Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2953


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“Golden mountain is about to start!”

This scene makes Yu Wenfeng’s words come to an abrupt end, his eyes unable to bear are looking towards the golden mountain.

It’s not just him. At this moment, all the powerhouses present are bursting with hot rays of light in their eyes, all looking towards the golden mountain in front of them!


next moment, the divine light Array on the surface of the golden mountain was exploded directly, and the gorgeous divine light diffused towards all directions, such as billions of ray of beautiful light, this scene is really gorgeous to the extreme!

At the same time, in the exploded Array, there appeared a platform about a square zhang, suspended in front of the golden mountain, in which there was an illusory shadow of a golden long bridge, which was slowly changing from unreal to real state.

“Hurry up!”

Seeing this, countless powerhouses are all fanatical, without any hesitation, immediately towards the platform moved towards towards the platform.


At this moment, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar suddenly sounded, and then, the void suddenly dimmed, and an incomparable gigantic twelve-winged plume emerged.

It’s shape is overshadowed by the sun, and twelve black wings are like cold blades, emitting a terrible aura, dive down, and instantly stop the direction to the platform!

“roar!” “roar!” “roar!”

At the same time, an amazing roar of beasts sounded again and again, each sound was like a thunderous explosion, the countless sounds combined, and it was deafening enough to directly shake the powerhouse below the quasi-holy Smash!

One head has three heads and six arms, and a black ape like a giant mountain emerges. All of his six arms are holding a long black stick. His huge eyes are full of tyrannical colors, looking down at the many below cultivator.

Not far away, a White Tiger emerged, with various divine runes intertwined on it, like a sword, it roar towards the sky, and the sound seemed to shatter everything!

Near it, there are various ominous beasts such as Golden Wings Great Peng, Three-legged Golden Crow, etc. The auras emitted are extremely strong and farther away, and there are countless ominous beasts emerging. Look, there are more than tens of thousands!

There are tens of thousands of ominous beasts. The strength of each head is at least at the level of quasi-saint, and all the cultivators present are surrounded.

“What’s going on?”

This scene has changed the face of everyone. Although there are more than 2,000 cultivators on the scene, compared with the surrounding ominous beast, the number is definitely at an absolute disadvantage!

“Human Race, you never want to get involved in Holy Mountain!”

next moment, the twelve pterosaurs speak human’s words, the cold voice resounds through Heaven and Earth: “Holy Mountain cannot be profaned, dare to break into Holy Mountain, kill without mercy!”

“Damn Human Race!”

The black ape is even more irritable and growled: “How many of my peers have you killed these days, today, Bento liquidates with you!”

“Kill Human Race!”

White Tiger, Golden Wings Great Peng, and Three-legged Golden Crow are also screaming. Behind them, there are countless ominous beasts roaring at the same time, and the sound is shaking, making the whole Heaven and Earth is almost cracked!


Suddenly, a coldly snorted sound sounded, and among the many cultivators, a purple robe powerhouse rose into the sky, coldly said: “It’s just a group of beasts, and even dare to stop the chance of me waiting, I think you are here courting death!”

“If you are conscious, let the road go quickly, otherwise, today, all of you will die here!”


As soon as this remark came out, many ominous beasts roared with anger, and monstrous anger broke out. Obviously, the words of Zipao Powerhouse had completely angered them!

“Damn you!”

The icy drink sounded, and the twelve pterosaurs swooped down. Its speed reached the extreme. In a flash, it appeared in front of the purple robe powerhouse. The twelve pterosaurs burst into amazing rays. of light, cut down like a blade!

“So fast!”

The face of the purple robe powerhouse suddenly changed. His strength is actually not weak. He is at the Peak level of the Great Accomplishment. Otherwise, he will not dare to be this outstanding bird. He will be the first to challenge many ominous beasts.

However, the speed displayed by these twelve pterosaurs was far beyond his imagination. With his strength, he couldn’t keep up with the opponent’s speed. Those twelve wings fell!


next moment, his figure was cut off directly by twelve wings, and then, under his frightened eyes, the black ape also shot, and six black urchin sticks fell down at the same time, killing him as a whole Smashed into a mass of blood mist!

“This idiot!”

“Bad thing!”

This scene caused the rest of the Human Race powerhouse to change color, and a very ominous hunch was born in my heart.


“Kill them all!”

Sure enough, under the stimulation of the blood mist, the rest of the ominous beasts are also violent, and countless roars are heard through Heaven and Earth, and then, the full amount of ominous beasts are all together Killed all the people present!

“Fight with them!”


You can see that many ominous beasts have been killed, and cold light has exploded in the eyes of everyone.


next moment, many Human Race powerhouses were also killed, just like two torrents, the Human Race camp and the ominous beast camp collided instantly, and a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering broke out.

The horrible great battle erupted in an instant, and it was only in a flash. Both conveniences have suffered casualties. There have been frequent powerhouse or ominous beasts falling, and the sky mist has exploded!

“Get out of here!”

In a chaotic battle, a middle-aged man with long blond hair rises into the sky. He stands on a golden roulette, and the roulette bursts into infinite rays of light, cutting like a blade, cutting him The ominous beasts all around were cut into pieces.

After that, he slammed out one saber, and the black saber glow burst out. This one saber contains amazing power. It was split on the Three-legged Golden Crow in front of him. Crow forced back.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the golden roulette beneath him suddenly increased in speed, screaming like lightning, and instantly took him through the block of numerous ominous beasts and landed on the platform in front of the golden mountain.


This scene made countless ominous beasts roar together, their eyes full of anger and unwillingness, but they did not continue to shoot at the blonde middle-aged, but turned to kill the rest of the crowd.

“As long as you enter the scope of that platform, these ominous beasts will not be shot again!”

Seeing this, many cultivators also burst out with a glimmer of light. Although there are many ominous beasts in front of them, they are not trying to fight each other to the end. As long as they can successfully break through to that platform, they can get rid of the predicament in front of them. !

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