Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2951


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“A major event did occur.”

Famu has a solemn face, said solemnly: “Except for the leader Sir, all the powerhouses above the quasi-holy of my black god robber group will come out of the nest, and the deputy leader Sir will lead the way into the Taiping mining area. !”


As soon as this remark came out, both of the hunched old man showed a terrified look: “Deputy head and the others, even want to do it yourself?”

The deputy head of the Black God Robber Group is the Peak powerhouse in the Great Accomplishment of the quasi-sacred. It is only one step away from the Perfection Realm of the quasi-sacred. Once you take that step, it is the powerhouse of the lord level.

In the past few years, in order to step out of this step, he has been in retreat and has not appeared for many years. Didn’t expect this time, he even wants to go to the Tai Ping mining area himself!

“What is the major event?”

Thinking of this, the old man with a hunchback and two of them unable to bear looked at Qi Mo together.

“After the deputy leader arrives, you will naturally know.”

Famu shook the head, saying: “In the past few days, ignore the rest of the matter for the time being, collect the intelligence of the Taiping mining area, and prepare to meet the deputy head.”


There is no wall that is impenetrable in the world. With the ebbing of time, the news that Lin Yu killed more than 30 quasi-sheng powerhouses in one battle quickly spread throughout the Taiping mining area at an alarming rate.

For a time, all the powerhouses in the Taiwu mining area were shaken!

You know, there are more than thirty quasi-Saint powerhouses, and there are three quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment levels. Such a lineup is definitely an extremely terrifying force, enough for many forces to be very afraid, don’t dare provoke.

However, it is such a horrible lineup that can deter all influence, but it is completely destroyed by one person!

“How is this possible!”

In a wasteland, the seven powerhouses all showed incredible colors on their faces.

They are all from Feng Liling. In the past year, their losses have been extremely heavy, and they have damaged a full half of the powerhouse. Today, only seven of them are left.

“How could that bloody ghost become so strong!”

A middle-aged man in a Chinese suit looked ugly to the extreme, unable to bear opened the mouth and said: “How long has it been since he even killed the powerhouse of the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level!”

“This must be a rumor!”

Long Lao was full of gloom, coldly said: “A year ago, his strength was not Peak in the Quasi-Small Small Accomplishment, and no matter how amazing his innate talent, it was impossible so fast!”

“Enough is enough!”

Yu Wenfeng also sullenly said, “This matter has spread throughout the Taiwu mining area. Could it still be false?”

“Unfortunately, if we didn’t give up on him, now, we can have a strong help, and perhaps there will not be such a big loss…”

The complex color appeared on the other person’s face, unable to bear whispered.

“It is not your short-sightedness!”

Lan Yuan coldly snorted, said: “Because of the threat of the enemy, he handed over his own people, so that those allies dare not trust us anymore. Now, when you see the rise of the blood, you feel regret, don’t feel too much Is it funny?”


Lan Yuan’s words made everyone speechless.

As Lan Yuan said, after their spread of Lin Yu spread, they were scorned by the rest of all influence, and even some of the original allies deliberately alienated them because of the incident.

If this were not the case, the strength of Feng Liling would not have been reduced to this point. Now they want to come, and they regret it.

“It is indeed my fault.”

Yu Wenfeng sighed and said, “In the beginning, I shouldn’t compromise with the Black God Robbers. If I insist on keeping the blood quiet, now, I am the leader, perhaps the strongest force in the Taiwu mining area. One!”

“What do you mean by saying this now?”

Lan Yuan shook the head, saying: “I only hope he can still read a little bit of affection, and when we see us again, don’t settle with us, we should be content.”


Not only Feng Liling, all influences in the entire Taiwu mining area, I heard about Lin Yu. For a time, all influence and powerhouse remembered the name “Blood You”.

However, the storm caused by Lin Yu is not over yet. Soon, another major event spread, and it quickly caused the entire Tai Ping mining area to boil!

Outside the Tai Ping mining area, when the Array Dao Master “Hun Yue” life essence is approaching, at the cost of its last Life Source, it is inferred that there will be great opportunities in the Tai Ping mining area!

Hunyue, in the entire Chixiao Holy Realm, is a famous great character. Its Array Dao accomplishment is extremely out of the ordinary, enough to be ranked in the top three of Chixiao Holy Realm, and the disciples of the disciples are countless.

Such an Array Dao Master, the final inference made before dying, its influence can be imagined. For a time, the entire Chixiao Holy Realm was ups and downs, and countless quasi-holy powerhouses were all crowed. To the Yuantian mining area!

In just a few days, a large number of quasi-sheng powerhouses rushed to the Yuantian mining area. There are even rumors that in addition to the Chixiao Holy World, there are other Holy World powerhouses for this!

In the past, the Mingguang Ten Realms did not penetrate each other, but since Void Cult invaded the Beilin Holy Realm, this potential Law has long been broken. Although the Ten Realms are still separated from each other, the cross-border thing , But it is not uncommon.

At the same time, the arrival of a large number of external powerhouses also stimulated the original all influence in the Yuantian mining area. For a time, many forces have added manpower. In addition to the powerhouse of the lord level, the rest of the powerhouses are all rushing to The Tai Ping mining area!

It is conceivable that in the next period of time, the number of powerhouses in the Taiwu mining area will surge, and the competition will become more brutal and fierce!


On the 3rd day after the rumors spread, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumbling sound suddenly sounded, and then the distant earth swelled up, a round of blazing golden sun slowly Rise slowly.

The blazing divine light diffuses towards all directions, thousands of bright colors, and ten thousand rays of light, illuminating the entire Tai Ping mining area, leaving the Sun, Moon, and Stars lights eclipsed, with all the rays of light in front of it , All seem insignificant, not worth mentioning anymore.

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