Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2959


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next moment, a fierce sword light suddenly lit up, carrying amazing power, and instantly moved towards the direction of the bound magic Luo!


However, the response of Fantasia Luo was also extremely fast. Immediately under the sword light, he put away the statue, and then quickly moved away, he escaped Lin Yu.

Later, Lin Yu carried the Saint Yuan sword, and his face appeared indifferent in the void. The cold aura suddenly spread out, making the whole Heaven and Earth cold.

“It’s you!”

After seeing Lin Yu’s face clearly, that old dragon’s face suddenly changed. The moment before, he had just betrayed Lin Yu, didn’t expect next moment, Lin Yu appeared directly on his face In front of it, it is too coincidental!

“Sir, this is the blood you!”

Thinking of this, even when he looked at the Hemorites, he yelled: “It was him, who escaped from the broken warship not long ago and got great benefits from it!”

He knows very well that since Lin Yu will appear at this time, it is clearly already lurking around. Obviously, what he said earlier was also heard by Lin Yu.

He wants to save his life. Right now, he can only turn to the Hemo Church completely, let the Hemo Powerhouse capture and even kill Lin Yu!


In a flash, the eyes of several Hemo people fell on Lin Yu, and a strong interest appeared in his eyes.

“You damn it!”

However, Lin Yu ignored the eyes of the Hemo teaches a few people. He looked directly at the old dragon, his face was very indifferent, his pace was slow, but he exuded an extremely terrible killing intent, slowly moved towards Long Lao walked away.

For this old dragon, his patience has already reached the limit. Now that he has appeared, he will naturally not let this person go!

“You, what do you want to do?”

Lin Yu is watching him step by step towards him, Long Lao’s complexion greatly changed, and a great fear is born in his heart. Unable to bear is looking at Hemo to teach a few people, yelled: “Sir, please also Go!”

“This bloody ghost is really too arrogant. In front of you Sirs, you still want to kill me. This is not at all in your eyes. If you don’t kill him, wouldn’t you fall into Sirs? ‘S name?”

However, in the cries of the old dragon, several powerhouses of the Hemo religion were all indifferent and stood motionless in the same place.

In this scene, Long Lao’s heart suddenly cooled down, and he had an extremely ominous hunch in his heart. Suddenly realized that he might have been abandoned by Hemo several people!

The Hemo people obviously didn’t take his life seriously. Now, he wants to use him to test Lin Yu’s strength. As for saving him, it’s simply an impossible thing. !

“Damn it!”

For a time, he looked ugly.

In the beginning, under his shackles, Feng Li led everyone to abandon Lin Yu, but now, the Hemo people also abandoned him. Is this all a reincarnation, retribution?

“no! I don’t believe in Karmic Retribution, I must survive!”

He roared, and the figure without the slightest hesitation rose into the sky, moved towards the distance and fled wildly.


However, in the next moment, the five-handed Divine Sword rose into the sky, and it was so fast that it caught up with him in an instant, and then under his terrified eyes, it directly penetrated his Divine. Physique.


In his shouting cry, the sharp sword qi broke out in his within the body, directly strangling him into a blood mist!

“Lao Long!”

This scene made Yu Wenfeng and the others change color together. After Hua Yin and others, Long Lao also lost his life and died in his own hands.

Regarding this, there is something wrong in their hearts, but in the end they can only smile bitterly and can’t say anything.

In the final analysis, it was they who abandoned Lin Yu first, were ashamed of Lin Yu, and Long Lao’s approach was indeed too much, even if it was beheaded by Lin Yu, it could only be said that having only oneself to blame.

“Well, your strength is indeed good, much stronger than these guys.”

next moment, the voice of the leader of the Hemorrhoid sounded again, and he looked at Lin Yu with a faint smile on his face, saying: “not equal to me, we made a deal, you told us the broken warship Among the secrets, how do you feel about waiting for your life?”

“Nonsense, let’s go!”

Lin Yu expression is indifferent, his eyes are also looking at the other party.

The grievance between him and Long Lao is over. Next, it is time to face this Hemo education. Judging from the previous performance of the other party, a life-and-death battle is obviously inevitable!

“courting death!”

Colly snorted next to the leader of the Black Mormon, when even raising the statue of the snake-beast in his hand, facing Lin Yu, he bowed quickly and chanted the ancient and weird incantation .


In an instant, Lin Yu faintly felt a trace of black light submerged in his within the body, and his soul appeared in an absolute Dark Space.

This Dark Space has no light at all. His vision seems to be closed. Looking around, he can only see the endless darkness, filled with a sense of depression and despair.

“jié jié jié ……”

next moment, countless grotesque laughter sounded, the wind was masterpiece, countless black shadows were moved towards Lin Yu, and Lin Yu fell into the ice cave!

“Is this the so-called Curse Killing method?”

Dark Space, Lin Yu flashed a cold glow in his eyes. In his view, this Curse Killing means speaking of which is weird, but in fact it is just a heterogeneous use of soul attack means, it is not really how much terrifying.


When a great shout came, he seemed to have changed into a one-of-a-kind Treasure Sword. Although it was a Soul Body, the aura emitted was extremely extreme.

The sound of Jianming vibrates Heaven and Earth, and Qi of Slaughter explodes violently towards all directions!

Boom! boom! boom!

One after another blasting sound is constantly coming, but it is just a moment of kung fu, and the countless black shadows are all broken together, which is accompanied by countless mournful scream sounds, just like the evil spirits are howling.

“ka-cha”, “ka-cha!”

At the same time, the outside world’s face suddenly changed dramatically, and the snake beast figure in his hand suddenly appeared one after another crack, which was very fine at first, but it quickly spread out, and in a blink of an eye The entire statue is spread like a spider web.


He was furiously shouted. Even when he squeezed his handprint, he recited the strange incantation in his mouth. However, the incantation had just been read less than half. With a “bang” sound, the statue burst completely!

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