Qi Mo and this black armored man.

“Well, in time, they should be almost done.”

All of a sudden, flashes through a bright light in the eyes of Xie Mo said to himself: “Last time, the broken warship saved his life. This time, I don’t believe that he has such luck!”

“Not bad.”

Humpback old man nodded, said: “What does he have to do with the Chizu lineage, what did he get in the broken ship, these secrets, must have been dug out of him!”


At this moment, a communication stone suddenly shuddered on Bian Mo’s body, and suddenly a smile appeared on Bian Mo’s face.

“It seems that they have succeeded!”

His smile on his face turned over the palm, and the news stone appeared. Next moment, the smile on his face suddenly froze. The sound of “bang” made the sound stone go straight. It was crushed by him!

“What’s going on?”

“What happened!”

In this scene, the face of the old man with the hunchback and the man with the black armor changed in unison.


next moment, Qi Mo surprised and angry snarled to the extreme: “Except for Du Gu Prison, all the people we sent to kill the blood and quiet, all fell!”

“And there is that Du Gu prison, this damn kid, dare to break away from my black god robber group, he is so bold!”


Ban Mo’s words made the hunched old man both frightened and could hardly believe their ears.

All the powerhouses they sent out, except for Dugu prison, were completely wiped out by the army?

“What about the sudden inflammation!”

Humpback old man unable to bear snarled: “He dignified the powerhouse of the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level, can’t he still deal with a bloody secluded? Also, Darkmoon Castle, Jiuqiang robber group, also sent a quasi St Great Accomplishment powerhouse secretly follow?”

“They have all fallen!”

Qi Mo’s face was ugly to the extreme, icily said: “The strength of the blood is far beyond our previous expectations, and the Three Great Powerhouses, such as Su Yan, joined forces, and they were not even his opponents. He was beheaded! “

“In just less than a year, this guy’s strength can even reach this level!”

As soon as this word came out, the humpback old man was shocked to the extreme. The three great Saint Great Accomplishment powerhouse teamed up, but they all fell into the hands of Lin Yu. Even if it was a stranger, I am afraid it might not be possible to do this. a little!

“A dozen of quasi-Saint Small Accomplishment, plus the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level of sudden inflammation, such a big loss, let me explain to the head and deputy head!”

He Mo’s eyes were blood red, and he growled: “Kill him, must kill the blood ghost, otherwise, we will not all end well!”


Humpback old man. Both of them are also unable to bear to drink down. The Black God Robbers are not only cruel to the outside, but also extremely cruel to the inside.

Because of their misjudgment, the Black God Robbers suffered such a heavy loss. They will be blamed afterwards and they will all face extremely terrifying punishment!

If you want to save all this, you can only capture Lin Yu and discover the secrets of Lin Yu. This is their only way out!


At this moment, Mo Mo suddenly sensed something, his face suddenly turned pale, and he turned over to take out another communication stone.

This communication sound stone was his means of higher-level contact with the Black God Robbers. At this time, the other party suddenly sent him a message, which in his view was definitely not good news.

“Deputy head…”

Forcibly suppressing the uneasiness in my heart, Momo took the communication sound stone and communicated with the other party. After a while, he deeply called to take a deep breath, said solemnly: “The incident of their inflammation is temporarily considered to be After that, the blood is quiet, just ignore it for now.”

“What happened?”

Ban Mo’s words suddenly made the humpback old man show a strange color.

Lin Yu’s incident was exposed so easily. Could it be that what was the more important major event that made the top leaders of the Black God Robbers make such a decision?

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