Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2956


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xiu! xiu! xiu!

While skimming towards the Nine Breaths, Divine Sword released the amazing sword qi, swept the Quartet, opened the way for Lin Yu, and forced the powerhouse in front of him to retreat.

In this process, Lin Yu did not forget to charge the rest of the divine medicine. In just two breaths, he has already received a total of six divine medicines. This kind of harvest is extremely amazing!

“Boy, bring the divine medicine!”

However, this kind of gain quickly made the interested person stare at him, next moment, a blue robe middle-aged man rushed to Lin Yu, he caught out in the palm of his hand, like a terrifying sharp claw, directly caught To Lin Yu’s top of the head.


At the same time, a fierce yell rang out, and an endless golden light broke out in his palm, among which a Golden Wings Great Peng appeared faintly, fiercely, Lin Yu was to be directly culled!

“God kills!”

Lin Yu expression remains the same, when even a sword is cut out, the fierce sword light explodes, as if everything between Heaven and Earth can be slaughtered, the Golden Wings Great Peng is cut in two!


Later, Lin Yu struck out with another sword, and the sorrowful word glow swept through Heaven and Earth, making the entire void extremely cold. The body and even the soul of the blue robe middle-aged man seemed to be frozen , As if falling into the abyss of despair.


next moment, a blood stain was cut on his chest, and the whole person flew out like a cannonball, almost slashed directly by this sword!


However, at this moment, there was another bleak sky-splitting sound, one flying knife came out of the sky, accompanied by the sound of ghostly weeping, swept like black lightning, and it instantly hit In front of Lin Yu!

“It’s you again!”

A cold light flashed in Lin Yu’s eyes. When he even slashed out his sword, the flying knife collapsed and flew out. At the same time, his eyes looked coldly away, and the person who shot was awesome. street!

“Blood You, you have killed many powerhouses of the Black God Robbers, which can be described as crime deserving ten thousand deaths!”

In addition to Momo, there are two powerhouses beside him, both of which are quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level. His face is indifferent, icily said: “Today, you will repay all this with your life!”


Lin Yu expression is indifferent, saying: “If it were not your Black God robbers who took the lead, would they fall to the end of body dies and Dao disappears? All this, but only one self to blame that’s all! “

“nonsense, kill!”

Comely coldly snorted, when even throwing a few throwing knives, tearing the sky, splitting the air sound like a ghost crying, howling endless death aura pervaded, as if communicating with the Nine Netherlands, the wind bursts, Qi Qi attacked Lin Yu.

“Kill him!”

Beside him, the other two powerhouses also shot. Divine force riots, like the ocean, moved towards Lin Yu, submerged.

“Bitter Springs!”

Lin Yu’s reaction was very simple in the face of the siege of Qin Mo and other three people. Coldly shouted, he directly greeted the other party. A wave of sword waves appeared. As if it were Death God’s death knell, it was ringing for the three people such as Fan Mo.

In an instant, all three of Momo seem to be in the endless Yellow Springs, surrounded by stormy sea, and they are constantly shaking, and they may be completely overturned at any time!


next moment, Jianbo collided with the flying knife, and a horrible loud noise erupted. The two exploded in unison. At the same time, Lin Yu and the three people rushed out in unison. It’s a frontal fight!

Boom! boom! boom!

The shocking rumbling sound came, and four quasi-St. Great Accomplishment-level powerhouses were fighting. This kind of momentum is enough to describe it astonishing!

“Not good!”

At this moment, one after another horrified shouting suddenly sounded. Not far away, several powerhouses were the first to rush in front of more than 30 sacred medicines, and one of the old man reached out with his big hand. Grab the Qilin-like holy medicine.


But at this moment, the Qilin-like sacred medicine suddenly came alive, and a dazzling divine light burst out, in which a illusory shadow of Qilin emerged. His eyes were indifferent, and his mouth was spitting flames, and he was instantly enveloped. On the old man.


With a terrible roar, the old man instantly became a fireman. In a short time, the whole person was directly burned and clean, and there was no trace of Remnant Soul. !


At the same time, the snow white small beast-like Sacred Beast also seems to be recovering. A silhouette of a snow white small beast emerges. Its appearance is extremely cute and pitiful enough to make countless women crazy.

However, its eyes are extremely cold, and a snowy white claw is randomly shot, which directly smashes the two in front of them into shatters!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Not far away, a huge banana tree trembles slightly, each of its banana leaves is like a sword. In an instant, countless sword qi shot out at the same time, strangling all the dozens of powerhouses around on the spot !


In this scene, the complexion greatly changed for everyone around us. Unable to bear is stopping.

None of the dozen or so powerhouses that were beheaded were weak. At the very least, they were well-known figures in the Great Accomplishment, and even Peak-level powerhouses were not small, but it was such a momentary effort. It all fell!

“Yes, holy medicine is not blasphemy, at the very least, it is not something that people at our level can get involved in!”

“Even if it loses its divinity, the holy medicine is after all holy medicine. If we want to take holy medicine, we don’t have this qualification yet!”

He felt a sigh of relief in his heart, and then everyone responded.

Holy medicine, after all, is aimed at the powerhouse above Saint, even if it loses its divinity, the effect is not as good as the usual 10%, but also not ordinary Saint can covet.

If it’s the best powerhouse in Saint, it may be possible to receive these holy medicines, but they are just quasi-holy realm. If you want to take these holy medicines, you will only bring killing disaster to yourself!


It seemed that I was stimulated by the three sacred medicines. Next moment, all the other sacred medicines were also trembling, and a powerful aura spread out, which suddenly changed the appearance of everyone present.


Without any hesitation, everyone gave up the fight for the holy medicine and turned around moved towards the different directions and fled away.

The three sacred medicines are so terrifying. If all the sacred medicines are recovered, all of them will probably be wiped out by the whole army. If they continue to stay here, it is undoubtedly the dead end.

“Boy, good luck!”

Lin Yu, who was fighting, also stopped, and Lin Mo looked at Lin Yu unwillingly, but he didn’t dare to stay too much, even if he turned around and left.


Lin Yu’s indifferent eyes turned and swept away immediately. Of course, in the process of escape, everyone did not forget to continue to compete for divine medicine!

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