Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2955


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This is a world full of wild and ancient auras. The vastness is endless. At a glance, you can’t see the end.

And in front of everyone, it is a piece of red soil, which is a kind of foreign soil called “Nine Breaths”, which is specially used to plant and cultivate various precious heavenly materials earthly treasures.

On this piece of nine-breath soil, there are crystal clear and near-transparent, Spirit Mushroom like blood agate, vigorous and straight, giant bamboo standing like a long sword, and a large piece of ice-cold octagonal plum ……

“It’s all divine medicine!”

“My God, how is this possible!”

Looking at the scene in front of everyone, everyone is stunned and can hardly believe their eyes.

The Spirit Mushroom like blood agate is called “Blood Yuzhi King”, and the sword-like vigorous bamboo is called “Qingye Jianzhu”. As for the octagonal plum, it is legendary “Han Xue Ling Mei”.

These three treasures are all true divine medicines. Even the Saint powerhouse has a great effect on the outside world. It is enough to cause countless powerhouse scrambles. Even lords and prince-level powerhouses must be tempted!

Treasures like this are everywhere here, just the blood Yuzhiwang, everyone has seen a dozen or so!

It is no exaggeration to say that this level of divine medicine can be said to be everywhere here, even if everyone gets one, it is still more than enough!


next moment, everyone’s eyes looked deeper, where there is a strange plant like Qilin, lifelike, faintly emitting aura.

There is a silhouette of snow white small beast near this Qilin plant. If you take a closer look, it is not a snow white small beast at all, but an extremely unique spiritual medicine, which is full of vitality. directions.

Apart from this, there are more than 30 similar spiritual medicines, each of which is unique and unmatched, and none of them are duplicates.

“Holy Medicine!”

For a time, everyone was held breath cold air involuntarily, and there was a raging wave in my heart.

These spiritual medicines are even more precious out of the ordinary than the “Blood Yuzhi King”, etc., but they exist above divine medicine and can be called holy medicine!

The so-called holy medicine has completely surpassed the scope of ordinary spiritual medicine. The existence of some Peaks can even generate self-thoughts and become humanoid, which is almost no different from real humans!

These holy medicines, once embarked on the path of cultivation, the potential is even more amazing than ordinary cultivator, with no difficulty can become the ultimate powerhouse among Saint, beyond the Saint level, it is not a difficult thing.

Because of this, the preciousness of the sacred medicine can be imagined. In the history of Mingguang Shijie, no one has ever discovered a sacred medicine.

If it is outside, this level of treasure is not even coveted by other human level cultivators. Every birth of the holy medicine will attract powerhouse competition on Saint!

But today, there are more than thirty strains of such precious sacred medicine in front of them. This scene is simply incredible and shocking!

“No, these holy medicines have all lost their divinity!”

But soon, everyone found something wrong.

Although the aura from these Holy medicine powders is amazing, it always gives people a feeling of incompleteness, as if there is no commander in the army, humans have no soul, and there is a feeling of muddleheaded.

Know that the holy medicines are powerful out of the ordinary because of their “divine nature”, which makes them qualitatively different from ordinary spiritual medicine, but without this divinity, the so-called holy medicine , It is not a true holy medicine.

Soon, everyone found out that not only these holy medicines, but the divine medicine everywhere was also incomplete.

Although there are no defects on the surface, it is as if there is something missing inside, and the aura emitted is far less than the normal divine medicine.

Divine medicine and holy medicine in front of us can be said to be “defective products”, and the effect is only 10% of normal divine medicine and holy medicine, or even 10% is not enough!

“No wonder there are so many divine medicine and holy medicine!”

Aware of this, while regretting in everyone’s heart, they could not help being slightly sighed in relief.

After all, the value of divine medicine and holy medicine is too high. If so many appear in one breath, they really have to wonder if this is a trap.

The so-called opportunity, if it exceeds a certain level, it will make them afraid to compete easily.

At the moment, although it only has 10% of the normal effect, it is after all divine medicine and holy medicine, which is also enough to make everyone present warm, even crazy!


next moment, without any hesitation, everyone on the scene was hands-on, while furiously fighting for the divine medicine in front of him, on the other hand, he shot to the side cultivator.

Although there are so many divine medicines here, it is more than enough for everyone to get one plant, but the hearts of the people are greedy. Faced with such a large amount of divine medicine, everyone wants to snatch more, more Divine medicine is yours!


In an instant, the tragic great battle broke out, but in an instant, more than thirty powerhouses instantly fell.

Be aware that those who can break through the ominous beast and break into this golden Holy Mountain are powerhouses with certain strength, but now they are like grass and mustard, and they instantly died 20% of them!


In the crowd, Lin Yu also shot immediately, a ray of sword light diffused from him, rolled up a divine medicine in front of him, wrapped in divine medicine and returned quickly.

“Leave divine medicine!”

At the same time, a cold drink sounded, and a middle-aged man with a goatee came with a long sword in it, and the sword was moved towards Lin Yu!

“get lost! “

In the face of this middle-aged man, Lin Yu’s performance is extremely strong. It is also a sword split, and the fierce sword light explodes, directly cutting the long sword in the opponent’s hand into two pieces, and then cutting off the whole person. All flew out.

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Afterwards, the five stem Divine Sword broke out at the same time, and the sharp sword qi went all the way, pushing the other three powerhouses from the siege, and taking this opportunity, Lin Yu even took this divine medicine. Put away.


Without this divine medicine, Lin Yu didn’t stay in the slightest shape, and flew into the depths of the Nine Breath like lightning, his goal was the more than thirty holy medicines!

Although it has lost its divinity, it is a holy medicine after all, even if it has a great effect on the powerhouse above Saint, even if it is only 10% of the normal state, it also has the same effect for Lin Yu. It’s a huge role.

For this level of treasure, since there is a chance to compete, Lin Yu will naturally not miss it!

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