Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2957


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Although the divine medicine cannot compete, those divine medicines have no such problems. For these divine medicines, everyone naturally will not give up easily!


moved towards the distance while looting away, Lin Yu squeezed the Shengyuan Sword, the sword light swept out, and rolled back three divine medicines.

However, as divine medicine is less than ten zhang away from Lin Yu, several big hands around him grabbed it at the same time, and wanted to intercept these three divine medicines!

“Get out of here!”

Lin Yu shouted indifferently, the five-handed Divine Sword screamed out, and a sharp sword qi broke out, shattering the big hands together, and then Jianguang rolled up and successfully charged the three divine medicines.

However, after such a delay, Lin Yu did not have the opportunity to charge the rest of the divine medicine anymore, and he did not hesitate. When even the large void technique was performed, the figure merged into the void, and it quickly escaped. Office.

Being able to get nine divine medicines, his gains have been enormous. If he is not content yet, he may be self-defeating!


After a while, Lin Yu’s figure appeared in a plain, surrounded by large areas of yellow sand, with only a few hills, which seemed extremely desolate and run-down.

“Nine divine medicines can be obtained, and the harvest this time is pretty good.”

next moment, Lin Yu’s face could not help but show a smile.

Just entered this golden Holy Mountain, and got nine divine medicines, even if its medicine efficacy is only 10% of the normal situation, after counting it, it is barely enough to get a real divine medicine, but such a harvest , Has already made him extremely satisfied!

“Refining before talking!”

Without much hesitation, Lin Yu when even starting to refining these nine divine medicines, the abundance of Life Essence was incorporated into his within the body, spreading indiscriminately in his Divine Physique, flooding every hole and cell .

His eyes were unconsciously closed, sitting cross-legged, a powerful aura surging around him, half a day later, he opened his eyes, his strength was once again breaking through a level!

Now, his strength has reached the extreme of the Great Accomplishment of Six-Step King, and his battle strength is comparable to the Peak Powerhouse of Quasi-St. Great Accomplishment!

Previously, among the many powerhouses that entered the Taiwu mining area, his strength was enough to be at the forefront, but compared with the batch of powerhouses of cream of the crop, there was still a certain gap.

But now, he has enough confidence to compete with these powerhouses, as long as he does not encounter the powerhouse of the quasi-Saint Perfection level, he is enough to fear no opponent!

“Just the incomplete divine medicine, it has already had such an effect, if you can get a holy medicine…”

A thought flashed in my heart, Lin Yu soon became the head.

It is already a great luck to get nine incomplete divine medicines. As for the holy medicine, it is not what he can think of now. Instead of making unnecessary fantasy, it is better to be down-to-earth and improve his strength.

Just entered this golden Holy Mountain, you can get these incomplete divine medicine, enough to see its out of the ordinary, he believes that there must be a greater chance here!

“Let’s go.”

Standing up, Lin Yu is quickly passing by.

I have to say that the inner world of this golden Holy Mountain is extremely vast, and it has swept through for three full hours. Lin Yu is still in this plain, and the places he has passed are extremely desolate, and there is almost no life. .

During this process, he also encountered several other powerhouses, but with his current strength, the average powerhouse can no longer pose any threat to him.

The powerhouse who shot him, except for one of them, the others were all beheaded on the spot!


At a certain moment, Lin Yu suddenly sensed the aura who was fighting for a while, he thoughts move, and even if it was integrated into the void, then quickly swept to that position.

A moment later, a dozen silhouettes appeared in front of him. Among them, seven of them were all his acquaintances. It was Feng Wenling’s Yu Wenfeng and the others!

On the other side of Yu Wenfeng and the others, there are five men in grotesque robes. They have old-fashioned faces, no emotion, and a pair of cold eyes, just like a machine.

The two men and women apparently just experienced a fight. Although the number was two fewer, the men in the weird robes obviously took the advantage.

There were no injuries on their bodies, and no wrinkles even on the weird robe. On the contrary, the seven people in Feng Liling were injured, and one of them, middle-aged man, suffered even more. Hard hit!

“Heimo, I never provoke you, why should you wait for me?”

Yu Wenfeng’s face was unsightly, and his low voice made Lin Yu’s mind slightly shocked.

Hemoism is not from the forces of Chixiao Holy Realm, it comes from the “Dark and Dark Holy Realm” in the Mingguang Ten Realms, which is enough to rank second in the Mingguang Ten Realms!

Whether it is Chixiao Holy Realm or Vacuum Holy Realm, the overall strength is worse than that of the Dark Underworld, and this Hemo religion is the second Great Influence among the Dark Underworld!

“There is no other reason, just because you are weak!”

Among the five powerhouses of the Hemo religion, one headed by expression was indifferent, saying: “weak are prey to the strong, your cultivator of the Chixiao Holy World. Compared with the Dark World.”


Feng Liling’s ugly complexion, but they can’t refute the other’s words.

The Chixiao Holy World is certainly not a place of comfort, but compared with the Dark World, this is not unreasonable.

The dark and dark holy world is the most chaotic and cruel one among the ten realms of light and light. It is full of war and fighting. Almost every day, there are countless cultivators falling in the fighting.

Able to survive in such a place, they are all vicious and merciless and powerful generations, and the cultivator of the Hemo Sect is all killed from the blood of the corpse mountain.

Compared with them, the so-called Black God Robbers can’t be considered at all!

“So much nonsense with them, just kill them all!”

next moment, a powerhouse of Hemo spoke coldly, while speaking, a black statue suddenly appeared in his hand, only the size of a thumb, and inscribed is a three-headed hell dog.

Although it is just a sculpture, it is surrounded by the rich Nether-Devil Qi. The eyes are blood red, as if they were formed by the sea of ​​blood. Invisible, it gives people a feeling of horror.


Then he mutter incantations in his mouth, recite the ancient incantation, and then moved towards the three hell dogs bowing.


In an instant, the three hell dogs seemed to come alive, and a black light broke out, and they immediately rushed to the middle age of the Chinese suit, and bit him in two!

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