Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2958


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“Hua Yin!”

This scene made Yu Wenfeng and the others all change color. Although Hua Yin was a popular person among them, after all, he was also a member of them, and was just beheaded by them. This was naturally difficult for them. accept!


At the same time, among the several powerhouses of the Hemo religion, there is another powerhouse sneered. In his hand there is a sculpture with a snake beast body and three pairs of black wings, mutter incantations in his mouth, moved towards the sculpture. worship.


After that, a screaming sounded suddenly, and Feng Li led the crowd, a lean man fell down, and life aura was completely cut off in an instant.

At the same time, his eyes widened, full of jealousy and fear, as if he had seen something terrible before he died!


The fall of the lean man made Feng Li lead everyone to be horrified. His whole body instantly became a bitter chill.

Previously, Hua Yin was beheaded, still in their understanding, but this lean man didn’t have any trauma at all. It seemed that everything was intact, and it fell like this abruptly.

This method is really terrifying to the extreme, making them all scalp tingling and terrifying!

“This is Curse Killing!”

next moment, Yu Wenfeng’s deep voice sounded. He ugly complexion, said solemnly: “It is said that this is the unspread secret of the Hemo religion. In the Hemo religion, only a few elite powerhouses can master it. .”

“This method is very strange, you can’t guard against it, killing people in the invisible, even the powerhouse at the same level, it is almost impossible to resist, almost it must die!”


“There are even such methods!”

As soon as this remark comes out, the remaining few people in Feng Liling are also complexion greatly changed.

If it is before death of a lean man, they naturally will not believe Yu Wenfeng’s words, but they have seen this scene with their own eyes, they already know that this method can be described as horror!

If it is any of them, I am afraid that they can’t resist such a method. Once you make a move, you will almost certainly die!

“Everyone of the Black Mormon…”

Took a deep breath deeply, Yu Wenfeng said solemnly: “I and I think that I am not your opponent, I am willing to surrender all my wealth, I just hope that I can spare me a life, and hope you will be successful! “

While speaking, Yu Wenfeng’s heart is full of humiliation. If it is possible, he is naturally unwilling to ask the enemy for mercy. However, in the face of such a powerful and strange enemy, not asking for mercy will only be a dead end that’s all.


After hearing Yu Wenfeng’s words, there was a sneer on the Hemo leader’s face, and he said, “If you are at first, beg for mercy like this, maybe I will spare you, but now, it is too late. Now!”

“Well, which one is next?”

A person beside him with a cruel smile, holding the statue of the snake orc, looked around Feng Liling for a while, and finally fell on the dragon: “It’s you!”


In this scene, Long Lao complexion greatly changed, and various thoughts flashed through his mind quickly, and then yelled: “Wait, don’t kill me! I have an important secret to tell you, Sir, please also show Mercy!”

“Important secret?”

The leader of the Black Moroccan raised his eyebrows and waved his hand to stop the person beside him. He looked at Long Lao and said with interest: “You talk about it, what is the secret?”

“Sir, I’ll tell a long story short.”

Don’t dare to have any delay, even when opened the mouth and said: “We Feng Liling actually has a member called Xueyou. Not long ago, he broke away from us because of some things and was met by all Influence hunted down and fell into a broken warship.”

“A year later, he came alive from the broken warship, and his strength has greatly increased, directly from the quasi-Small Small Accomplishment breakthrough to the quasi-St. Great Success Realm!”

“It’s conceivable that he must have benefited greatly from it. As long as Sir is willing to let me go, as a former companion, I can certainly help you find the guy and dig out his secrets. !”

“Longmo, you are so shameless!”

Long Lao’s words fell, and Lan Yuan’s eyes burst into surprise and angry, unable to bear scolded: “In the beginning, it was you who wanted to give up the blood ghost, and now, you still want to use the blood ghost for yourself Life saving, don’t you think it’s too mean?”

“Dragon Master…”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s eyes hidden in void became cold.

This Long Lao, from the very beginning, has repeatedly targeted him. At that time, he was abandoned by Feng Li leading everyone, and Long Lao was the main promoter.

Although there is no Long Lao, Yu Wenfeng and the others may make the same decision in the end, but Long Lao’s flag-raising and fanfare are definitely the main factors!

“Enter the broken warship without dying, there is this and the others?”

On the other side, in the eyes of the leader of the Hemo Sect, flashes through a bright light.

Shortly after they arrived in the Taiwu mining area, they didn’t know anything about the Taiwu mining area, and they didn’t know that Lin Yu had fallen into a broken warship without dying. However, for the broken warship, they had some To understanding.

There is no doubt that the broken warship definitely has a great beginning. When a normal cultivator enters it, it is equivalent to stepping on the dead end.

However, Lin Yu was able to live out of it, and even greatly improved his strength, which really made him have a strong interest!


He was slightly nodded, and immediately looked to Lanyuan, said with a sneer: “Since you are so arrogant, then kill you first, and wait for the blood to come and accompany you underground.”

“Bound Fantasia, kill him!”


Beside him, the man holding the statue of the snake-beast ordered nodded. The statue in his hand pointed to the direction of Lan Yuan, and mutter incantations in his mouth, and then moved towards the statue to bow down.

“It’s time to shoot!”

In the void, Lin Yu sighed, and then his eyes became sharper.

The rest of Feng Liling, he can ignore it, even if he is beheaded by the Hemo Sect, it has nothing to do with him.

From the moment these people abandon him, they have completely parted ways, but this Lanyuan is a bit different from the rest.

Whether it was when others decided to abandon him, or just now, Lan Yuan was the only one who stood up to speak for Lin Yu. There is no doubt that this is a person with value emotion, value friendship.

For such a person, Lin Yu is still reluctant to watch him die in front of him!

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