Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2954


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Aware of this, everyone no longer struggles with ominous beast, when even one after another rushed to the platform position.


Of course, many ominous beasts are not easy to deal with. Immediately, they realize the intentions of the people. In the roar of the earth and earth, they have increased their offensives to stop everyone from rushing to the platform.

Boom! boom! boom!

In just an instant of effort, dozens of powerhouses fell during the impact. Their figures were slammed by countless ominous beasts and turned into a blood mist on the spot!


However, in the process, several powerhouse breakthroughs blocked the ominous beast and successfully landed on the platform. This scene is also more exciting for the rest of the powerhouses.


In great shout, countless powerhouses have used their respective Divine Ability methods. For a time, the great battle between the cultivator and the ominous beast camp became more intense than before!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

In the crowd, Lin Yu also shot with all his strength. He jumped into the sky like lightning, and several sword lights burst out in a flash, instantly killing several ominous beasts in front of him.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, his figure quickly rushed to the platform, but at this moment, a white light burst out suddenly, and it was one of the fierce flying knives, which directly cut him towards the platform. The place!


In an instant, cold cold light broke out in Lin Yu’s eyes, even if he looked at the Bammo not far away.

This fierce flying knife was swayed by that stranger. Its purpose was not to kill Lin Yu, but to hinder Lin Yu’s footsteps and make Lin Yu fall into the siege of ominous beast!


Sure enough, Lin Yu broke the flying knife with a sword, but after such a delay, there were already more than a dozen ominous beasts roaring towards him!

“it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives!”

Seeing this, Lin Yu quickly greeted him with a sword, and at the same time, a fierce Sword Intent rushed from him, and the five-handed Divine Sword rushed out in unison. That’s the direction of Momo.

“Not good!”

This scene suddenly changed the face of Hao Mo. At the critical moment, He Zizhu not far from him was coldly snorted. In his hand, one god spear waved out, and the spear glow burst out, and the five stems Divine Sword It stopped.

“First rush to the platform and talk!”

After that, he gave Lin Yu a cold look, and he continued to wave a long spear, killing several ominous beasts in front of him, and quickly moved towards the platform towards the platform.


Looking like this, Lin Yu was also coldly snorted, and then no longer paid attention to He Ziming and the others, the Holy Sword in his hand broke out, and dozens of sword lights swept out, attacking like a storm To the ominous beast in front.

At the same time, the five-handed Divine Sword quickly returned, and countless sword qi surged, flying away the ominous beast in front of him. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu quickly swept out. After a while, he rushed there. On the platform.


Almost at the same time when Lin Yu came, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the first arrived, he waved his hand sharply, counting the throwing knives, screaming out together, with the sound of ghosts crying and howling void, attacked Lin Yu!


However, in the next moment, an invisible force suddenly rumbled up and rippled, layering the number of throwing knives in it. Immediately, the number of throwing knives quickly turned into countless light spots and dissipated in between. Heaven and Earth.

“What’s going on?”

This scene made Qian Mo’s color change suddenly, but soon, there was a curl one’s lip beside him, saying: “Don’t work hard, on this platform, everyone can’t fight, we have already I already tried it.”

At the same time as he spoke, several battles broke out around him, but as usual, before the attack, all of the attack methods will be wiped out by an invisible force and dissipated in between Heaven and Earth.

As this person said, no one can fight on this platform!

“Good luck!”

Seeing that, Mo Mo was coldly snorted. Even when he returned to He Zimin, Lin Yu’s face remained unchanged, and there was no wave from beginning to end.

The battle between him and the Black God Robber Group is only a matter of time. That’s all, he naturally does not take seriously at all the threat to Bimo.

hua! hua! hua!

With the ebbing of time, there are more and more powerhouses around Lin Yu, and the silhouette keeps flashing. Finally, more than 600 powerhouses have rushed to the platform.

Of course, there are a lot of powerhouses rushing to the platform, but there are more powerhouses that fell in the process. So far, the cultivator that has died in the hands of those ominous beasts has reached more than 800 people!

The fall of more than 800 quasi-sacred powerhouses is an extremely alarming number for the entire Chixiao Holy Realm. After this incident spreads, it is destined to shake Heaven and Earth!


At the same time, the remaining more than a thousand powerhouses were shocked by this tragic situation, and they have not yet rushed to the platform. Their hope of successfully breaking through is actually very slim.

After realizing this, although they were full of unwillingness, they did not continue to break into it.

A large number of powerhouses receded like a tide, and they paid a price of more than a hundred people. In the end, all the remaining quasi-holy powerhouses fled here!


next moment, many remaining ominous beasts were roared towards the sky. In the roar of the earth-shattering roar, a giant pool emerged in the void, and a large amount of divine liquid fell from the giant pool. One after another sprinkled on those ominous beast.

Bathing these divine liquids, the wounds on the ominous beast quickly recovered completely, and at the same time, their auras are growing at a rate visible to naked eyes, and their strength is sharply improving!

“Good stuff!”

This scene has made everyone show a hot color, which can enhance the strength of these quasi-holy levels of ominous beast. Those divine liquids are obviously not mortal.

Unfortunately, those divine liquids are only aimed at the range of many ominous beasts, they are doomed to enjoy them.

After all, they finally rushed to the platform. If they missed the opportunity in the Golden Holy Mountain in order to compete for the divine liquid, it is undoubtedly because of the small loss.


At this moment, the platform where everyone was standing suddenly shook violently. Then, a dazzling divine light diffused out into a huge bridge, connecting the platform with the golden Holy Mountain.


Seeing this, everyone did not hesitate, when even Qi Qi rushed towards the bridge.


On the bridge of the gods, strange rays of light diffused out and enveloped all the figures in it. Next moment, all figures appeared in a vast Heaven and Earth.


Looking at the scene in front of me, next moment, everyone’s face is exposed with astonished expression.

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