Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2952


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“It seems that this is the golden mountain called by Moyu Skeleton Senior!”

Lin Yu also saw this scene, and he quickly recalled that when he left the broken warship, Moyu Skeleton once said that there is a golden mountain deep in the Taiwu mining area. Will be of great help.

“Let’s go, look at the golden mountain!”

Without much hesitation, Lin Yu was not only him, but also all the cultivators in the Tai Ping mining area, even when he swept towards the position of the golden mountain!

Three days later, Lin Yu’s figure appeared in front of the golden mountain. Around him, the silhouettes had already gathered more than two thousand quasi-sacred powerhouses, and the number was still increasing!

More than 2,000 quasi-sacred powerhouses, which is almost unthinkable in Beilin Shengjie. The whole Beilin shengjie adds up, but there are only a few dozen quasi-sheng powerhouses, and they are just Quasi-St. Small Accomplishment level.

In contrast, the overall strength of Chixiao Holy Realm is indeed much stronger, and it has gathered nearly the entire power of Chixiao Holy Realm, plus some powerhouses from across the border, which can reach this amount. It’s nothing.

In fact, there are still some powerhouses that haven’t arrived, and by the end, the number of quasi-holy powerhouses gathered here will probably exceed 3,000!

“This golden mountain doesn’t seem to be open yet?”

Lin Yu looked towards the golden mountain in front, the fierce divine light surrounds the golden mountain, like a huge Array, exuding a strong aura.

Obviously, it is precisely because of this golden light Array that many quasi-sacred powerhouses are still waiting here.

“The number of powerhouses here is indeed quite a lot.”

next moment, Lin Yu’s gaze looked around, feeling the tyrannical aura emanating from the crowd, and his face became solemn.

Among the more than two thousand quasi-sacred powerhouses, the quasi-sacred Great Accomplishment-level powerhouse alone accounts for more than 20%, with nearly 500 people!


Among the crowd, Lin Yu soon discovered the body of Namo, but at the moment, Namo was standing beside him with respect, as if he was a follower.

That is a youth with a common face. His appearance is very ordinary. When he is placed in the crowd, he can’t make people look more, but his eyes are as sharp as swords. There is a feeling of piercing eyes.

“He Zi Na!”

After seeing the appearance of this youth, Lin Yu’s face could not help showing a solemn look.

He Ziming, this is the second character of the Black God robber group, has reached the Peak level of the Quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment as early as many years ago, and is very close to the Quasi-Saint Perfection Realm.

In recent years, he has been unable to retreat for breakthrough, but in the past, he can almost be said to be the number one killer of the Black God Robber Group. His range of activities is not only in the Yuantian mining area, but also in Chixiao All places in the Holy Realm.

The massacre of the city is nothing new to him. His hands are stained with countless blood, whether it is a cultivator or a mortal, in his eyes it is like a mustard, this is an Extremely Dangerous character !

“Blood You!”

At the same time, it seems that Lin Yu’s gaze was sensed, and then Mo Mo looked over, his eyes suddenly turned red, and an amazing killing intent surged from his body.

“Is it him?”

next moment, He Ziming’s gaze also looked at Lin Yu. Unlike Qi Mo, his expression was very peaceful and did not emit a slight amount of murderous aura.

But in fact, everyone who knows him knows that the smoother his surface looks, the stronger the killing intent in his heart. Obviously, he has moved a rich murderous intention to the bloody quiet.

If the golden mountain has not been opened yet, the current situation is unknown, and he does not want to rush to break the balance at the moment. He is probably already working on Lin Yu!

“Black God Robber Group…”

Shook the head, Lin Yu quickly looked back.

The hatred between him and the Black God robber group has already been forged, and each is destined to be divided into life and death, and only one party can survive.

Although He Zheming is a tricky figure, he will not be afraid of the opponent when the soldiers come to cover up the water and the water!


In a flash, Lin Yu’s eyes looked around again, but after seeing a few black robe cultivator not far away, his mind was suddenly shaken, and a violent storm was suddenly set in his heart.

The black robe cultivator’s eyebrows all have a purple petal imprint, which is clearly the unique imprint of Void Cult!

“Void Cult, it really sent someone!”

Lin Yu called to take a deep breath deeply. When all influences rushed to the Taiping Mine, it is not uncommon for Void Cult people to appear here.

In the beginning, the blood Yan Tavern where Lin Yu was located was destroyed, and the entire Beilin Holy World was also fallen. The culprit of all this is Void Cult. Compared to the Black God Robbers, between Lin Yu and Void Cult The hatred is even deeper!

“Although there are not many people coming, the strength of these people cannot be underestimated!”

After sensing the aura of the black robe cultivator, Lin Yu’s face became more solemn.

Although there are only six people in total, three of them are all Peak-level Powerhouses of the Great Accomplishment. Even if it is not as good as He Ziming, it won’t be too far apart, and the remaining three people are all quasi. The well-known figure in St. Great Accomplishment.

Even in these quasi-sacred powerhouses, this is an extremely powerful force!

“People from Feng Liling are here…”

A moment later, Lin Yu saw Feng Liling’s seven people again. His eyes were indifferent. He just nodded to Lanyuan and then his eyes were taken back.

In the beginning, these people made the decision to abandon him. Apart from Lan Yuan, no one even said a word for him. Now, of course, he will no longer join in.

“Blood You, really will not join us again!”

In this scene, one of them could not help revealing a sad color, and sighed: “Unfortunately, a quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level powerhouse, and still Array Dao Master, was just released by us.”

“This guy is too embarrassing!”

Another Chinese middle-aged coldly snorted and said: “In any case, Lord Sir also saved his life. He can have the achievements he has today, and I can’t get rid of it. A little strength is so arrogant, really a villain gesture!”

“Enough is enough!”

Lan Yuan’s face sank, and said: “Because of your short-sightedness, the blood quiet has already separated from us. Do you still want to push him to the opposite side, or even become an enemy?”

“Don’t talk about it.”

Yu Wenfeng shook the head, said: “I have already said that the bloody quiet thing ends here…”


His words were not finished yet. Suddenly, the golden mountain peak tremored suddenly and suddenly, and then, the endless bright and fierce divine light suddenly filled all directions!

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